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Bioavailability and Vascular Effects of Apple Polyphenols

The main purpose of this study is to determine the oral bioavailability of flavanols (polyphenolic compounds) from apple granules and an apple extract delivered in a water based beverage at two different doses. We will also investigate the effects of apple flavanols on nitric oxide production.

Effects of an Apple Extract on Glycaemia: The GLU-Pomme Study

Postprandial hyperglycaemia can lead to adverse modifications to functional proteins within the body and eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes. Previous research by this group has shown that an apple polyphenol extract reduced hyperglycaemia following a high-carbohydrate meal. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of lower doses of the apple extract on postprandial glycaemia, insulinaemia and plasma gastric inhibitory polypeptide concentrations fol...

Effect of Apple Flavanols on Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A randomised three period cross over trial will be carried out in adults (19-64 years) to assess the acute and chronic effects of a large dose of apple procyanidin (PA) compared with a low dose of apple PA (negative control) and aspirin (positive control), on platelet function and other risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Platelet function will be assessed prior to a run in diet and at the start and end of each intervention. Volunteers will be assigned at random to consum...

Effect of Apple Polyphenols on Vascular Oxidative Stress and Endothelium Function Study (APP trial_2016)

Apple polyphenols are mostly acknowledged for their hypoglycaemic properties, but represent an apple active fraction with many pharmacological functions. The study aim was to examine their effect on uricemia and endothelial function in a sample of overweight subjects. This was a two-phases study. The in vitro experiment aimed to evaluate the apple polyphenols' ability to lower uric acid in comparison with allopurinol. The in vivo study consisted in a randomized, double-blind, p...

Effect of Cashew Apple Juice on the Physiological and Psychological Fitness in the Middle Aged and Elderly Volunteers

Cashew or Anacardium occidentale L. is a plant in a family of Anacardiaceae. The fruit of cashew or cashew apple may be consumed fresh, but contains high quantities of tannins yielding a bitter taste and dry mouth feel. Therefore, it is more often prepared as beverage. It is rich in carbohydrate and vitamin C. It is also claimed for numerous ailments including antitumor, antimicrobial, urease inhibitory and lipoxygenase activity. In addition, cashew apple juice also has excelle...

MELA Study - Hedonic Study on the Taste of Drugs Crushed in Food: Observational Study Involving 16 Healthy Volunteers

Elderly people often suffer from chronic pathologies and they are given polypharmacy. In case of swallowing problems, the drugs are crushed and mixed in food, which alters the taste of food and is a cause of anorexia and malnutrition. Gustative side-effects of crushed drugs have nether been investigated. The MELA study is a one session hedonic test involving 16 healthy volunteers. They will score in a blind manner the taste of 10 drugs commonly prescribed in nursing homes, crus...

Glycemic Response to Low Sugar Apple Juice

Primary objective of this study is to investigate the effect of sugar reduction (starting from glucose and sucrose, respectively) on postprandial glycemic response to apple juice by comparing the reference food item apple juice (control) with the test product (apple juice with low sugar content) in male humans with impaired fasting glucose (IFG) (5.6-6.9mmol/l resp. 100-125mg/dL) (Kerner and Brückel, 2012 (DDG recommendation)) Secondary objective of this study is to investigat...

Effect of Apple and Apple Pomace on Inflammation and Cholesterol Metabolism in Healthy Overweight

The investigators will assess the protective and antiinflammatory effects of processed fruit and fruit fibre in overweight subjects with signs of metabolic syndrome. A single-blinded parallel study is conducted to investigate the protective effects of fruit fibre on colonic epithelium. Relevant signalling pathways related to cholesterol metabolism, vascular inflammation, oxidative defence, apoptosis and sterol metabolism will be targeted. Volunteers are randomly assigned one of...

Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar in Type 2 Diabetics

Background: apple cider vinegar is natural traditional health beneficial nutraceutical used for many aliments. Diabetes mellitus (DM) has been considered a globally major health problem and posing health burden on families and health system. Diabetes is associated with life style that leading to reduce physical activities and increased in obesity. For development of diabetes the known mechanism are endocrine disorders which cause impaired insulin secretion, hepatic glucose over...

Effect of Apples on cardioVascular Risk And Gut Health

There is now considerable scientific evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables could improve human health. Apples are among the most frequently consumed fruits in the world. Epidemiological studies have linked frequent apple consumption with several health benefits including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Apples are an important source of polyphenols and fiber and their beneficial effects could be attributed to this content; however, their impact on our heal...

Bedside Ultrasound Assessment of Gastric Content and Volume

Patients undergoing gastroscopy will undergo two pre-procedure ultrasound scans of the stomach, once on arrival in the unit and on an empty stomach and a second time after consumption of a randomized amount of apple juice (0, 50, 100, 200, 300 or 400 mL). Immediately after ingestion and the second ultrasound scan, subjects will have their gastroscopy which will start by suctioning out the apple juice. Measurements of stomach fluid volume conducted by ultrasound will be compared...

Osimertinib Treatment on EGFR T790M Plasma Positive NSCLC Patients (APPLE)

The phase II APPLE trial gives the opportunity to prospectively validate liquid biopsies as a new standard for testing tumor progression compared with conventional radiological procedure in EGFR mutant advanced NSCLC patients. Moreover based on the sequential T790M test during treatment the investigators will assess the predictive value of liquid biopsies. APPLE trial will examine the best strategy for delivering osimertinib (upfront versus sequential treatment after 1st genera...

Activity Therapy After Kidney Transplant

To combat post-transplant weight gain, we seek to expand Stanford Kidney Transplant's multidisciplinary platform to include physical activity monitoring and coaching using the Apple Watch.

Evaluation of Efficacy of a Cashew Apple Extract on Weight Management and Associated Metabolic Risk Factors in Overweight/Obese Volunteers

The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of a cashew apple extract on weight management and associated metabolic risk factors in overweight/obese volunteers, versus placebo, after 12 weeks of treatment.

Effects of Flavors on Nicotine Reinforcement in Smokers

To examine the acute reinforcing effects of menthol, a fruit flavor (green apple) or a fruit flavor plus menthol, alone or in combination with nicotine in smokers. Flavors will be administered by inhalation via electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and nicotine will be administered intravenously. The reinforcing drug effects will be measured with the drug effects questionnaire (DEQ).

Consumption of Apple Juice in Hemodialysis Patients

The investigators hypothesized that acute consumption of Fuji apple juice (AJ) could increase the antioxidant status and/or decrease the oxidative stress (OS) biomarkers, without increasing serum biochemical parameters in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (MHD). In this pre-post pilot feasibility study, patients served as their own controls, received 300 and 150 mL AJ immediately after a dialysis section, on different days, with a 3 week-washout period. Blood was col...

Effect of Physical Form of Apples on Gastrointestinal Function and Satiety: a MRI Study

Different physical form of apples had a significant effect on satiety and blood sugar levels which was shown in a 1977 study by Haber and his team (Haber et al.1977).It was suggested that , this effect was due to processing of the apples which modified the bioavailability of carbohydrate and fiber content.However this was not enough to explain the mechanistic effect of the apples. Within the last decade, the role of magenetic resonance imaging has been very promising in underst...

Evaluation of the Healthy Apple Program in San Francisco

This randomized controlled trial uses administrative public health screening data to test whether the Healthy Apple program (HAP), designed to support local implementation of national Let's Move! Child Care guidelines in San Francisco (SF), improves child care center nutrition and physical activity practices and child weight change.

HFCS, Apple Juice, Excess Free Fructose & asthma-the FHS-OS

Perform an exploratory analysis of association between consumption of high excess free fructose (EFF) beverages (high fructose corn syrup sweetened soft drinks, fruit drinks, apple juice) and Chronic Bronchitis (CB)/history of CB, and asthma/ history of asthma.

Accuracy of Commercially Available Heart Rate Monitors in Athletes

The purpose of this research is to compare four different heart rate monitors (Apple Watch Nike III,Fitbit Iconic, Garmin Vivosmart HR, Tom Tom Spark 3) to an Electrocardiograph (ECG) machine to determine the accuracy of the devices. Over the last two decades, there has been a proliferation of commercially available heart rate monitors. Elite athletes often use heart rate measurements to monitor training and fitness levels. In response, fitness companies have offered a variety ...

Value of Functional Anesthetic and Provocative Discography in the Surgical Treatment of Discogenic Pain

Although discography and spinal imaging techniques, either alone or in combination, are commonly used to diagnose discogenic pain, their exact role in predicting surgical results are poorly defined. Our aim in this study is to compare the ability of Functional anesthetic discography (FAD), and Provocative Discography (PD) to diagnose discogenic pain and to correctly identify the disc levels for the surgical treatment. Proper identification for disc levels should improve the ov...

Pea Protein Supplementation and Muscle Damage

The purpose of this study is to determine if supplementation with NUTRALYS pea protein isolate compared to whey protein and apple juice (carbohydrate, non-protein control) before, during, and after a 90-minute bout of eccentric exercise can attenuate exercise-induced muscle damage, inflammation, and delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), and speed recovery of muscle function.

Comparison of Dexamethasone Oral Preparations to Assess Taste and Acceptance in Children With Asthma and Croup

Study of the palatability and acceptability of dexamethasone oral tablets crushed and placed in apple sauce or pudding in comparison with the IV solution mixed with sugar syrup and given orally. It is hypothesized that dexamethasone tablets crushed and administered in apple sauce or pudding will be more palatable and acceptable for pediatric patients receiving dexamethasone for an acute asthma exacerbation or croup.

Using "Store and Forward" Tele-health as an Adjunct to Traditional Outpatient or Home Health Physical Therapy

This study will take about 3-16 months. Participants will be inpatients in the Hennepin Health System that are transitioning into outpatient or home health Physical Therapy or current outpatient patients. I will assess 24 participants for eligibility based on the study's inclusion criteria. If eligible, I will attain informed consent and provide instruction on how to use a coaching app, Hudl Technique, and enter data in the Apple Health Kit (all participants will be gifted an i...

Phototherapy Applied During Combined Training

Introduction: Recent studies have shown positive results from the application of phototherapy for the improvement of performance and acceleration of the recovery process both in the application before and after exercise. However, the effects of phototherapy during combined training and after a primary adaptation process remain unclear. Research objectives: The primary objective of the study is to analyze and compare the effects of phototherapy using different light sources (la...

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