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The Impact of Low-fat and Full-fat Dairy Consumption on Glucose Homeostasis (DAIRY Study)

This randomized controlled feeding trial aims to determine whether the consumption of different amounts and types of dairy products affects blood sugar regulation and cardiometabolic health in men and women with insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.

Cconsumer Perspective and Understanding of the Term "Milk"

The objectives of this study are: 1. To determine the consumption behaviors of dairy and non-dairy milks across a diverse demographic. 2. To determine the purchasing behaviors of dairy and non-dairy milks across a diverse demographic. 3. To determine the variation in medical history and health conditions amongst consumers of dairy milk and non-dairy milk alternatives. 4. To assess the general knowledge and awareness of health associated wi...

Real-time Amino Acid Profiling

This study was designed to obtain information about the effect of new combinations of dairy proteins, in small servings with high protein concentrations, on postprandial amino acid kinetics in blood in an older population.

The Effect of Dairy and Non-dairy Snacks on Food Intake, Subjective Appetite in Children

Dairy products have a potential to be healthy snack foods for children and are provided in a variety of food matrices. For instance, milk represents a fluid product, yogurt can be classified as a semi-solid food, and finally cheese is the example of the solid food. This experiment is aimed to examine the effect of dairy products with different food matrices on satiety and food intake in children. Dairy products will be compared with other non-dairy snacks popular among children...

Dairy Intake and Cerebral Antioxidant Defense in Aging: a Dietary Intervention Study

The purpose of this study is to learn if increased dairy food consumption helps brain health in older adults by protecting nerve cells from damage.

Vitamin K-Absorption From Dairy

Lactic acid bacteria produce a mixture of higher menaquinones, including menaquinone-9 (MK-9) and menaquinone-10 (MK-10). Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) is normally present in chloroplasts in green vegetables. A new dairy product is developed containing both vitamin K1 and K2-vitamins. However, the extent to which the various forms of vitamin K are absorbed from such a mixture is not known. In this study the absorption profile of phylloquinone and menaquinones from this new dairy p...

Effect of Probiotic Fermented Dairy Drinks on Intestinal Immune Response

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether two different fermented dairy drinks consumed daily could have an effect on the intestinal immune response in healthy subjects.

Effect of Dairy Consumption on Glycemic Control, Body Weight and Cardiovascular Risk in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

This is a randomized prospective clinical study in patients with type 2 diabetes to evaluate the effect of dairy products with full or low fat on glycemic control and cardio-metabolic risk factors in comparison to a regular diet.

The Effect of Dairy and Non-dairy Alternatives on Satiety and Post-meal Glycemia in Healthy Young Adults

This study investigates the effects of commercially-available dairy (1% cow's milk and yogurt beverage) and non-dairy alternatives (almond and soy beverages) on satiety and post-meal blood glucose. Each participant will receive every treatment in this crossover design study.

The Effect of Dairy and Non-dairy Breakfasts on Satiety and Post-meal Glycemia in Healthy Older Adults

This study investigates the effects of dairy breakfasts (2% cow's milk, 2% Greek yogurt, cheese) and a non-dairy breakfast (soy beverage) on satiety and post-meal blood glucose. Each participant will receive every treatment in this crossover design study.

Iron Bioavailability From Dairy Product

Determination of fractional iron absorption from dairy product fortified with 2 labelled iron compounds

Dairy Products, Diabetes and Genetics

This study will investigate the in-depth the benefits of dairy consumption on glucose metabolism in patients at risk of type 2 diabetes using novel genomics methodology.To do so, 33 individuals at risk of type 2 diabetes will be randomly subjected to an intervention study including a 6-week intensive dairy product consumption period and a 6-week dietary counselling period.

LACTOPRES:Study on the Effect of Dairy Peptides on Blood Pressure in Untreated Hypertensive Subjects.

Hypertension is an increasingly important medical and public health issue. Literature suggests that there may be a role for dairy foods in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Recently, it has been suggested that several peptides in milk proteins could have blood pressure lowering properties. LACTOPRES is a randomised, double-blind parallel trial to assess the blood pressure effect of an increased intake of dairy peptides in humans.

Designing Biofunctional Dairy Foods: Matrix Structure of Dairy Products in Relation to Lipaemia

The overall aim of this study is to investigate how dairy products with different structures and textures affect lipid absorption kinetics in the acute postprandial period via blood lipid biochemistry. The study will be conducted as a randomized acute cross-over meal study. Apparently healthy men will be recruited in the study. They will on 4 test days consume the 4 dairy products and blood will be drawn the following 8 hours.

Dairy Foods and Blood Pressure in Multi-Ethnic Children

To prevent excess increases in blood pressure in children by providing two servings of dairy foods as snacks daily at school. We hypothesize that children who receive the two dairy snacks will exhibit significantly less of an increase in blood pressure over six months as compared to control children.

Effect Of The Consumption Of Fermented Dairy Drink On Common Infections In Shift-Workers

This clinical study plans to investigate the effect of the consumption of a fermented dairy drink on the occurrence of common infections. This study will be performed in a healthy adult population of shift workers.

Dairy Products and Metabolic Effects (Norwegian Part)

Foods containing more dairy fat (and thus a higher proportion of short and medium chain fatty acids and possibly some other nutrients or micronutrients with effect on energy intake, satiety or energy metabolism) affect energy balance and metabolic profile in subjects prone to develop abdominal adiposity and metabolic syndrome. The aim of the study is to test the hypothesis that intake of dairy products has a favorable effect on markers of the metabolic syndrome. To expl...

Role of Dairy Products in Weight Maintenance

The goal of the current study is to determine the role of dairy in similarly preventing weight and fat re-gain in obese adults who have successfully completed a weight loss diet program.240 obese subjects will undergo a meal-replacement-based weight loss plan designed to produce a 10 kg weight loss in 8-12 weeks. Upon achieving the weight loss goal, subjects will be randomly assigned to either a low-dairy or high-dairy eucaloric weight maintenance diet for two years. Macronut...

Testing a Novel Dairy Protein to Counteract Immunosenescence

Aging populations experience a decline in adaptive immune system function also known as immunosenesence. Nutritional approaches to stimulate and strengthen the immune system are needed for this growing segment of the population. A controlled, randomized, double blind pilot study was conducted using two different protein sources as nutritional supplementation to enhance vaccine response. Our objective was to examine the immune stimulating effects of dairy protein subjected to ul...

Calcium, Dairy, and Body Fat in Adolescents

Lifestyle choices,including diet,are conducive to healthy body weights in children. Dairy products and calcium supplementation have been associated with moderation of body weight and body fat. This study was designed to test the following hypotheses with overweight and obese adolescents consuming a controlled diet: - Dietary calcium supplementation as calcium carbonate or dairy calcium modulates energy balance in adolescents. - Increased calcium in the diet o...

Effect of a Fresh Fermented Dairy Drink Product Consumption on Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea and Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

The purpose of this clinical study is to evaluate the effect of a four-week consumption of a fresh fermented dairy drink containing probiotic strains on Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea and Gastro-Intestinal disorders in adult subjects treated for Helicobacter pylori eradication.

The Effect of Daily Intakes of Dairy Products on Blood Pressure in Human Beings

The purpose of the project is to elucidate the effect on blood pressure by daily intake of dairy products. Previous studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect on blood pressure. In total 90 subjects will be enrolled. For eight weeks, the participants will ingest one of two different dairy produces. Before, during and after the study period, the blood pressure is measured.

Regulation of Postprandial Nitric Oxide Bioavailability and Vascular Function By Dairy Fat

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the United States. Short-term increases in blood sugar, or postprandial hyperglycemia (PPH), affect blood vessel function and increase the risk of CVD. Greater intakes of dairy foods have been associated with a lower risk of CVD, but whether these effects occur directly or indirectly by displacing foods in the diet that might increase CVD risk is unclear. Further controversial is the extent to which dietary fat deriv...

The Combined Effect of Creatine, Dairy and Exercise on Bone

This study will analyze whether dairy in combination with creatine supplementation will positively impact loading exercise-induced bone cell activity in healthy young females more than dairy and exercise or exercise alone.

Dairy Foods and Weight Loss

Obesity is a national epidemic with multiple causes and complex solutions. Research in both animals and humans has suggested that the inclusion of dairy foods into a moderate calorie restricted diet can increase weight loss and fat loss. Our proposed project extends these prior findings by determining, for the first time, how inclusion of dairy in a calorie-restricted diet changes the amount of visceral adiposity in overweight and obese subjects. The investigators also propo...

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