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Comparison of Patient Satisfaction Using Heated Versus Room Temperature Ultrasound Gel

The purpose of this single-blind, randomized control trial will be to investigate whether simply having warmed gel, as compared to room-temperature gel, during a bedside ultrasound significantly improves patient satisfaction scores.

Intramuscular Heating Rates of a Chattanooga Intelect XT Therapeutic Ultrasound

The purpose of this study is to determine the rate of tissue temperature increase in the triceps surae during an ultrasound treatment using the Chattanooga Intelect Legend XT. The following parameters will be used: 3 MHz frequency, 1.0 W/cm2 intensity, 15 minute treatment time. Thermocouples will be inserted at 1.0, 1.75, and 2.5 cm depths to determine the heating rates. Most modality textbook recommendations for therapeutic ultrasound are based on studies performed with the Om...

Immediate Effect of Ultrasound Therapy on Bilateral Masseter Myalgia

This study will compare ultrasound 0.4 W/cm^2 and 100% duty cycle versus no ultrasound (placebo) for bilateral masseter myalgia in up to 38 adult women. The dose will be applied for 5 minutes on each side. Both the dose and the starting side will be randomized. Both the subject and ultrasound operator will be blind to the dose. The outcome measures will be pressure pain threshold on both masseter muscles and both temporalis muscles, self reported pain scale (0, no pain to 10, w...

Diagnosis of Occult Hip Fractures With Ultrasound

occult hip fractures present to the emergency room with a history of trauma,a painful hip and normal X-ray. these patients usually undergo other imaging modalities such as CT scans, MRI, or bone scans. In this study we check the sensitivity and specificity of a directed ultrasound examination of the hip joint in diagnosing or excluding a hip fracture. We also compare the results of ultrasound examination by the orthopedic surgeon in the emergency room versus the consultant ...

Fluid Administration Limited by Lung Ultrasonography in the Operating Room: Correlation to Stroke Volume Variation.

The possibility of exploring the lungs by lung ultrasound, a non-invasive tool, is becoming increasingly popular for anesthesiologists. Recently, Lichtenstein has described the FALLS protocol (Fluid Administration Limited by Lung Sonography) which uses the potential of pulmonary ultrasound to evaluate early pulmonary overload due to fluid administration at a subclinical stage. Indeed, fluid administration can generate a sub-clinical interstitial syndrome that can be detected by...

Can Ultrasound be Used to Verify CVC Position and to Exclude Pneumothorax?

The purpose of this study is to determine if emergency room physicians can use bedside ultrasound to quickly determine the proper placement of a central venous catheter and to evaluate for complications such as a punctured lung.

Changes of Body Temperature During Shoulder Arthroscopy

The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of electrically heated humidifier on the body temperature during shoulder arthroscopy.

Temperature Gradients for Sepsis Severity and Fluid Resuscitation

The assessment and treatment of Septic Shock (SS) is a thorny issue in current care. Fluid resuscitation is one of the key measures for SS treatment. Current fluid resuscitation is dominated by empirical treatment or early target-directed therapy. The former has a clear goal of recovery, and the latter is complicated to implement and has many complications. It is known that patients with SS due to insufficient tissue perfusion, the distribution of blood flow in the peripheral c...

Impact on Patient Satisfaction About Realization of Ultrasound Dopplers at the Bed

Organisation and logistic about realisation of vascular doppler ultrasound is something very eclectic . Need to shift patient from their bed , long waiting time and the effect on the hospital cost. That's why vascular yard aim to practise these doppler ultrasound directly in the patients' room in the bed. And like that evaluate the patient's satisfaction of this kind of coverage.

Evaluation of Lung Ultrasound in Acute Heart Failure

Acute heart failure is a life threatening condition requiring rapid diagnosis and treatment. However, the differentiation between heart failure and other conditions presenting with acute dyspnea is notoriously difficult in the emergency room. Point-of-care lung ultrasound is a simple, rapid and noninvasive technique directly visualizing fluid content in the lung as evidence for acute heart failure. A number of publications showed the diagnostic utility of lung ultrasound in the...

Comparison of Body and Room Temperature Saline in Urodynamics

The purpose of this study is to compare first urge, strong urge, and maximum capacity, and perception of discomfort during urodynamic testing between room temperature and body temperate saline. Twenty-four non-pregnant females referred to the urogynecology clinic for bladder testing will be enrolled into the study. Each patient will serve as her own control, undergoing the bladder testing with both room temperature and body temperature saline.

Ultrasound and Prolonged Labour

This observational study is designed to correlate findings on ultrasound with manual palpation, and to consider if delivery outcome can be predicted with help of ultrasound. Specifically, the study will evaluate the significance of fetal head level (descent) in the pelvis, measured with ultrasound.


Accuracy of Surgeon-performed Ultrasound in Detecting Gallstones - a Validation Study

Aims: To prospectively investigate the accuracy of surgeon-performed ultrasound for the detection of gallstones. Methods: 179 adult patients, with an acute or elective referral for an abdominal ultrasound examination, were examined with a right upper quadrant ultrasound scan by a radiologist as well as surgeon. The surgeons had undergone a four-week long education in ultrasound before participating in the study. Ultrasound findings of the surgeon were compared to those of the ...

New Device to Maintain the Embryo Temperature During Transfer

The embryo transfer implies transportation from the incubator where they have been at 37 ° C, to the transfer catheter inside a laminar flow hood whose working surface is also maintained at 37 ° C. . From the laboratory to the operating room the embryo is exposed to a temperature drop, and consequently thermal stress occurs, which may compromise its future viability. The aim of this study is to assess the possible improvement in the clinical results when the embryos ar...

Effects of Various Types of Ultrasound Therapy in Hip Osteoarthritis

This study evaluates the effects of various types of ultrasound therapy: continuous, pulsed, sham ultrasound and ultrasound combined with electrotherapy in patients with hip osteoarthritis. Beside ultrasound therapy, patients received usual physiotherapy (balneotherapy, exercise and massage) either.

A Warmer Temperature Decrease Propofol Injection Pain

Propofol injection pain will be surfed by up to 70-80 percentage by the Patients who induced by propofol. Temperature of Operating room was set to a certain range in normal clinical practice, which is 22- 26 centigrade. Warm feeling will make skin vassal dilated and more blood will pass through to bring more heat out of our body. It had been reported that a bigger venous vessels will get less propofol injection pain. The investigators hypothesis that Patients who stayed in a w...

Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging of Venous Thrombi

The purpose of this study is to see if the investigators can use ultrasound imaging to determine the type of clots in patients to help better manage their care.

Three Dimensional (3D) Ultrasound in Predicting Response to Breast Cancer Therapies

The purpose of this study is to determine how well changes can be determined in malignant masses from ultrasound scans.

Measurement of Fibroid Volume and 2D, 3D US

Objective: To compare 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ultrasound measurements with the actual myomas volume after surgical removal, to clinically test the validity and usability of 3D ultrasound technology as opposed to conventional 2D real-time ultrasound and to assess the reliability of different ultrasound methods to measure volume of uterine fibroids.

Perineal Echography in the Delivery Room for the Detection of Anal Lesions

The main objective of this study is to compare the rate of anal incontinence (measured by the Wexner score, qualitative and quantitative (> 4)) at 3 months post partum among primiparas with vaginal tears ≥ 2nd degree who receive a sphincter injury screening at delivery by conducting a sphincter ultrasound in the delivery room versus a similar group of women who do not benefit from screening.

Ultrasound Imaging of Subarachnoidal Space in Newborn Infants

Based on the ultrasound measurement of CSF/spinal cord ratio in neonates the investigators plan to define a normal range of CSF volume for 0-7 day old newborns. The investigators hypothise to be able to create an ultrasound measurement index/number to predict unsuccessful neonatalal LPs.

Diaphragmatic Motion Using Linear Ultrasound

This study evaluates the movement of the diaphragm (which is the main muscle used for breathing). It will compare two ultrasound modalities: linear ultrasound versus curvilinear ultrasound, at measuring diaphragm motion. Our proposed measurement method with linear ultrasound is novel, and will be compared against the established method with curvilinear ultrasound. We hypothesize that our novel method will have several potential advantages, including: it may be easier to learn, ...

Venue Ultrasound Evaluation - Israel

The study purpose is to collect images and user feedback from the Next Generation Venue Ultrasound system, components, and accessories under clinical conditions, as required for device development and optimization.

The Role of Ultrasound in Cholecystitis

The aim of this study is: 1. To describe the natural course of acute cholecystitis, by performing repeated ultrasound examinations from day of admission to hospital until day of surgery or discharge. 2. To investigate if there is anything in the ultrasound picture that can predict a difficult operation. Patients will be prospectively enrolled. The ultrasound picture (ultrasound variables: gallbladder volume, gallbladder wall thickness, and presence of oed...

Effect of Probe Placement in Delivery Room on Temperature at the Admission of Premature Infants?

The aim of the study is to compare the effect of 3 different skin temperature placement probe in the case room on the admission temperature to the NICU in preterm infants. The authors aim to evaluate which placement results in more preterm in the acceptable range (36.5-37 °C).

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