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Establishing Normal Values for Neuropsychological Testing in HIV-Negative Thais

The purpose of this study is to establish normal values for neuropsychological testing in HIV negative Thais stratified by age (1 decade) and education (no certificate or primary school certificate, less than high school certificate or vocational certificate, high school certificate or higher vocational certificate or diploma, Bachelor degree or higher.

Randomized Trial of the Positive Action Program in Hawaii Schools

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the Positive Action program on reducing negative behaviors, increasing positive behaviors and improving academic achievement of elementary school students.

School Activity for the Reduction of Distress, Pain and Negative Emotions in Children Experiencing Hospital School

Aim of present study is to evaluate the efficacy of hospital school experience in the reduction of distress, pain and negative emotion in children from 8 to 12 years old, hospitalized in oncology and pediatric wards. Investigators also want to explore the ideas and opinions of teachers and parents about hospital school service. Hypothesis: the investigators expect a reduction in pain, distress and negative emotions.

Trial of a Health Promoting School Approach to Positive Youth Development and Wellness Promotion

Assess the effects of a school-based multi-component intervention on school connectedness, school engagement, and developmental assets through a group randomized, participatory trial.

Efficacy of a Web-Based Alcohol Intervention for High School Students

This study evaluates the efficacy of the eCHECKUP TO GO as an intervention to reduce underage drinking and the associated negative consequences among high school seniors. The aim of this project is to provide a brief, low cost intervention that can be easily disseminated as a school-based intervention to address this important public health problem.

Treatment for Affect Dimensions

Affect, or the tendency to experience a given emotion, often is subdivided into two domains. Positive affect is the tendency to experience positive emotions, such as happiness, excitement, elation, and enthusiasm. Negative affect is the tendency to experience negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, sadness, anxiety, and fear. Humans exhibit a range of emotions that span across positive and negative affect domains with some individuals experiencing more of one type of affe...

Mind Power - A CBT Based Program for Adolescents

The purpose of this study is to strengthen school achievement and positive mental health, and to prevent and reduce school dropout and mental distress among high school students. The researchers will scale up techniques that have already been proven highly effective in preventing common mental disorders (depression, anxiety) in high risk groups (indicated and selective prevention). The researchers will disseminate these techniques to entire first year classes of high school stu...

Middle School to High School Transition Project: Depression and Substance Abuse Prevention

This study will implement a school-based program to prevent depression, academic failure, and substance use in at-risk adolescents transitioning from middle school to high school.

Improving STEM Outcomes for Young Children With Language Learning Disabilities

The sophisticated language of science can be a barrier to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning, especially for children who have specific language impairment (SLI). The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to test vocabulary and grammar interventions embedded in a small-group inquiry-based science instruction for their potential to ameliorate language deficits that impede science learning. Participants will be 54 kindergartners with SLI. Proximal...

High School Start Time and Teen Migraine Frequency

Migraine is common in adolescents and can cause missed school and disability. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that high schools start no earlier than 8:30 AM in order to accommodate the physiologic needs of adolescents—whose brains naturally want to fall asleep later and wake up later and who still need to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night to function optimally—however, only about 18% of US high schools comply with this AAP recommendation. There i...

Taxi METERS: Measuring Effectiveness of Technology, Education, Referrals and Support

In our past work we found many drivers had high blood pressure, and lifestyles that led to being overweight and not having cancer screenings performed. We are now adding to the Health Fairs' usual program different ways of following up with drivers who attend our Health Fairs. We are doing this because we want to find the best way to help drivers manage high blood pressure, and reduce cancer risk, by maintaining a healthy weight and increasing colorectal cancer screening.

High School Football and Adult Health

The primary aim of the study is to determine the effect of playing high school football on self-rated health in late adulthood. This is an observational study that will use data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, a longitudinal cohort of high school graduates from 1957, to compare graduates who played high school football with comparable graduates who did not play football on self-rated health, pain, functional ability, and weight at the age of 65 years.

High-Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplantation, in Patients PET-2 Positive, After 2 Courses of ABVD and Comparison of RT Versus no RT in PET-2 Negative Patients

The purpose of this study is to define an improvement in patients: - To evaluate if patients resistant to the initial treatment for residual PET-positive masses after the first two courses of ABVD (PET-2 positive), can be salvaged by early shift to high-dose chemotherapy supported by stem cell rescue - To analyse if patients achieving early complete response (PET-2 negative), can be spared the adjuvant radiotherapy on areas of initial bulky disease, at th...

Preventing Sexual Aggression Among High School Boys

The present research creates a partnership between researchers and a community agency to evaluate whether a sexual assault prevention program for high school students reduces perpetration of sexual violence among high school boys.

Technology and Design Innovation for School Lunch

This study will evaluate an innovative school lunch intervention that is designed to increase school meal participation and improve dietary intake among middle and high school students.

Randomized Trial of the Positive Action Program in Chicago Schools and Extension to Grade 8

This project focuses on social and character development of elementary and middle school-aged children and responds to an urgent national need that schools improve their capacity to address a range of student outcomes, including social skills, character, behavior, academic achievement and health outcomes. This study is a school-based randomized trial to evaluate the Positive Action program. The Positive Action program was designed to promote social and character development an...

Effects of Mindfulness Training on the Emotional Experience and (Non-) Acceptance of Emotions in Adolescents

The epidemiological data are alarming. Emotional distress, and depression in particular, is highly prevalent in adolescents, it has multiple problematic consequences and, most alarming, it is on the rise. All too often, these symptoms persist and lead to long-term and severe psychiatric problems. Mindfulness training (MT) is expected to counter both the non-acceptance of negative emotions (underlying depressed (sad) mood, anxiety and stress) and the dampening of positive emotio...

Study of PD-1 Inhibition With Cemiplimab in Locally Advanced Hormone Receptor (HR) Positive HER2 Negative or Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Standard Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

This is a single-arm, open-label, phase 2 study that will enroll 36 subjects, who have pathologically proven diagnosis of invasive breast cancer, clinical stage tumor 1-3 (cT1-T3), node 0-3 (cN0-N3), metastasis 0 (cM0), hormone receptor positive (HR+) (estrogen-receptor-positive (ER+) and/or progesterone-receptor-positive (PR+) human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) negative or hormone receptor-negative (HR-) (estrogen-receptor-negative (ER-) and progesterone-receptor-...

Flourishing App: An Evaluation With High School Students

This protocol proposes a well-being program, delivered through an application for mobile devices, based on meditation and positive psychology principles such as human development, the improvement of virtues, quality of life and well-being. The investigators hypothesize that this program offered in mobile application may promote well-being and reduce stress related problems in the participants. Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness of a well-being program delivered through a...

Smoking and Alcohol Initiation

This study evaluates multi-attribute utility, a modification of subjective expected utility, as a descriptive model of the adolescent's decision to initiate smoking or alcohol use. According to the model, the young decision maker envisions a set of consequences that will follow the two decision options, either to continue as a non-user or to initiate usage. Each consequence has three components. The components are the worth of the consequence, which may be positive or negative,...

Mindfulness Training to Promote Healthy Diet and Physical Activity in Teens

This project will compare the preliminary efficacy of a novel school-delivered intervention, mindfulness plus health education intervention, to health education alone on dietary and physical activity habits in adolescents. This study has important public health implications because of the negative consequences of unhealthy diets and lack of exercise on health, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If effective, this intervention has high potential for translat...

School Climate and Children's Behavioral Health

The overall purpose of this project is to determine whether school personnel implementing a two-tier School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS, an evidence based intervention) program for typically developing children as well as children with, or at risk for, externalizing or anxiety disorders can implement the components of the program with the same level of fidelity, integrity and clinical effectiveness when they receive a low level of support (consultation) from their coa...

Evaluation of Tamoxifen's Efficacy for ER/PR Negative,ER-beta Positive Operable Breast Cancer Patients

The current study is a multicentre, randomized,double-blind, prospective clinical trial stratified patients by the HER2 status of their cancer (negative or positive) which is sponsored by the researchers. The trial is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of tamoxifen as adjuvant therapy for ER(ER-α)/PR negative, ER-β positive operable breast cancer patients. 688 female ER(ER-α)/PR negative, ER-β(wild type ER-β1) positive operable breast cancer patients who had undergone ...

Adjuvant Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab for Node-Negative HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

The purpose of this study is to find out what effect the postoperative combination of therapies: trastuzumab (herceptin) and paclitaxel (taxol) will have on breast cancer recurrence. A combination of trastuzuamb and chemotherapy has been used in women with node positive and high risk node negative disease. This tests utilizes a well tolerated regimen of weekly paclitaxel and trastuzumab in women with T1, node negative tumors that are HER2 positive. We would like to determin...

The Effects of Playing High School Football on Later Life Cognitive Functioning and Mental Health

The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of playing high school football on later in life cognitive functioning and mental health. This is an observational study that will use data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study to compare high school football playing graduates in 1957 with comparable non-high school football playing graduates on cognitive functioning and mental health measures when participants are in their 60s.

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