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Thousand Asian American Study

The "Thousand Asian American Study" or "TAAS" aims to test 2,000 foreign-born and children of foreign born Asian Americans residing in Sacramento county residents for HBV and (2) counsel at least 90% of those whose screening results are positive for HBV.

Seroimmunity 2007 and Sub Study of the Swedish Population Regarding Vaccine Preventable Disease

This is a randomized cross-sectional study of the Swedish population. Blood samples will be collected from a subpopulation in order to estimate the age specific sero-prevalence of the Swedish population for diseases included in the National Immunization Program (NIP), and to affirm the population's protection against polio. To be able to recommend complementary immunizations to immigrated children, a sub study focusing on foreign born teenagers will also be done and compared to...

Loss of a Healthy Weight Advantage Among Mexican-American Children

Although research indicates foreign-born Mexican-Americans possess a healthy weight advantage relative to U.S.-born Mexican-Americans, patterns are less clear for children and may be changing over time. The objective of this study was to examine whether the relationship between nativity and overweight/obesity has changed over time among Mexican-American children and to investigate the implications of this pattern on overweight/obesity disparities relative to non-Hispanic Whites...

Exercise and Pain in Non-Hispanic Blacks and Whites

Non-Hispanic Blacks tend to report higher levels of pain, experience pain more frequently, and be under-treated for pain compared to non-Hispanic Whites. Acute (single session) exercise is known to be effective at reducing pain but it is unknown what effect chronic exercise training has on pain responses. The broad goal of this study is to determine whether regular exercise training is more effective at reducing pain responses in non-Hispanic Blacks compared to non-Hispanic Whi...

Risk Factors Related to Metabolic Syndrome in School-aged Children Who Were Born Preterm

This is a follow-up cohort study of 8 years old children born preterm at Seoul National University Children's Hospital in Korea from 2008-2009. The children will visit outpatient clinics for examinations regarding growth, obesity and other risk factors related to metabolic syndrome. The purpose of this study is to compare growth and risk factors of metabolic syndrome among children born preterm and children born healthy term at school age

Assessment of Lung Structure and Function of Infants Born Prematurely

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the growth of the lung and how easily gas can be taken up by the lung in healthy infants born at full term without any breathing problems and infants born prematurely.

Cardiovascular Screening in Infants Born Small for Gestational Age

Aims of this study were 1) to evaluate early CV abnormalities in infants born small for gestational age (SGA) at 24 months of age compared with age and sex-matched subjects that were born adequate for gestational age (AGA) 2) to investigate the effect of catch-up growth and the role of breastfeeding on CV risk.

Cognitive and Behavioral Outcomes of School-aged Children Who Were Born Preterm

This study evaluates the cognitive and behavioral outcomes including image findings of school-aged children who were born preterm compared with who were born term gestational age.

Adrenaline Injections to Children Born at Elective CS

Children born after elective C-section have a greater risk of respiratory problems and hypoglycemia - most likely due to a lower concentration of stress hormones compared to children born vaginally. Hypothesis: can we eliminate or reduce the risk of respiratory distress and hypoglycaemia by administrating adrenaline to the newborn.

To Determine the Effect of Nebivolol on Office Blood Pressure of Blacks Residing in Nigeria

Although Nebivolol, a highly selective beta-1 agent has been shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure in Blacks, this was in African Americans with no study in Blacks residing in sub Saharan Africa. We therefore decided to study the effectiveness and safety of Nebivolol in Black patients with stage 1 hypertension (systolic BP of 140-149 and/or diastolic BP of 90-99 mmHg) presenting to five primary care centres in Nigeria.


Babies Born Early Antibody Response to Men B Vaccination: BEAR Men B

In the UK, babies receive their vaccinations according to a standard schedule, irrespective of their gestation at birth. This policy is designed so that all babies are protected as early as possible from vaccine preventable diseases such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, rotavirus, pertussis (whooping cough), Haemophilus influenzae type B, pneumococcal disease and now meningococcal B disease. The 4CMenB vaccination (Bexsero®) was added to the UK schedule in September 2015 and the...

Premavision Cohort Follow-up

This study aim at following a cohort of prematurely born infants at 18 months corrected age, 4 and 7 years of age. This cohort had an evaluation of visual maturation at term equivalent age (TEA) with factors associated with impaired visual maturation. ( ID: NCT02890251). In this follow-up study, prematurely born infants vision will be compared to term born infants matched for postnatal age.

RCT Comparing Methadone and Buprenorphine in Pregnant Women

Children born to women who abuse drugs have a high risk of being born with birth defects and developmental problems. Methadone is a drug that is commonly used for treating opioid dependence. However, its use by a pregnant woman can cause severe withdrawal symptoms in a newborn because of the prenatal exposure. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of buprenorphine, another drug, versus methadone in reducing withdrawal symptoms in children born to opioid-dep...

EPIPAGE2 Cohort Study Follow up at Five and a Half Years

Epipage 2 (epidemiologic study on small-for-gestational-age children) is a nationwide study implemented to improve our knowledge of the outcome of preterm children in France. This study was launched on March 28, 2011 and includes three groups of preterm children, all born before 35 weeks: extremely preterm infants (born between 22 and 26 completed weeks of gestation), very preterm children (born between 27 and 31 completed weeks) and moderately preterm children (born between 32...

Cardio-respiratory Responses During Hypoxic Exercise in Individuals Born Prematurely

This project will consist of two studies, each investigating resting and exercise cardio-respiratory responses during exposure to hypoxia in individuals born prematurely and individuals born at full term of two different age groups: Kids (10-14 yrs) and Adults (18-22 yrs).Additional study will be performed on a preterm adult cohort (15 participants) that will investigate potential differences between hypobaric and normobaric hypoxia as outlined in the following section.

Heart Function in HIV-Negative Children Exposed to HIV and HAART

HIV-uninfected children born to HIV+ women have low level heart problems at birth which may predispose them to heart failure, arrythmias and heart attack later in life. The impact of these heart problems on future heart health is unclear as it is unknown if heart problems in these children persist, worsen or resolve in pre-pubescence. The objective of this study is to characterize heart function in HIV-negative pre-pubertal children born to HIV+ women and exposed to HIV and HA...

Stress Reduction and Prevention of Hypertension in Blacks

To examine the role of Transcendental Meditation in stress reduction and prevention of hypertension in Blacks.

Somatropin Therapy In Children Born Preterm But Appropriate For Gestational Age

Safety and efficacy of Somatropin will be evaluated in short children born with a list weight below 1500 g and that did not catch up to normal height at the age of 4.

Stress Reduction & CVD Morbidity and Mortality in Blacks

To compare the effects of two stress reduction techniques, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), on the control of mild hypertension in elderly Blacks with hypertension.

Comparison Of Respiratory Support After Delivery on Infants Born Before 28 Weeks Gestational Age

Trial purpose: For infants born

Surveillance Monitoring for ART Toxicities Study in HIV Uninfected Children Born to HIV Infected Women

SMARTT will estimate the incidence of conditions and diagnoses potentially related to in utero exposure to antiretroviral therapy and/or exposure in the first two months of life among children born of HIV-infected mothers.

Stories for Change: Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Engagement in Facilitated Discussion for Diabetes

Racial and ethnic minorities with type II diabetes in the US are more likely to develop complications and die from the disease than the general population. The foreign-born subset of this population is less likely to adhere to diabetes care recommendations than US-born patients, thereby placing them at higher risk for complications. In our previous pilot project, eight stories were assessed through preliminary multi-site intervention for acceptability and efficacy in diabetes m...

Daily Isoniazid to Prevent Tuberculosis in Infants Born to Mothers With HIV

HIV infected women in southern Africa have a high risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection. Children born to HIV infected mothers may be more likely to be exposed to and become infected with TB, and children infected with TB have a higher risk of developing severe disease than adults with TB. The purpose of this study is to determine if the antibiotic isoniazid (INH) will prevent TB infection in infants born to HIV infected mothers in southern Africa.

pCLE in the Detection of Intestinal Metaplasia or Dysplasia in Patients After Endoscopic Treatment of BORN

To assess diagnostic accuracy and clinical effectiveness including cost-effectiveness analysis of pCLE in patients after finishing the endoscopic treatment of BORN in detecting persistent/recurrent IM, recurrent neoplasia and buried glands.

Melatonin Production Delay in Preterm Infants

Objective: Melatonin production is known to be delayed in preterm-born infants up to 6 months of age. This might be related to exposure of preterm infants to continuous lighting in the NICU during a critical period of pineal gland development. The investigators aimed to test the profile of melatonin production in these infants at 9-12 months of age. Methods: Twenty three term-born and 23 preterm-born infants (gestational age: 29-34 weeks) were studied. The investigators tested...

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