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Starches Digestion After Obesity Surgery.

Despite an impressive capacity to induce diabetes remissions, the gastric bypass surgery has been associated with the onset of hyperglycemic peaks, which are very intensive and transient, in formally non diabetic patients. The aim of this study is to study the digestion of starch as compared to that of glucose (same glucose load) before and after gastric bypass surgery in obese patients. Volunteers will be recruited among the candidates to a gastric bypass, and will be studied...

Bio Metrology of Nonfibrous Mineral Particles in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluids

The main purpose of this study is to update the pulmonary retention values of non-fibrous mineral particles in the general population. This study will provide reference values for the interpretation and diagnosis of the cause of certain respiratory diseases potentially related to mineral particles.

Pair Production PET Imaging to Detect Particle Distribution in Patients Undergoing Yttrium-90 Radioembolization

The primary goal of the study is to see if the PET/CT will be able to determine the precise location of the Y-90 particles within the liver and within the tumors. We hope to use this information in order to see if these particles distribute evenly throughout large tumors or if the particles go into the tumor which is located in the portal vein. The secondary goals are threefold. First correlate the distribution of Y90 particles (as demonstrated by PET/CT) with the degree of de...

Impact of Food Combination on Starch Digestion and Gastric Processing

Some literature data and the results of our in vitro studies strenghten the idea that the role of salivary alpha-amylase in starch digestion has been under-rated and that this enzyme can an important role in this process. As a result, its inhibition could constitute an opportunity to reduce the glycemic response elicited by starch-rich foods. The main goal of this study is to verify whether inhibition of salivary alpha-amylase, upon the consumption of starchy foods, can have an...

A First in Human Study Using 89Zr-cRGDY Ultrasmall Silica Particle Tracers for Malignant Brain Tumors

The purpose of this study is to test if PET scans using 89Zr-DFO-cRGDY-PEG-Cy5-C' dot particles, can be used to take pictures of brain tumors. The investigators want to understand how the particles are distributed and removed from the body, which may help others be treated in the future. This will be the first time that 89Zr-DFO-cRGDY-PEG-Cy5-C' dot particles are being used in people. The amount of particles given in this study is very small compared to the amount that was used...

Bilateral, Masked Comparison of PEG-400 Based Artificial Tear and Systane for the Treatment of Dry Eye Signs, Symptoms and Visual Quality

To evaluate and compare the effects of PEG-400 based artificial tear and Systane tears in mild-moderate dry eye patients. TBUT, Visual impact and subjective evaluations will be assessed in this month long trial.

The Effect of Alginate on Carbohydrate and Fat Digestion in a Mixed Meal - A Pilot Trial

This study will investigate the effect of an extract of brown seaweed, called alginate, on fat digestion. The extract has been cooked into sausages and the alginate sausages will be compared to the same sausages that do not contain alginate. People taking part in the study will come to the study centre twice. Once to have the alginate sausage meal or the normal sausage meal and on the second visit they will have the other meal so then end up having had both types of sausages. T...

A Trial to Evaluate the Combination Efficacy of Artificial Dermis and Growth Factor in Chronic Wounds Ulcer

Double layer artificial dermis repair material has been widely used in scar plastic, burn, trauma, chronic wounds and other aspects of wound repair and reconstruction. In the course of clinical application, we found that for chronic wounds, the combination of artificial dermis and growth factor can shorten the wound healing cycle, and have a positive impact on the economy and psychology of patients. In order to verify this effect, we plan to carry out this study to evaluate whe...

Air Pollution and COPD Exacerbation

There is an excess of hospitalization rates for acute exacerbation of COPD in Picardy compared to the national data. A first study realized in Picardy has shown a link between air quality and COPD. Nevertheless, the particles type is unknown and according to it, impact on COPD could be different. The investigator goal is to find a correlation between acute exacerbation of COPD consultation rate and daily ultra thin particles in Haut de France. The investigators will correlate t...

The Association of SAA With Apolipoprotein B Affects Cardiovascular Risk

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in developed nations and a major health issue in Veterans. Despite a number of different treatments, cardiovascular disease remains a major health burden, thus further treatments are needed. Individuals with obesity and/or diabetes are at particularly high risk for cardiovascular disease, and research suggests that elevated levels of serum amyloid A (SAA) may contribute to cardiovascular disease, particularly atheroscle...

Ultrafine Particles and Fetal Contamination

The objective of this study is to evaluate the transplacental passage of fine and ultrafine particles (nanoparticles) inhaled by the mother.

Mineral Nano Pathology

Hip arthroplasty is a treatment widely used in most inflammatory, traumatic and degenerative conditions of this joint. The longevity of implants may be disappointing in some cases, despite the promising results obtained during in vitro simulations. Early loco-regional or systemic dissemination, known since the 1990s, of wear particles from these prosthesis may reduce their life span. The analysis of the particles in the synovial fluid and in the articular tissues by electron ...

The Use of Air Cleaners to Mitigate Cardiopulmonary Health Impact of Indoor Exposure to Particles and Phthalates

This study aims to evaluate whether a short-term intervention strategy using air cleaner reduces indoor exposure to airborne particles (particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter ≤2.5μm, PM2.5) and phthalates and improves cardiopulmonary health among Chinese healthy adults based on a randomized double-blinded crossover trial.

Endotracheal Tube Shapes for Intubation With Videolaryngoscope

In this study, investigators will compare the efficacy of two shapes of endotracheal tube molded by stylet in endotracheal intubation using videolaryngoscope (McGrath MAC®). The participants will randomly be divided into two groups; J-shaped tube and 60-degrees-curved tube.

Safety and Efficacy of an Artificial Tear for the Treatment of Dry Eye

The efficacy, safety and acceptability of a new artificial tear in subjects with dry eye will be compared to a currently-available artificial tear

Using Artificial Intelligence to Measure and Optimize Adherence in Patients on Anticoagulation Therapy.

AiCure uses artificial intelligence and visual recognition technology to confirm medication ingestion. The software is available as an app and downloaded onto a smart phone. The single-site, parallel-arm, randomized controlled trial will test the feasibility and impact of using the platform in a stroke population. End points: usability, consistent use of the device, and optimization of treatment.

SYNERGY-AI: Artificial Intelligence Based Precision Oncology Clinical Trial Matching and Registry

International registry for cancer patients evaluating the feasibility and clinical utility of an Artificial Intelligence-based precision oncology clinical trial matching tool, powered by a virtual tumor boards (VTB) program, and its clinical impact on pts with advanced cancer to facilitate clinical trial enrollment (CTE), as well as the financial impact, and potential outcomes of the intervention.

Neurological Impacts of Artificial Sweeteners in the Context of Diet Sodas

This study seeks to determine whether artificial sweeteners in the context of diet soda may alter the brain's response to food cues and thus impact appetite.

Association Between Lactase Deficiency, and the Small Intestinal Microbiome in Adults.

The purpose of this study is to study the role of the enzyme (substance produced by the body that helps in a biochemical reaction like digestion in the body) responsible for digestion of lactose and the role of the gut bacteria (bacteria in the intestine) in producing symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Virtual Assistant for Plastic Surgery Patients

Researchers are trying determine the long term impact when patients have access to the artificial intelligence virtual assistant (AIVA) as a complimentary resource.

Evaluation of the Antibacterial Effect of Laser Diode and Zinc Oxide Nano Particles in Cavity Disinfection

this is a randomized controlled clinical trial, evaluating the antibacterial effect of laser diode and zinc oxide nano-particles when used as cavity disinfectants.Two groups, including 15 patients each, will be randomly allocated so that each group receives one of either interventions (15 patients will undergo cavity disinfection by laser diode, while the other 15 patients will undergo cavity disinfection by zinc oxide nano-particles). For each patient, a dentin sample will be ...

A Comparison of Orally Pilocarpine and Artificial Saliva in Xerostomy Treatment

The purpose of this study is to assess and compare the safetyness and efficacy of pilocarpine drops versus artificial saliva as symptomatic treatment for dry mouth and dry eyes caused by SS in a multicenter, doubleblind, controlled trial.

The Visual Effect of an Investigational Artificial Tear in the Tear Layer.

The purpose of this study is to investigate how the addition of a new artificial tear product when applied to the tear layer affects contrast sensitivity and optical aberrations over time. We will also determine if there are any adverse effects associated with drop instillation.

Arm and Finger Measurement for Blood Pressure Surveillance

Accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement is critical in peripartum care. The cuff and bladder sizes affects the accuracy of BP measurement. Current international BP measurement recommendations are based on mid-arm circumference (MAC). However, evidence have shown the discrepancies between these sizes, leading to inaccuracy of BP measurement. This study will measure arm and finger size of 300 parturients in third trimester to determine whether the MAC, finger measurement or body...

Lycopene and Beta-carotene Metabolism in the Digestive Tract of Healthy Men

Consumption of foods containing carotenoids, as well as vitamin E, have been associated with lower risk of developing a number of chronic diseases. While the parent compounds have largely been assumed to exert protective antioxidant effects, more recent work has suggested that metabolites may be bioactive. Very little attention has been given to the metabolism of these compounds during the digestive process. Our primary aim is to conduct a postprandial feeding study in healthy ...

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