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Evaluation of CIED "Readers" for Disease Management

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the use of remote interrogation (readers) of CIEDs in evaluation of suspected TIA/stroke patients, HF or those experiencing syncope. This approach has the potential to advance the practice of CIED evaluation by staff without specialized training in cardiac electrophysiology (non-EP staff). We hypothesize that actionable events will be identified with use of CIED readers. These events may include identification of atrial fibrillation in T...

App-delivered Therapy for Arabic Readers With Hemianopic Alexia

Hemianopia refers to compromised vision in one half of the visual field, in either one or both eyes. Hemianopic Alexia (HA) is a reading disorder related to such impairment, usually caused by stroke or head injury. In order to read, participants have to move their eyes along a line of text three to four times per second. Such eye movements are called saccades. One makes use of peripheral visual information to the right (if reading from left to right, e.g., in English) or to the...

iGrow Readers Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum Efficacy

The objective of this study was to determine the efficacy of the iGrow Readers curriculum in changing diet and physical activity knowledge among preschool-aged children. The secondary objective of this study was to better understand the relationship between diet and physical activity related outcome variables in preschool aged children and their primary caregivers.

Phase III Study of the Correlation Between Florbetapir F18 PET Imaging and Amyloid Pathology in the Brain

The study is designed to test the relationship between measurements of brain amyloid using florbetapir F 18 PET imaging and true levels of amyloid burden assessed by histology at autopsy. There will be two primary analyses: - The first primary analysis will evaluate the correlation between the blinded readers' rating of amyloid burden on the PET scan and the cortical amyloid burden at autopsy. - The second primary analysis will evaluate the specificity of th...

Comparison of PET Amyloid Imaging in Japanese and Western Subjects

This was a Phase 2, multicenter study to assess the extent and patterns of [18F]flutemetamol uptake in the brains of 3 groups of Japanese subjects: HV, aMCI, and pAD, and to assess the reproducibility of brain uptake and of image interpretation. Subjects underwent open-label intravenous (i.v.) administration of Flutemetamol F 18 Injection and PET imaging of the brain. Blinded visual image reads were performed by 10 independent board-certified readers (5 Japanese and 5 non-Japan...

Knowledge Accessibility and Availability in Forming Knowledge-to-Text Inferences Among Middle Grade Readers

Recent adolescent-based research shows that inference making improves across grades 6-12, uniquely accounts for variance in sentence- and passage-level comprehension, and that individual differences in inference making relate in a principled way to variations in reading comprehension for readers of all abilities (Barth et al., 2015; Barnes et al., 2015). These findings suggest that comprehension requires inference making and that comprehension fails when readers do not possess ...

The Effect of Different Financial Competing Interest Statements on Readers' Perceptions of Clinical Educational Articles

Financial ties with industry are common among doctors, academics and institutions. This trial aims to investigate the influence of different types of industry-linked activities on readers' perceptions of clinical reviews. Two clinical reviews have been selected on medical topics and study participants (practicing doctors) will be sent one review each. The reviews will be identical except for the inclusion of one of four different permutations of competing interest statements. P...

Crohn's Disease Endoscopic REmission Definition in an Objective Way

The CDEIS (Crohn's disease endoscopic index of severity) and its derivative, SES-CD (single endoscopic score for Crohn's disease) were constructed to evaluate the endoscopic severity of Crohn's disease (CD). The current therapeutic goal in CD is endoscopic remission, which is thought to be predictive of a favourable evolution of the disease. However, up to now there is no measure of endoscopic remission, objectively constructed and validated, not even a consensus for its defini...

Evaluating the Impact of the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal on Physical Mobility Outcomes

The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal (the Portal) was launched in 2014 to increase public access to trustworthy health information. The Portal helps readers to access evidence-based resources; identify trustworthy messages; and understand scientific findings. Now the investigators want to know whether using the Portal changes what people know and do to stay healthy and mobile. This project will help us to: 1. Understand how middle aged and older adults (age 40+) use the ...

The Role of Supplementary Material in Journal Articles QT

Questionnaires are frequently used in online research, however recruiting, and completion rates of online participants from a variety of cultures and demographic backgrounds can be challenging. The challenge is greater in an online cohort because there is no way to observe the participant beyond what is contributed online. Poor recruiting and completion can result in underpowered research that may not be representative of the sample population. This can trigger an increase in c...

Delphinus SoftVue™ ROC Reader Study

The purpose of this multi‐reader, multi‐case (MRMC) reader study is to evaluate reader performance when SoftVue™ automated breast ultrasound and screening mammography are combined, compared to screening mammography alone, in women with dense breast parenchyma. This includes obtaining information that can be used to properly plan, design, and power future ROC reader studies. This reader study will include a minimum of 6 radiologist readers and an enriched sample of ...

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Evaluation of Uterine Patency Following Sonography-guided Transcervical Ablation of Fibroids

This study is designed to observe the presence or absence of intrauterine adhesions at 6 weeks after treatment with the Sonata® System through hysteroscopic evaluation by third party readers.

Impact of a Video Explaining Epidural Analgesia in Obstetrics

The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of multimedia information on epidural anesthesia. Pregnant women were randomly assessed to get a video information in addition to an oral and written information on epidural anesthesia. Maternal satisfaction concerning the quality of the information as well their anxiety and understanding of the procedure were assessed and compared in both groups.

Neuroanatomy of Reading in Congenital Deafness.

The aim of the research is to investigate phonological processing in deafness and to examine its influence on the neuroanatomy of reading.The basic hypothesis is that insofar as the ability to read is closely related to the ability to segment and represent speech units, the neuroanatomy of reading in deaf would be different from the one of hearing readers.

Computer-Assisted Cancer Risk Behavior Counseling

To test whether or not giving patients information before their doctor visits changes the care they receive and what type of information is best to give before the doctor visit.

Personalized Information or Basic Information in Helping Patients Make Decisions About Participating in a Clinical Trial

RATIONALE: Providing information that is tailored to answer patients' questions about clinical trials may help patients with cancer decide to enroll in a clinical trial. It is not known whether providing personalized information is more effective than basic information in helping patients make decisions about clinical trials. PURPOSE: This randomized phase III trial is studying personalized information to see how well it works compared with basic information in helping patient...

Evaluating the Impact of Assessing During Peer Review the CONSORT Checklist Submitted by Authors

Randomised trials are considered the gold standard in medical research. The CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials) Statement aims to improve the quality of reporting of randomised trials. Without transparent reporting, readers cannot judge the reliability and validity of trial findings, and therefore these findings cannot inform clinical practice. Different stakeholders, including biomedical journals, have taken different actions to try to improve author adherence...

Multi-Reader Multi-Case Controlled Clinical Trial to Assess the Fujifilm FFDM and DBT Reader Training Program

The purpose of this pilot is to assess the adequacy of the Fujifilm DBT Reader Study Training program to ensure that Readers participating in the Fujifilm DBT pivotal trial are properly trained in the reading and interpretation of FFDM and DBT images.

Magnetic Resonance (MR) Colonography With Fecal Tagging

The purpose of this study is to determine if MR colonography with fecal tagging is better using air or water for distension of the colon. Patients referred to colonoscopy are offered MR colonography before colonoscopy. Two days before colonography, patients ingest a 200 ml Barium sulfate solution 2% four times a day, which will render fecal masses "invisible" on the following MR colonography. Air or water (randomised trial) is used for distension of the colon. The examinations ...

Genetic Information as a Life Style Change Motivator

The study investigates whether information on having a risk genotype (ApoE4) and life style advisory information affects lifestyle changes and sensory preferences. The project studies also the ethic aspects of giving the information of risk genotype.

Safety and Efficacy Iodofiltic Acid I 123 in the Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome

This is an open-label phase 2 study recruiting low, moderate, and high likelihood ACS patients from approximately 60 centers. Patients will be imaged with iodofiltic acid I 123 for the detection of myocardial ischemia. Readers independent of the clinical study centers will review results of imaging studies in a blinded fashion at an imaging core lab. The resulting independent reading of the images will be compared against the truth standard for ACS.

PLX3397 Phase 3 Study for Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis (PVNS) or Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath (GCT-TS)

This is a Phase 3 clinical study, which aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational drug PLX3397 in the treatment of tumour of pigmented villonodular synovitis or giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath in subjects, for whom surgical removal of the tumour would cause more harm than good. The main purpose of this study is to gather information about the investigational drug PLX3397, which may help to treat these tumours. The study consists of two parts. In Part 1, el...

The Value of CT-FFR Compared to CCTA or CCTA and Stress MPI in Low to Intermediate Risk ED Patients With Toshiba CT-FFR

Coronary Computed Tomography Angiogram (CCTA) is a non-invasive imaging modality that has high sensitivity and negative predictive value for the detection of coronary artery disease (CAD). The main limitations of CCTA are its poor specificity and positive predictive value, as well as its inherent lack of physiologically relevant data on hemodynamic significance of coronary stenosis, a data that is provided either by non-invasive stress tests such as myocardial perfusion imaging...

Framing of Numerical Information in Cochrane Summaries

The aim of the study was to conduct three different parallel randomized controlled trials to assess how the different framing of Cochrane summary information (positive vs negative framing of health information) affects affect the perception of the efficacy and intention for use of the described treatment.

Tailored Internet Information Supply for Patients

Medical expert systems in combination with portal searching meta-search engines are exploited to provide reliable patient-tailored information. A prototype of a web-based information system has been developed and is to be evaluated. Its aim is to answer the decisive question whether expert system guided internet meta-search provides a better information supply for patients seeking health information online then this is possible by using ordinary search engines or health portals...

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