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Anthropometric and Physical Fitness Differences Among Turkish Adolescents and Adults Handball Players

The purpose of this study was to examine the variation in physical and physiological characteristics according to sports age in adolescent and adult male team handball (TH) players. Adolescent (N.=19, aged 18.1±1.4 yr) and adult (N.=23, 28.6±5.7 yr) players were examined for anthropometric characteristics, somatotype and body composition, and performed the physical working capacity test, a force-velocity test, the lateral scapular slide test (LSST), shark skill test, Davies t...


Effects of ElevATP on Body Composition and Athletic Performance

This study will examine the effects of supplemental ElevATP with or without a blend of extended-release caffeine and B vitamins for changes in body composition, athletic performance, and hematology over a 12 week intervention period.

VOR Suppression in Non-Gymnast Adults

The researchers hypothesize that there is a correlation between Vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) performance and innate athletic skill level. A similar study was conducted in female, young adult gymnasts where a correlation was shown between VOR performance and gymnastic skill level. However, the results from this study did not suggest that VOR differences develop as a result of practice; rather that the differences in VOR may simply allow some individuals to become better perform...

Normal Values of High Frequency ECG (HyperQ™) in Apparently Healthy Individuals and in Young and Masters Athletes

The main objective of this study is to investigate depolarization characteristics represented by changes in HyperQ in asymptomatic, apparently healthy athletic and non-athletic individuals. We also aim to examine a subgroup of obese and non-obese subjects. The goal of the study is to establish normal HyperQ values in these populations and compare HyperQ values of age-matched athletic vs. non-athletic individuals of similar health status.

Diagnosis of Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm (EIB) and Asthma in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Athletes

We hypothesize that exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) at the NCAA Division I collegiate level is over diagnosed, while poorly controlled asthma resulting in exercise-related symptoms in this same population may be under diagnosed, being erroneously attributed to EIB. This project will test individuals self-identified as having exercise induced bronchospasm or asthma, as well as gender-matched controls from the same sport, with eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation to assess fo...

Vitamin D Supplementation in Physical Performance

This study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of weekly vitamin D supplementation on athletic performance in Iranian athletes

Effects of Ketogenic Diet on Body Composition and Performance in Soccer Players

A ketogenic diet (KD) is a nutritional approach, usually adopted for weight loss, that restricts daily carbohydrates under 30 g/day. KD showed contradictory results on sport performance, whilst no data are available on team sports. The investigators will investigate the influence of a KD on different parameters in soccer players

Endurance Performance at Altitude

The degree to which endurance exercise performance is diminished in acute hypoxia is variable and appears to be the result of several different physiological processes, however this research focuses on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV). Sildenafil, a pulmonary vasodilator, has been used with mixed results to improve athletic performance in hypoxia. Because sildenafil has been shown to reduce HPV in some individuals, we believe that its effectiveness is closely related to...

Does Sildenafil Increase Exercise Performance in Air Pollution?

The purpose of this study is to examine if the ingestion of a standard dose of sildenafil enhances the athletic performance of competitive athletes when exercising in a high pollutant environment verses a low air pollutant environment.

Effect of Hibiscus Tea and Green Tea Supplements on Athletic Performance, Blood Pressure, Muscle Damage Indices and Oxidative Stress in Male Athletes 18-35 Years Old and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Approach

This study evaluated effect of Hibiscus tea and green tea supplements on athletic performance, blood pressure, muscle damage indices and oxidative stress in male athletes 18-35 years old and cardiovascular disease prevention approach.

Effect of Inspiratory Muscle Training on the Performance of Handball Athletes

This study investigated the effects of an inspiratory muscle training (IMT) program on the respiratory muscle strength and resistance and the aerobic physical performance (PP) of handball athletes. Nineteen male athletes took part in the study, allocated at random into the experimental group (EG, n=10) and the placebo group (PG, n=9), aged 19±1 and 22±5 years old, respectively. The respiratory muscle strength (RMS) was evaluated by measuring the maximum inspiratory and expira...

Effects of Casein Timing on Body Composition and Performance

This study will investigate the effects of night time versus day time casein supplementation on body composition and athletic performance. Participants will consume the protein supplements daily while participating in a supervised, periodized resistance training program.

Vibration Rolling, Non- Vibration Rolling,and Static Stretching for Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is an acute micro-trauma or inflammatory response experienced in the most runners; and, it concurrently impairs athletic performance and may increase risk of sports injury. Alleviating the symptoms of DOMS strategies are various; however, the specific recovery way remains unconcluded. Furthermore, few studies have investigated that the effects of vibrating roller on alleviating the symptoms of DOMS, and understand the biochemical changes in ...

Functional Movement Analysis of Handball Players

RELATIONSHIP OF FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT ANALYSIS WITH INJURY HISTORY AND ATHLETIC PARAMETERS IN HANDBALL ATHLETES Abstract Objectives: Handball is a popular sport in many countries. There is lack of knowledge about handball athlete's functional movement capacity. The aim of this study is to investigate the Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) scores, to evaluate the injury risks of handball athletes and to determine its relationship with athletic performance. Design: Observa...

The Relationship Between Postural Stability, Performance and Trunk Muscle Endurance in Female Athletes

As core stability improves in handball players, ball-throwing speed increases as well. Postural stability is considered as the most important component of athletic performance as it occurs in almost all movement types. No studies have yet evaluated postural stability, performance and trunk muscle endurance in female athletes at the same time and examined the relationship between these parameters.This study aims to identify the relationship between the postural stability, perfor...

Clinical Study on Prodovite® VMP35 Supplement on Athletic Performance

This pilot investigation will conduct a randomized placebo-controlled, double-blind study in 150 volunteers (age: 18-74 years) over a period of 90 consecutive days. A statistician will be involved in this project. Body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference, blood chemistry, blood pressure and heart rate, body and hand grip strength, speed and endurance studies including open circuit spirometry-based assessment of pulmonary function will be assessed. Other parameter...

Influenza A+B Test Kit Performance Study

Prospective clinical study on the performance of an Influenza A+B rapid test kit. The main goal is to establish the sensitivity and specificity (i.e. how accurate the test is) when compared to a gold standard. Option of participating in this clinical study will be presented to patients displaying influenza-like illness. Informed consent will be collected from patients or patient's next of kin/guardian before samples (nasopharyngeal swab) are taken from the patient. Naso...

Effects of Elastic Therapeutic Tapes on Performance With Healthy Subjects

There has been an increasing interest in Kinesiology Tape(KT) and Biomechanical Tape(BT) in clinics and athletic competitions. Recently; the performance increasing effect of taping methods on healthy subjects in sports is being investigated.

tDCS to Increase Aerobic Performance in Runners

Many different factors affect running performance, transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a widely used and available neuromodulation tool and could hypothetically facilitate the supraspinal drive and thereby act upstream of the motor cortex to prolong the muscles work in time to exhaustion trials. While it appears to decrease the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during cycling, little is known about the effects of tDCS on physiological performance parameters such ...

Sweat Sensors for Athletic Performance

Pilot study of a soft, flexible wearable sweat sensor

Whey Protein Support to Metabolic and Performance Adaptations in Response HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has recently emerged as a time efficient alternative to conventional endurance exercise, conferring similar or superior benefits in terms of metabolic and performance adaptations in both athletic and non-athletic populations. Some of these physiological adaptations include augmented mitochondrial biogenesis and improved substrate metabolism in peripheral tissues such as skeletal muscle. However, nutritional strategies to optimise the adap...

Impact of Pt Knowledge on TM Performance

The primary outcome of the Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) program at St Joseph's Hospital is change in performance on an exercise stress test. Patients complete an exercise stress test when they enter and exit the CR program. An improvement in stress test performance reflects an improvement in physical fitness, but is also associated with better long-term health outcomes (e.g. reducing the chance of having to go back to hospital; lower likelihood of dying). While physical fitness...

Identification of Neuromusculoskeletal Variables Associated With Injury Risk and Performance in High School Athletes.

The purpose of this study is to complete a neuromuscular performance assessment of high school athletes who are participating in school based pre-season strength and performance training program. The performance assessment will screen for existing muscle imbalances and strength deficits known to increase risk for sports injury, and provide a baseline performance measurement. Athletes will be measured before the start of the program and then again at the end of the pre-season tr...

Testing Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in Diverse Athletic Groups

Study will test the use of a short virtual reality driven goggle test as a means of detecting mTBI in a diverse group of athletes

Effects of Various Taping Techniques in Lateral Epicondylitis on Functional and Ultrasonographic Outcomes

To compare the early effects of the application of elastic (Kinesio Tape®) and non-elastic (Athletic Tape) taping as part of the conventional physiotherapy of the lateral epicondylitis using the results from ultrasonography and clinical tests.

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