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Cryogenic Preservation of Spermatozoa

The reference technique for the conservation of gametes is storage in liquid nitrogen but new vats of nitrogen vapor (storage over liquid nitrogen) or in dry phase (storage in an insulated compartment of liquid nitrogen in a tank Liquid nitrogen) also allow the storage of flakes. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the dry-phase cryopreservation technique of liquid nitrogen compared with liquid-phase storage, depending on the duration of cryopreservation.

The Impact of Low Calorie and Low Nitrogen Parenteral Nutrition Support on the Clinical Outcome of Postoperative Patients

The study is designed to investigate the influence of parenteral nutrition (PN) with low nitrogen and calorie supply on the clinical outcome of patients after an operation compared to that of traditional PNs.

A Trial Examining the Treatment of Common Warts With Combination Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Cantharidin

The purpose of the study was to see if liquid nitrogen, a commonly used treatment for warts, is more effective if it is used alone, or if it is more effective if combined with cantharidin, a topical treatment also commonly used for warts (verruca vulgaris).


This study evaluates the performance of new technology "CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE" against a classic cryotherapy "Nitrogen Liquid " to treat solar lentigines. The hands and the neckline will be randomised, either left or right side and treated by two cryotherapy devices: 1. CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE is the device under evaluation. 2. Liquid nitrogen is a comparator device.

Hyperproteic Nutrition:Correlation of BUN to Nitrogen Balance

This study is designed to determine if the following are true. When protein requirements exceed metabolic requirements, blood urea nitrogen(BUN) levels will rise. Elevated BUN levels in the absence of renal failure, hepatic failure, or GI bleeding, will be correlated with improved nitrogen balance and inversely correlated with infection rates, days of mechanical ventilation, ICU days, and total hospital days.

Safety and Efficacy of Nitrogen Mustard in Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides

This study will evaluate the efficacy, tolerability and safety of the topical application of nitrogen mustard (NM) ointment formulations in patients with stage I or IIA mycosis fungoides (MF).

Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout in Healthy Volunteers

This study is designed to establish reference values of multiple breath nitrogen washout indexes in an healthy population of volunteers (from childhood to adulthood)

An Open Label Seven Month Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Nitrogen Mustard (NM) 0.04% Ointment Formulation in Patients With Stage I or IIA Mycosis Fungoides (MF) Who Have Completed an Initial 12 Month Treatment With Nitrogen Mustard 0.02% But

To evaluate the efficacy of topical application of NM 0.04% in a propylene glycol ointment (PG)in patients with stage I or IIA MF previously treated with NM 0.02% in a PG or AP ointment who did not achieve a complete response.

Redox Determinants in Severe Asthma

Hypotheses: 1) Airway pH regulation is abnormal in severe asthma; 2) In severe asthma, there is formation of cytotoxic nitrogen oxides and loss of beneficial nitrogen oxides in the airways

Hepatic Urea Nitrogen Handling in Patients With NASH

The aim of the project is to investigate the metabolic regulation of the hepatic urea nitrogen handling and various cognitive functions measured by psychometric and neurophysiological tests before and after bariatric surgery in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Comparing Recipient Site Preparation Using Dermabrasion, Dermaroller and Liquid Nitrogen Induced Blister in Non Cultured Epidermal Cell Suspension in Stable Vitiligo


The Cardiovascular Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide Exposure

Exposure to air pollution has been linked to increased cardiorespiratory morbidity and mortality. The exact component of air pollution that mediates this effect is unknown, but the link is strongest for fine combustion derived particulate matter derived from traffic sources. It has been demonstrated that inhalation of diesel exhaust impairs vascular vasomotor tone and endogenous fibrinolysis. Recent studies using an inline retrofit particle trap to reduce the particulate compon...

Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout in Healthy and Cystic Fibrosis Children

This study compares the lung clearance index (LCI) in cystic fibrosis and healthy children obtained with two different multiple breath nitrogen washout (MBWN2) devices. Each participants will perform the test (LCI) in duplicate on each device.

Comparative Efficacy of Phenylbutyrate (PBA) vs. Benzoate in Urea Cycle Disorders

The investigators will study and compare how effectively sodium phenylbutyrate, sodium benzoate, and a combination of the two, help excrete nitrogen in healthy volunteers. Subject participation will require three, separate, four-day study periods at least one week apart. During one study period (also called a treatment arm), subjects will take sodium phenylbutyrate; during another they will take sodium benzoate; during another they will take a combination of the two medications...

Nitrous Oxide and Risk of Cancer Recurrence After Colorectal Surgery: A Randomized, Blinded Study

This study was developed to test the hypothesis that the risk of colorectal cancer recurrence was similar in patients who were randomly assigned to 65% nitrous oxide or nitrogen during colorectal surgery.

Use of 50% Nitrous Oxide / 50% Oxygen Premix During Liver Biopsy of Focal Lesion

A 50% nitrous oxide / 50% oxygen premix is administrated to the patient during the realization of liver biopsy in order to relax him and to reduce his pain during this painful medical treatment. This single investigator centre and national clinical trial is done blindly : half of patients will receive 50% nitrous oxide / 50% oxygen premix and half of them a placebo gas (mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrogen). 94 patients will be included in this clinical protocol.

Short-term Metabolic Effects of Ketosteril® Supplemented Low Protein Diet in Pre-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients

Supplementation of ketoanalogues of essential amino acids improves the protein quality of protein restricted diets without burdening the kidneys. The ketoanalogues are transaminated by aminotransferases to the corresponding amino acids by incorporating nitrogen from amino groups derived from endogenous amino acid degradation. Therefore, less nitrogen needs to be excreted and the kidney's workload is reduced. The purpose of the trial is to investigate the impact of Ketosteril®...

Optimizing Protein Intake and Nitrogen Balance in Adult Critically Ill Patients

The purposes of the study are: - To strictly ensure the appropriate level of protein and caloric provision in critical illness, according to the latest literature recommendation; - To determine if an association exists between protein intake and nitrogen balance in the context of a nutrition with appropriate protein provision based on the latest literature recommendations, rather than in a standard diet with a caloric target weight-based. Creat...

Infrared Bioeffect System for the Treatment of Cutaneous Warts

Local hyperthermia at 44℃ can promote some alterations of immulogical indicators. The procedure is convenient in clinic, has high tolerance with less trauma and less pain. Based on domestic and abroad clinical practice, the investigators observed initially that local hyperthermia brought great benefits to cutaneous warts. In comparison with liquid nitrogen, the safety and efficacy of controllable infrared bioeffect system to treat skin disease has been evaluated. This proved ...

Chemotherapy With Low-Dose Radiation for Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma

The main purpose of this protocol is to estimate the percentage of patients with intermediate risk Hodgkin's disease who will survive free of disease (Event-free survival) for three years after treatment with multi-agent chemotherapy (Stanford V) and low-dose, tailored-field radiation therapy. The hypothesis being studied is that this treatment will result in more than 80% of patients being alive and free of disease three years after starting treatment.

Macrophages, Portal Hypertension, and Liver Function During AbbVie Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C

Investigation of the effects of the new Abbvie direct acting anti-viral (DAA) treatment of chronic viral hepatitis C infection on the macrophage specific activation marker soluble CD163, portal hypertension determined by the hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG), and metabolic liver function determined by the galactose elimination capacity (GEC) test and the functional hepatic nitrogen clearance (FHNC).

Study of the Efficacy of Kalinox® 170 Bar in Adult Oncology

In the oncology practice, The National Union of the Centres of Fight Against the Cancer recently published the Standards, Options and Recommendations for the coverage of the pains provoked during the invasive gestures of a short duration realized at patients affected by cancer. These support the use of the Kalinox ® 170 bar as therapeutic alternative for the preparation of the painful procedures of a short duration such as spinal taps or osseous at the adult.The objective of t...

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Xenon Inhalation Therapy for Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

The investigators will test the hypothesis that inhaled xenon will produce a rapid improvement in depressive symptoms in patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Specifically, the investigators will conduct a parallel randomized, double-blind crossover study that will compare the effects of xenon-oxygen (35:65 ratio by volume) added to treatment as usual (X-TAU group) to the effects of nitrogen-oxygen (35:65 ratio by volume) added to treatment as usual (N-TAU gro...

Protein Requirements for Active Adolescent Males (IAAO-AM)

Protein requirements in active individuals have been suggested to be greater than the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Nutritional requirements for dietary amino acids in adolescents have traditionally been determined utilizing the nitrogen balance technique, which is prone to underestimating protein requirements. As a result, there is a need to re-evaluate recommendations in order to characterize how dietary amino acid needs may be modulated by physical activity. ...

Protein Requirements In Active Populations

Protein requirements in active individuals have been suggested to be greater than the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Nutritional requirements for dietary amino acids in adults have traditionally been determined utilizing the nitrogen balance technique, which is prone to underestimating protein requirements. As a result, there is a need to re-evaluate recommendations in order to characterize how dietary amino acid needs may be modulated by physical activity. ...

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