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The Efficacy of Extract of Allium Cepae, Allantoin and Heparin in Patients With Proven Scar Development

To investigate the efficacy of prophylactic use of a topical gel containing extract of allium cepae, allantoin and heparin after surgical removal of the primary cesarean scar in the second cesarean section.

Validation of a Purine Biosensor in Detecting Acute Cerebral Ischaemia: Carotid Endarterectomy Model in SMARTChip

This study will validate the sensitivity of a purine biosensor (SMARTChip) in detecting acute cerebral ischaemia in a group of patients undergoing elective carotid endarterectomy. The study will also investigate whether blood purine levels are indicative of future risk of stroke by comparing pre-operative blood purine levels in carotid endarterectomy patients (high risk group) and blood purine levels in a group of age and sex-matched controls.

Cryogenic Preservation of Spermatozoa

The reference technique for the conservation of gametes is storage in liquid nitrogen but new vats of nitrogen vapor (storage over liquid nitrogen) or in dry phase (storage in an insulated compartment of liquid nitrogen in a tank Liquid nitrogen) also allow the storage of flakes. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the dry-phase cryopreservation technique of liquid nitrogen compared with liquid-phase storage, depending on the duration of cryopreservation.

Spider Phobia Opposite Action Treatment Study

This study tests the effectiveness of exposure therapy for fear of spiders as enhanced by the use of antagonistic or opposite actions during treatment. The goal of the study is to compare the efficacy threat-relevant opposite actions and threat-irrelevant opposite actions in extinguishing fear.

The Impact of Low Calorie and Low Nitrogen Parenteral Nutrition Support on the Clinical Outcome of Postoperative Patients

The study is designed to investigate the influence of parenteral nutrition (PN) with low nitrogen and calorie supply on the clinical outcome of patients after an operation compared to that of traditional PNs.

Supply With Micornutrients (Purine and Pyrimidine) in Infants: a Prospective and Observational Study

Concentrations of micronutrients (especially purine and pyrimidine) in cord blood, blood of mothers and infants and human milk is studied

A Trial Examining the Treatment of Common Warts With Combination Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Cantharidin

The purpose of the study was to see if liquid nitrogen, a commonly used treatment for warts, is more effective if it is used alone, or if it is more effective if combined with cantharidin, a topical treatment also commonly used for warts (verruca vulgaris).


This study evaluates the performance of new technology "CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE" against a classic cryotherapy "Nitrogen Liquid " to treat solar lentigines. The hands and the neckline will be randomised, either left or right side and treated by two cryotherapy devices: 1. CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE is the device under evaluation. 2. Liquid nitrogen is a comparator device.

Purine Analog-Based Conditioning in Patients With Severe Aplastic Anemia

Primary Objectives: 1. To determine the feasibility and toxicity of employing purine-analog based conditioning for allogeneic donor stem cell transplantation in patients with severe aplastic anemia (AA). 2. To determine the engraftment kinetics and degree of chimerism that can be achieved with this strategy.

Pharmacokinetics of Two Eletriptan Oral Formulations Given With and Without Water and the Commercial Tablet Formulation Given With Water

The study will evaluate whether the blood concentrations of eletriptan administered using two test formulations of oral disintegrating tablets are comparable to those observed with the standard commercial tablet.

Does the Cap Increase the Finding of Polyps When Water Exchange Colonoscopy is Used

This is a study to compare two different, but normally, used methods of colonoscopy in patients that require a routine or repeat colonoscopy. There will be three arms in this study: WE water control, water plus Cap-1, and water plus Cap-2. The patient will prepare himself/herself for the colonoscopy as per normal instructions and he/she will be given the information for the study at that time so that he/she can make a decision to participate in the study. The control method wil...

Hyperproteic Nutrition:Correlation of BUN to Nitrogen Balance

This study is designed to determine if the following are true. When protein requirements exceed metabolic requirements, blood urea nitrogen(BUN) levels will rise. Elevated BUN levels in the absence of renal failure, hepatic failure, or GI bleeding, will be correlated with improved nitrogen balance and inversely correlated with infection rates, days of mechanical ventilation, ICU days, and total hospital days.

Safety and Efficacy of Nitrogen Mustard in Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides

This study will evaluate the efficacy, tolerability and safety of the topical application of nitrogen mustard (NM) ointment formulations in patients with stage I or IIA mycosis fungoides (MF).

Rituximab in Hairy Cell Leukemia: a Multicenter Retrospective Study

Hairy-cell leukemia is a rare and indolent lymphoid disorder, representing 2% of all cases of lymphoid leukemias. Treatment of hairy-cell leukemia relies mainly on the purine analogs, cladribine and pentostatin, which have shown similar efficacy and constitute the gold standard of care either as front-line therapy or for relapsed patients. However, despite the remarkable response rates obtained with purine analogs therapy, some patients will eventually relapse and the efficacy...

Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout in Healthy Volunteers

This study is designed to establish reference values of multiple breath nitrogen washout indexes in an healthy population of volunteers (from childhood to adulthood)

Mass Balance Recovery, Metabolite Profile and Metabolite Identification of [14C]-BIA 9-1067

The purpose is to and to assess the mass balance recovery after a single oral dose of [14C]-BIA 9-1067 and to provide plasma, urine and faecal samples for metabolite profiling and structural identification.

Study of the Effects of a Mineralized Water Ingestion Upon Lipidic Absorption Mechanisms

The principal objective of this research is the evaluation of the effect of mineralized water consumption upon evolution of LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides, compared to a low mineralized water consumption.

An Open Label Seven Month Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Nitrogen Mustard (NM) 0.04% Ointment Formulation in Patients With Stage I or IIA Mycosis Fungoides (MF) Who Have Completed an Initial 12 Month Treatment With Nitrogen Mustard 0.02% But

To evaluate the efficacy of topical application of NM 0.04% in a propylene glycol ointment (PG)in patients with stage I or IIA MF previously treated with NM 0.02% in a PG or AP ointment who did not achieve a complete response.

Phase II Pilot Study of Aminoimidazole Carboxamide Riboside (AICAR), a Precursor of Purine Synthesis, for Lesch-Nyhan Disease

OBJECTIVES: I. Determine the effects of aminoimidazole carboxamide riboside (AICAR) on hematologic manifestations of Lesch-Nyhan disease. II. Assess the behavioral and neurological benefits of AICAR in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease. III. Examine the effect of AICAR on purine production.

A Study to Assess the Mass Balance Recovery, Metabolite Profile and Metabolite Identification of [14C]-SK-1405

The primary objectives of the study are: - To assess the mass balance recovery after a single PO dose of [14C]-SK-1405 - To provide plasma, urine and faecal samples for metabolite profiling and structural identification

Periodontal Ligament Stem Cell Implantation in the Treatment of Periodontitis

Cell sheet technique possess the properties of conserving the ECM, rich molecules and retaining cell vitality, and will promote the capacity of cell adhesion and proliferation. The stem cell based cell sheet therapy has been utilized in many fields and scored the satisfactory results. Periodontitis is a chronic disease which causes the destruction of the periodontal tissue and leads to the teeth loss in the end. The routine cell-based therapy to the periodontitis was confronted...

Assessing Toxicity of Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking

Waterpipe smoking is a tobacco use method in which smoke passes through a partially-filled water jar. Burning charcoal heats the waterpipe tobacco which produces the smoke that the user inhales. Waterpipe smoking was associated with increased risk for coronary heart and pulmonary diseases. This Waterpipe Study will inform the FDA on regulating waterpipe tobacco products and reduce the harm of it use. This study will be conducted at homes of hookah smokers, in natural settings, ...

Water Oxygenation and Brain Activity

The primary purpose of this interventional, placebo controlled, crossover, double blind, basic science exploratory study is to investigate whether there is a difference in brain electrophysiological oscillatory activity in healthy adults before and after oral consumption of water containing very small bubbles of oxygen (electrokinetically modified water).

Asthma/Steroid Withdrawal Study

The investigators propose to study the patterns of metabolite changes in subjects with asthma to determine if there is a predictable pattern prior to, and post, clinical exacerbation. Hypothesis: 1. Metabolite profiles will change prior to detection of a clinical exacerbation in subjects with asthma. 2. There will be a measurable temporal delay before metabolite profiles return to baseline following anti-inflammatory therapy of an exacerbation of asthma.

Water Induced Thermogenesis in Obese Children

Drinking water is largely advocated for obesity prevention and management. Recent studies have suggested that water has a thermogenic effect, this has not been examined in children. In this study, we will measure the resting metabolic rate of 21 obese children before, and during drinking cold (4 degrees centigrade)water for up to 60 minutes.

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