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Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) Registry

The overall aim of the registry is to develop a longitudinal, observational database that is focused on adult patients with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) that can be used as a source of clinical information for individual surgeons, as well as a national data repository for scientific inquiry and publications.

Colonoscope Passive Bending Function

A prototype colonoscope with an extra passively bending distal section has been developed by Olympus Japan (ref. publications). The present study (2006-2007) is testing refinements of this function.

Evaluating Outcomes in the Placement of Boomerang Percutaneous Device

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Boomerang percutaneous closure device following diagnostic cerebral angiography or neurointerventional procedures. Background: Very few publications have evaluated this relatively novel percutaneous closure device.

Evaluation of the Quality of Bowel Cleansing in a Real Clinical Practice Setting

Publications of the use of bowel cleansers in usual clinical practice are lacking. Patient adherence to investigational products increases in the context of clinical trials. By the same token, efficacy of interventions may be overestimated in clinical trials. For this reason, an observational study to collect data on the effectiveness of several colonic preparations when these are used under usual clinical practice is proposed.

Study of ABT-700 in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors

This is a Phase 1/1b open-label study evaluating the safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), and preliminary efficacy of ABT-700 in subjects with advanced solid tumors that may have MET amplification or c-Met overexpression. ABT-700, previously known as h224G11 in publications, is an anti-c-Met antibody. The early clinical development plan for ABT-700 is based on the activity demonstrated in preclinical models. Up to 124 subjects will be enrolled.

Facilitation of NGT Insertion

Insertion of a nasogastric tube (NGT) in anesthetized patients can be a disappointing experience. Many techniques have been explained to improve success rate along with increasing safety, such as forward displacement of the larynx, tube rigidity improvement methods, pushing it down directly through pharynx or using a guide tube. Failure of insertion under general anesthesia reached 50% in some publications

Medical Evaluation of Scanner in Coronary Syndrome

Many recent publications have reported encouraging results on diagnostic cardiac multislice CT performance in 1) coronary artery disease, 2) coronary arterial bypass graft potency and 3) intrastent restenosis. These single center studies were made on a limited number of patients (range, 50-130) and focused mainly on one of the indications mentioned above. Moreover, results were often given after exclusion of low quality examinations. At last, no study has compared the d...

To Pace or Not to Pace in Sinus Node Disease

Optimal pacing strategy for patients with SND is still unknown, although several publications in the past years demonstrated a deleterious effect of ventricular pacing. However, pacing has always been apical in these trials, and to which extent this absence of pacing is beneficial for patients with very long PR intervals is still to be found. The aim of this study is to compare ventricular septal pacing to no pacing in patients with SND.

The Papillary Muscle Approximation Provide Stability of Mitral Valve Repair for Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation

Recent publications show that an adjunctive subvalvular repair during mitral annuloplasty for secondary mitral regurgitation effective in preventing recurrent regurgitation. One of these procedures is the papillary muscles approximation. However, the safety and the positive impact of this method are still in doubt.

Clinical and Histological Evaluation of OSSIX-Plus Resorbable Collagen Membranes for Alveolar Ridge Preservation Following Exodontia

The purpose of this study is to document and evaluate how protective covering materials (a barrier membrane called OSSIX-Plus) can help preserve bone size after a tooth is removed. As you know by now, dental implants can only be placed when enough bone is found and this protective covering may help the healing of your bone after the tooth is removed. For this study, the investigators are asking that records taken during procedures (pictures of teeth only, notes) can be used for...

Feasibility Study of Breast MRI in Decubitus Position

Breast MRI is performed in prone position which causes a number of questions. Indeed, the correlation with mammography and echography and the identification of preoperative lesions can be complex as echography and surgery are carried in supine position while mammography is performed in standing position. Moreover, the prone position is often considered as uncomfortable by the patients. However, there is few publications in the literature on breast MRI in decubitus position.

Establishing a Descriptive Cohort of Patients Cared for Operation on the Spine

This study aims to: 1. describe the monitoring of patients treated for spinal disorders. 2. create a comprehensive database of reliable and readily exploitable quickly to produce a library of cross publications between orthopedic surgery and neurosurgical services. This database will include clinical, functional , radiographic , educational, social and professional data. 3. obtain a cohort of patients in the comprehensive range of spinal pathologie...

Digoxin Short Term Treatment Assessment Randomized Trial in AHF

AHFS management is challenging and most of the used drugs has failed to decrease post-discharge mortality and readmission rates which represent the most important goal in AHFS. Digoxin processes many characteristics of a beneficial drug for heart failure, however recent publications has rose concerns about its safety profile and therefore decreasing its use. Whether digoxin is efficient and safe in short term treatment of acute heart failure is a question that sho...

Plasma Aldosterone Levels and Atrial Fibrillation Reduction (ALDO-AF Study)

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmias with a constantly growing prevalence. Two main techniques are used today to restore sinus rhythm: electrical cardioversion and radiofrequency ablation. Radiofrequency ablation has become a recognized and effective treatment of AF. Despite a relatively high success rate (about 80%), a substantial number of patients require a second procedure to obtain sinus rhythm. Many publications have led to the study of predict...

HSP-Glomerulonephritis Trial: MP vs CyA

No curative treatment of severe HSP nephritis is known. Apart from corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs, such as azathioprine and cyclophosphamide, have been used to treat severe HSP nephritis.Limited patient series treated with these drugs have been described, but there are no reports of controlled trials. Cyclosporine A have been used to treat corticosteroid-resistant or corticosteroid-dependent nephrosis. (11) Cyclosporine A has also been used to treat HSP nephritis, ...

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty Versus Conservative Treatment in GIOPVCF

Based on the case reports and other literature, the investigators hypothesize that using PVP for treating GIOPVCF is associated with increased risk of vertebral refractures and does not provide further benefits compared to conservative treatments. The overall objective of this prospective cohort study is to compare the efficacy of PVP and conservative treatment for GIOPVCF. The evaluation of efficacy of therapy includes: 1) the incidence of vertebral refractures; 2) therapeuti...

Unexpected Cardiac Arrest in Intensive Care Unit

Unexpected cardiac arrest involves approximately 0.5 to 5% of patients admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Even if they have a technical environment conducive to prompt diagnosis and prompt treatment, patients hospitalized in ICU suffer from chronic illnesses and organ failure(s) that obscure the prognosis of cardiac arrest. Although extra cardiac arrhythmias or intra-hospital arrests are the subject of numerous publications, few studies specifically focus on unexpected card...

Comparative Study Examining the Effectiveness in Use of a DERMOJET and a Normal Syringe Treatment for Patients With Hair Loss - Alopecia Areata

Conventional treatments include the use of steroids applied locally, or injection in to the legion, or oral therapy. Treatment is determined by the severity of the disease. Injection in to the legion can be done in two methods 1. Subcutaneous injection syringe Lower 2. Using syringe DERMOJET - a syringe without a needle. So far there are no publications in the medical literature of studies comparing efficacy, safety, convenience of use for doctor-p...

Extubation of Patients on ECLS is Associated With a Reduction in Complications Related to Mechanical Ventilation: Retrospective Single-centre Study

There are no clear recommendations concerning the management of patients on ECLS (Extra-Corporeal Life Support). Many teams keep patients sedated until removal of the ECLS so as to avoid accidents, notably decannulation. Moreover, there are few publications on the subject, all the more so as the extubation of patients on ECLS (Extra-Corporeal Life Support) is a recent practice. Nonetheless, it is becoming more and more frequent in the cardiovascular ICU of Dijon University Hosp...

Pharmacokinetic Variability of Daptomycin During Prolonged Therapy for Bone and Joint Infections

Daptomycin is a cyclic lipopeptide that has been proposed as an alternative therapeutic option in patients with prosthetic joint infection caused by Staphylococcus or Enterococcus species in the latest Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines. The population pharmacokinetics (PK) of daptomycin have been described in various groups of patients in previous publications. However, little information exists on the PK of daptomycin in patients with bone and joint inf...

Patient Characteristics and Tracheobronchial Anatomy

The clinical use of double lumen tubes and bronchial blockers requires a thorough knowledge of the tracheobronchial anatomy in order to establish the best choice for the patient. The literature is limited regarding major bronchi dimensions. In addition, the measurement method is not always adequate or properly described and some publications have evaluated only the left bronchial diameter. Computed tomography with 3D reconstruction, technical reference, has been little used. ...

The Early History of Universal Screening for Metabolic Disorders

We are doing this study to learn more about the early history of universal screening for metabolic disorders such as PKU and galactosemia. In particular, we are interested in learning from our past experience to inform our current plans to expand universal newborn screening. Following standard historical research methodology, we will begin with a review of the historical scholarship on PKU and galactosemia, including more general works on mental retardation, genetics, public ...

Hyperbilirubinemia in Acute Appendicitis as a Predictor of Perforation

It has recently been published that hyperbilirubinemia is a reliable marker for the preoperative diagnosis of perforated acute appendicitis. The investigators believe, based on their own previous publications, that C-reactive protein (CRP) with or without a white blood cell count and some other clinical parameters, are more specific markers for the preoperative diagnosis of perforated acute appendicitis. The purpose of this study is to prospectively compare the specificity an...

Quality of Life and Cancers in Nursing Homes

Quality of life (QOL) of nursing homes residents with cancer in France is not known. High prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases makes it difficult. It was found that oncological management is suboptimal among Poitevin territory residents. Publications report an inadequate management of symptoms of discomfort related to cancers. The multicentric study will comparate quality of life in patients with and without Cancers in nursing homes, including residents with neurodegenerat...

Physiology of Lung Collapse Under One-Lung Ventilation: Underlying Mechanisms

Lung isolation technique and one-lung ventilation (OLV) are the mainstays of thoracic anesthesia. Two principal lung isolation techniques are mainly use by clinicians, the double lumen tubes (DLT) and the bronchial blockers (BB). The physiology of lung collapse during OLV is not well described in the literature. Few publications characterized scant aspects of lung collapse, only with the use of DLT and sometime in experimental animals. Two phases of lung collapse have been desc...

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