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SOLARIS Endoprosthesis in Iliac Occlusive Disease

Fifty patients will be treated with Solaris Endoprosthesis and followed up to 2 years with Walking Impairment Questionnaire and Doppler Ultrasound evaluation in 30 days, 6 months and 12 months.


Prevention Trial Assessing Paper-Tape in Endurance Distances (PreTAPED)

Blisters are a very common complaint in both the general population and also the athlete. This study's aim is to determine whether applying paper tape (an inexpensive and common component of most foot care kits) to the foot of endurance runners prevents the frequency and severity of friction blisters.

The Application of Rapid PTH Test Paper in Operation of Hyperparathyroidism

The half-life of the parathyroid hormone is about 4min, blood pth test is use in operation to confirm that parathyroid tumor is removed. but the blood pth test is time consuming and unpractical in most of hospital. this study will compare the application of rapid PTH test paper in operation of hyperparathyroidism.PTH test were measured in operation in different way. it will test at the time of preoperation, 15 minutes after surgery, 1 hour after surgery and 24 hours after surge...

A Reminder System for Paper-Based Asthma Guidelines in the Pediatric Emergency Department

The primary idea is that the use of a computerized reminder system to help with the guideline implementation will increase utilization and adherence of guideline-driven care, leading to improved patient outcomes. The hypothesis we aim to address is that an automatic, computerized reminder system for detecting asthma patients in the pediatric ED will increase paper-based guideline utilization compared to paper-based guideline without the system. We aim to implement a real-time,...

Anesthesia Information System vs Paper Anesthesia Records for Care Congruency

To date the effect of AIMS on medical interventions has not been studied. We seek to retrospectively evaluate paper and electronic anesthesia records among a single surgical population (esophageal surgery) to ascertain any differences that may exist between cohorts with regards to chart completion, anesthetic management and medical care.

Validation of Computerized Vision-Targeted Quality-of-Life Questionnaires

This study will test and compare computerized and paper versions of eye questionnaires. Questionnaires are used in medicine to gain a better understanding of how a disease can impact a person's quality of life. Computerized versions of such questionnaires are often as good as or better than paper versions, but there has been no direct comparison of the two. This study may help in the development of eye questionnaires used to understand symptoms and monitor patients in clinical ...

A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing the Impact of Virtual Reality, Paper and Pencil and Conventional Methods on Stroke Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality allows the integration of both cognitive and motor rehabilitation in a more ecologically valid context. The purpose of this study is to determine whether this methodology has more impact on stroke rehabilitation than a paper and pencil personalised program and conventional therapy, which is motor-focused.

Comparison Between Marijuana Smoked in Cigarette Paper Versus Cigar Paper

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether or not marijuana blunts will produce comparable plasma THC levels as marijuana joints and if blunts will produce larger cardiovascular and subjective effects.

Comparing the Usability of an Electronic Bladder Diary and a Paper Bladder Diary

This piece of research is a single centre, two-way cross over, prospective study to compare the outcomes and experience of patients completing a paper bladder diary and an electronic version. This project aims to examine whether an electronic bladder diary can improve data quality compared to a paper bladder diary. Participants will attend an introduction appointment within the Urology Department at Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The participant will complete the bladder diaries a...

Pre-Anaesthesia CompuTerized Health Assessment

Pre-anaesthesia assessment is an important component of preoperative care of surgical patients. With the increasing prevalence of same-day-admission and ambulatory surgery, patients no longer undergo preanaesthesia assessment as an inpatient in traditional "premed rounds". Currently, a nurse-administered paper-based health screening questionnaire is used at our Preadmission Service to identify patients who require outpatient evaluation by anaesthetists prior to elective surgery...

MedlinePlus Health Prescriptions: Developing a Pragmatic Approach for Clinic Use

The specific aim of this proposed pilot study is to compare two standardized processes (paper and electronic) to deliver a customized MedlinePlus health information prescription. Primary Hypothesis. Individuals in the paper prescription group will be just as likely to seek information using MedlinePlus compared with individuals in the group who receive the same customized information through an email prescription. Secondary Hypothesis. Individuals in the paper prescription gr...

Web-based Validation Pelvic Floor Questionnaires

Patient-reported outcomes are commonly used in healthcare. Examples include validated symptom-based questionnaires and health diaries. In the field of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery there are many questionnaires and diaries that have been validated for a paper-based administration. As technology is incorporated into delivery of medical care and research, investigators need to consider how to collect data electronically while ensuring that this new format is e...


The purpose of this study is to determine if unsupervised, home rehabilitation delivered by a web-based platform or paper manual is a safe and effective alternative to outpatient physical therapy after total knee replacement.

Evaluation of Traditional Paper Symptom Diary vs. the VOCEL Mobile Diary

This study is designed to evaluate a traditional paper symptom diary system versus the VOCEL Mobile Diary. Subjects will be issued in a random order each system and asked their preference at the end of their participation.

ePartogram Effectiveness Study in Kenya

Quasi-experimental study to evaluate whether clinical care offered to clients was more appropriate and in line with WHO recommendations for care in normally progressing labor and in labor with complications, among providers using the novel intervention, ePartogram (an electronic version of the WHO paper partograph) vs. providers who offered care using the standard paper partograph, and whether fetal/newborn outcomes were improved among cases where partograph was used.

Computer-Generated Vs. Standard Informed Consent for HIV Research Studies

The purpose of this study is to test an interactive multimedia informed consent (iMIC) computer program to see if the program can generate a consent form that potential participants in an HIV trial can understand. This study will also determine if these participants prefer the computer-generated consent form and associated interactive tools to a standard consent form written by researchers. Study hypothesis: 1) Participants who receive information about clinical trials from iM...

Compliance of Clinical Pathways in Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Evaluation of Different Implementation Methods

Compliance to the clinical pathway, postoperative complication and total cost of the hospitalisation of patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy for symptomatic cholecystolithiasis were collected over two different periods: using a clinical pathway in form of a paper based check-list (group 1, n=118) or a clinical pathway integrated into the paper based medical treatment and nursing documentation (group 2, n=123). Outcome measures were compliance of the clinical pathway and...

Change Your Life With Seven Sheets of Paper

The aim of this study is to deliver CBT based intervention called "Change your life with 7 Sheets of paper" to women with mild to moderate postnatal depression (PND) through trained traditional birth attendants (TBAs). Participants will be recruited from low income area in Karachi Pakistan. Edinburg Postnatal Depression scale (EPDS) will be used to screen mothers having children between birth till 12 months. Group intervention will be delivered through trained TBAs.

A Randomized Trial Examining the Effectiveness of Mobile-Based Asthma Action Plans vs. Paper Asthma Action Plans

The purpose of this study is to see if using a mobile phone application asthma action plan will help improve asthma management.

Adolescent Social Skills Training Program

This study is a pre-test, post-test single group design with follow-up at months three and six. Twenty-four individuals total will participate in this study with 6 participants in each of 4 cohorts. Cohorts will be run in a time sequential manner with only one cohort run at a time. Participants and their parents will complete pre-test measures including both paper and pencil measures and a video-recording to assess the participant's social interaction skills and fluency. Th...

Measurement and Assessment of Prolonged Grief Disorder in Asia

The overall project includes three sub-studies. Sub-Study I aims to develop the content of a new cultural sensitive grief questionnaire (International Prolonged Grief Disorder Scale, IPGDS Killikelly and Maercker, 2018) through interviews and focus groups with key (expert) informants and bereaved participants from Japan, Switzerland and China. The content will be piloted in paper and mobile app format. Sub - Study II aims to validate the new paper and mobile questionnaire in 20...

A Web Application for Improving Communication on Hemodialysis Rounds

To evaluate a web application tool that hemodialysis patients can use outside of dialysis time to log and prioritize their concerns for the nephrologists. Specifically, the investigators will compare the usability of a web application tool to a structured paper form. The investigators will also use data from semi-structured interviews to better understand the experience and acceptability of the web app among patient participants randomized to the web application and among parti...

Effect of a Nasal Bolus Allergen Challenge on Inflammatory Markers

The current study will investigate nasal inflammatory markers obtained by filter paper collection techniques, in subjects with allergic rhinitis, determining the most appropriate time points and handling conditions, prior to running a larger study with subjects with allergic rhinitis.

Motivating Survey Compliance: Game Play Study 1

Self-reports, especially for patients with chronic physical or mental diseases, are critical for disease research and drug development. Historically, it has been very difficult to collect self-reported data for long periods of time as it is an unpleasant and inconvenient task. Paper and digital surveys are the traditional way of collecting self-reports and have been around for a long time, but still suffer from lack of adherence despite the best efforts of researchers to remind...

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Augmenting Specialty Eating Disorder Clinical Treatment With a Smartphone Application

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most empirically supported and researched treatment for eating disorders. A central component of CBT for eating disorders is self-monitoring which involves patients keeping a paper food record of their meals and associated thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and receiving feedback from a clinician to help target dysfunctional cognitions and behaviours. Given the issues associated with paper journals such as non-compliance, feelings of s...

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