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The Role of Eicosanoids in the Cardiovascular Actions of Inhaled Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles (NPs) are minute pieces of material to which we are exposed every day in the air we breathe. Some are naturally occurring and have no impact on health, whereas others are produced from urban air pollution and can worsen diseases, particularly in the lungs and blood vessels. However, there is great interest in developing new NPs because of their unique properties that are useful for many applications, such as engineering, electronics and for drug delivery. At prese...

Evaluation of the Versamed iVent in the Transport of Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the use of the VersaMed iVent ventilator in the acute care setting, hypothesizing that, in comparison to the standard approach, the use of the VersaMed will facilitate transport and reduce transport-associated complications while providing equivalent ventilatory support and transport success rates for both intubated patients and patients receiving noninvasive ventilation.

The Prenatal/Early Infancy Project: An Adolescent Follow-up

The Nurse-Family Partnership, a program of prenatal and infancy home visiting by nurses, has been examined in a series of 3 randomized trials since 1977. It has received considerable attention in the scientific and public policy communities for its replicated effects on a variety of maternal and child health outcomes across these 3 trials, including prenatal health, childhood injuries, rates of subsequent pregnancies, inter-birth intervals, as well as its long-term effects on m...

Randomized Study Comparing Two Established Gastrointestinal Suture Techniques - One-layer-continuous Versus Double-layer-continuous Suture

The purpose of this study is to examine the frequency of postoperative complications depending on the number of suture layers in colo-colonic and ileo-colonic anastomoses Hypothesis: double-layer suture has less anastomotic leakages compared to single-layer suture.

PRO-MComplete for Determination of Rupture of Fetal Membranes

Premature rupture of membranes refers to the rupture of the fetal membranes prior to the onset of labor. Premature rupture of membranes is associated with a number of neonatal and maternal complications including an increased incidence of perinatal mortality and intra-amniotic infection. There is a need for improved diagnostic testing because of limitations of the current methods. PRO-MComplete is an immunochromatographic test that detects insulin growth factor binding p...

NPD Measurement in Infants

Nasal Potential Difference measurements (NPD) have been performed in Israel since 1996. NPD measurements are used to assess the voltage across nasal epithelium, which correlates with the transport of sodium and chloride across cell membranes. NPD was first demonstrated to be abnormal in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in 1981 and the technique has since been used to increase our understanding of this condition. It is now established as an important diagnostic tool and more recently has be...

Effect of Smear Layer on Endodontic Outcome

This study evaluated the effect of removal of smear layer on the success of primary root canal treatment.Patients requiring primary root canal treatment in mature mandibular first and second molars were allocated to either smear layer positive group and smear layer negative group.

The Role of Cyclooxygenase Activity in the Endothelial Function of Hypertensive and Hypercholesterolemic Patients

A layer of cells called the endothelium line the walls of blood vessels. These cells produce substances that control the tone of blood vessels and thus control blood flow through the vessel. This regulating activity of the endothelium is dysfunctional in several diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. Previous research has pointed toward a decrease in the action of nitric oxide (NO) as the cause of this abn...

Azithromycin for Preterm Pre-labor Rupture of Membranes

The preterm prelabour rupture of membranes is defined as the spontaneous rupture of the fetal membranes before 37 completed weeks. Preterm prelabour rupture of membranes complicates up to 3% of pregnancies and is associated with 30-40% of preterm births. preterm prelabour rupture of membranes can result in significant neonatal morbidity and mortality, primarily from prematurity, sepsis, cord prolapse, and pulmonary hypoplasia. In addition, there are risks associated with chorio...

Lipid Layer Thickness Pre and Post Lid Scrubs With Cliradex

Tears play a vital role in vision. A thin layer of tears is always present to cover the surface of the eye for optimal comfort and vision. There are several layers to the tear film, and the outer most layer is comprised of lipids. This lipid layer prevents evaporation of the tears and may be disrupted in people suffering from symptoms of dry eye. Cleaning eyelids with Cliradex wipes have shown to be effective in reducing dry eye symptoms in some patients, and the purpose of thi...

The High Density Lipoprotein and Endothelial Function, Niacin and Nitric Oxide Study (The High-Ennd Study)

The aim of the present study is to characterize novel mechanisms whereby HDL may exert potent vasculoprotective effects independent of reverse cholesterol transport, in particular the effect of HDL on the regulation of the vascular NAD(P)H oxidase enzyme system, a major vascular source of superoxide, known to be important for endothelial dysfunction. In addition, the present study will characterize the effect of HDL on endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) mobilization, nitric oxid...

Characteristics of Dendritic Cells Before and After Gastric Banding

A research study to find out more about a specific white blood cell called a dendritic cell. These cells are found in a layer of fat in the body called the omentum. The omentum is a layer of fat that covers the bowels (intestines) and protects them. The purpose of this study is to allow us to compare dendritic cells in normal weight individuals to the dendritic cells of people who are extremely overweight. These cells will be collected from the omentum, the layer of fat th...

Oral Sedation With and Without Nitrous Oxide(N2O)

Aims: The objective of the current study was to evaluate the effectiveness of oral midazolam-hydroxyzine with/without nitrous oxide. Design: This was a randomized split mouth, cross over and triple-blinded clinical study. Thirty uncooperative healthy children aged six to nine, whose needed dental treatments.

Study Aimed at Detecting Potential Abuse of Nitrous Oxide in Children During Dental Care

The aim of this study is to evaluate the potential risk of abusive behavior for children in care using nitrous oxide for dental care.

Comparison of Tapered- vs. Cylindrical-shaped Tube Cuffs Pressure Alteration With Nitrous Oxide

When using nitrous oxide for general anesthesia, nitrous oxide diffusion induces intracuff hyperinflation of the endotracheal tube. Furthermore the difference among various types of cuffed endotracheal tubes in cuff pressure behavior during nitrous oxide exposure. TaperGuard(TM) tube has been newly introduced and has tapered-shape cuff. In vitro study, the intracuff pressure of TaperGuard(TM) tube was lower than that of conventional tube with cylindrical-shaped cuff of the con...

Network-Level Effects of Nitrous Oxide in the Human Brain

The purpose of this study is to understand how a commonly used drug, nitrous oxide, acts on the brain to reduce pain. Nitrous oxide is commonly used in anesthesiology but there is limited knowledge on how this drug affects functional networks in the brain.

Transport PLUS Intervention

Hypothesis: 'Transport PLUS,' a low cost, easily generalizable intervention performed by Emergency Medical Technicians while transporting a patient home from the hospital, can improve transitions of care and improve patient safety following hospitalization as measured by decreased rates of falls and reduced rates of return to the hospital.

Does Statin Initiation Undermine Dietary Behavior?

The purpose of this research is to improve our understanding of the effects that taking cholesterol reducing pills have on dietary behavior as well as other health related behaviors

Study Of the Nitrous Oxide Perception in Health Students

In order to evaluate the perception of the Nantes health students we wish to place an anonymous survey concerning their training, their knowledge of the legislative framework governing the use of EMONO and their personal and professional experience around nitrous oxide.

Effects of Low Concentrations of Nitrous Oxide

The aim of the study is to test the effects of low concentrations of nitrous oxide on cognitive functions and reaction time in human.

Study to Evaluate if Inhaled Nitric Oxide Improves Liver Function After Transplantation

This blinded, placebo-controlled study will administer inhaled nitric oxide to patients undergoing liver transplantation. The purpose of the study is to test if inhaled nitric oxide prevents liver injury associated with the restoration of blood flow. The premise of the current study is provided by previous studies which document a protective effect of inhaled nitric oxide in this clinical setting.

L-Arginine Metabolism in Essential Hypertension

Essential hypertension is characterized by impaired endothelial function. Data derived from normotensive subjects with a genetic predisposition to arterial hypertension suggest that endothelial dysfunction is a cause rather than a consequence of the condition. Given that, in normotensive offspring of hypertensive parents, impaired endothelium dependent vasodilation can be restored by supplementation of the nitric oxide (NO) precursor L-arginine, a defect in the L-arginine/NO pa...

Study of the Response of Human Small Blood Vessels

A layer of cells called the endothelium line the walls of blood vessels. These cells produce substances that control the tone of blood vessels and thus control blood flow through the vessel. One of the substances produced involved in the control of blood vessel function is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide (NO) plays a role in the relaxation of blood vessels. Researchers have been interested in the function of the endothelium in patients with high blood pressure (essential hy...

Efficacy of Nitrous Oxide in OCD: Pilot Study

This study investigates whether the commonly used and well-tolerated inhaled anesthetic nitrous oxide can rapidly improve symptoms of OCD.

Reinforcing Effects of Brief Exposures to Nitrous Oxide - 8

The purpose of this study is to conduct experiments to examine subjective and reinforcing effects of nitrous oxide. Mood altering and psychomotor effects will be tested on non-drug abusers and preference procedures will be used to assess reinforcing effects. Comparisons between nitrous oxide, opiates, and benzodiazepine antagonists will be made. To examine reinforcing effects of brief exposures to nitrous oxide in healthy volunteers.

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