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Computerized Rotational Head Impulse Test-Vertical (crHIT-vertical)

The purpose of this research study is to test whether a Computerized Rotational Head Impulse Test-Vertical (crHIT-vertical) is able to reliably evaluate the vertical semicircular canals in patients with vestibular dysfunctions.

The Effects of Video Modeling of Audiological Testing on Pediatric Patient Compliance

The purpose of the current study is to determine if pre-exposure through video modeling will enhance testing compliance in a population of children who are receiving a diagnostic evaluation for Autism.

Vestibular Function After Cochlear Implantation Using Soft Surgery Techniques

This study will measure the effects of soft surgical techniques on vestibular function and quality of life in patients pre- and post-cochlear implant (CI) surgery. Additionally, the investigators will attempt to systematically evaluate the utility of different electrophysiological measures of vestibular system function in surgical ears. Vestibular system function in CI patients will be evaluated pre-surgically and twice post-surgically, at 3 months and again at 1 year post-sur...

Video Education for Prenatal Testing Choices

The purpose of the investigator's study is to assess the effect of a standardized prenatal testing educational video on the use of prenatal genetic testing and decision-making.

Yoga Intervention in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Concurrent Chemo-Radiation

This is a randomized prospective pilot study assessing the safety and feasibility of two yoga interventions in head and neck cancer patients undergoing primary or adjuvant radiation with or without concurrent chemotherapy

Telemedical Examination of a Three-Component Oculomotor Testing Battery

The study investigates the feasibility and safety of the telemedical implementation of three diagnostic oculomotor tests using a video-oculography device and an extended teleconferencing system. The testing battery comprises Halmagyi's head impulse test, test for nystagmus and test of skew (vertical misalignment) known as the HINTS protocol. Previously published data have shown high sensitivity and specificity of the protocol for the discrimination of central and peripheral cau...

An Educational HIV Pre-Test Counseling Video Program for Off Hours Testing in the ED: A Randomized Control Trial

This study compared the educational effectiveness of a ten-minute pre-test counseling video with the usual practice of a session with an HIV counselor.

Measuring Head Control Changes With 2D Video Analysis After Utilization of the Headpod in Children With Poor Head Control

Inclusion Criteria: children ages 2 to 14 years with poor head control and non progressive diagnoses. Exclusion criteria: significant change of status i.e. prolonged hospitalization, surgery; inability to tolerate using Headpod. Requires use of Headpod 3x per day for minimum of 15 minutes each time over a 6 month period. Log must be kept documenting usage of the Headpod. Video will be taken to document changes.

A Waiting Room-Delivered Video to Enhance Clinical Outcomes Among Persons Living With HIV

The purpose of this project is to beta-test a brief waiting room video intervention that promotes early initiation of antiretroviral treatment among treatment-naïve HIV-positive patients, adherence to antiretroviral treatment and retention in care among HIV-positive patients currently on therapy, sexual risk reduction tailored to HIV-positive persons, and patient-initiated discussion of these topics with their health providers. The video is currently being created, and will be...

Energy-Harvesting Mesofluidic Impulse Prosthesis: e-MIP

The purpose of this research is to validate the e-MIP design and function by testing the ability of e-MIP to harvest energy and return a sufficient amount of energy to assist the user during gait. The investigators will also evaluate whether prosthetic users are able to wear and use the e-MIP device long-term.

A Video-Based HCV Curriculum for Drug Users

The investigators hypothesize that a well-designed hepatitis C (HCV)video education curriculum for high-risk drug users will show measurable benefits in improving HCV testing, hepatitis A and B vaccinations, and HCV knowledge, attitudes, and motivations toward transmission behavior change. The investigators will use a 4-part modular video series designed for at-risk drug users, and in this 12 week study will assess its impact on testing/vaccinations as well as knowledge, attit...

Syphilis Video Tool to Promote Knowledge and Testing in the ED

The objective of this study is to determine whether the "Syphilis and Men" educational video can be a useful tool to increase syphilis knowledge and testing among English and Spanish-speaking urgent care and emergency department patients, regardless of various self-reported characteristics that increase their risk for syphilis infection.

Video Tool to Promote Knowledge of Syphilis as Facilitator of HIV Transmission

During the winter of 2007, the Syphilis Advisory Group and Bureau of STD Control of the NYC Department of Health funded the Emergency Department of Jacobi Medical Center to further evaluate the effectiveness of the Syphilis and Men video in additional settings where men access STD related information and testing and where high-risk groups, such as MSM, frequent. The video was evaluated for promoting knowledge of syphilis, especially as facilitator of HIV transmission, and in e...

Cochlear Implant and Vestibular Function.

This study investigate weather one type of cochlear implant (CI) surgery (insertion of the electrode via paracentesis of the round window (RWA)) leads to less vertigo than another type of CI surgery (cochleostomy). The participants will be randomized into 2 groups: RWA or cochleostomy. They will be examined with a video head impulse test (vHIT) before and after CI surgery to clarify their vestibular function.

MRIPositive Diagnosis of Vestibular Neuritis Using Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recuperation (FLAIR) Sequence on a 1.5 Tesla

Our objective is to allow positive MRI diagnosis of vestibular neuritis by highlighting contrast enhancement of the vestibular nerve on the pathological side of the FLAIR sequence acquired 1h after intravenous gadolinium injection in patients with typical vestibular neuritis. At present, the diagnosis is based on a combination clinical examination / video-head impulse test, and no imaging examination allows the diagnosis to be positive.

Flexible Intubation Scope With or Without Video Laryngoscope in Supporting Endotracheal Tube Placement in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer Before Surgery

This trial studies how well flexible intubation scope with or without video laryngoscope works in supporting endotracheal tube placement in patients with head and neck cancer before surgery. Flexible intubation scope and video laryngoscope are devices that have a small camera to help the doctor see the patient's airway on a screen. Both devices may help the doctor who gives anesthesia prevent complications from placing the breathing tube (such as pain or mouth injury).

Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse-Imaging in Comparison to Transient Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Staging in HCV

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI)- Imaging compared to Transient Elastography (FibroScan) in differentiating liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Patients who are scheduled to have a liver biopsy will also undergo ARFI and FibroScan testing. The liver biopsy will be used as the reference method. The target sample size is 433.

A Theory Based HIV Prevention Video For Rapid HIV Testing: A Randomized Trial

OraQuick is a safe, rapid test that accurately identifies HIV in as little as 20 minutes. By providing an accurate, quick method for detecting a person’s serostatus and access to immediate post-test counseling, rapid testing has a crucial role in identifying HIV status and improving post-test counseling rates in populations who are at high risk of HIV infection and high failure to return rates. This prospective randomized control trial compared the educational effectiveness o...

Prospective Assessment of Peripheral-vestibular Function After Skull Base Surgery

Due to its localization in the cerebello-pontine angle, the vestibulo-cochlear nerve is at risk to damage during surgery performed nearby. In most cases, peripheral-cochleovestibular hypofunction recovers over the following weeks as the mechanism of damage is rather demyelination than axonal damage. The rate, intensity and extent of recovery of such perioperative peripheral-vestibular damage is not known.

Do the Head-elevated Position and the Use of a Videolaryngoscope Facilitate Orotracheal Intubation in a Patient Population Without Predictable Difficulty of Intubation

The main hypothesis of this study is that there is a synergy between the use of the HELP position and the use of a McGrath® Mac videolaryngoscope to facilitate tracheal intubation during anesthesia. The HELP position is the patient positioning on the AirPal RAMP, the two cushions inflated, bringing the external auditory canal to the same level as the sus-sternal notch.

Facilitating HIV/AIDS and HIV Testing Literacy for Emergency Department Patients

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all patients should receive information about HIV/AIDS and HIV testing orally or in writing at every HIV testing encounter. However, for busy emergency departments (EDs), delivering information orally is a barrier to HIV testing, and written brochures likely are not useful for those with lower health or general literacy. Videos might be as or more efficacious than orally-delivered information in improving HIV/...

A Video-Based HCV Curriculum for Active Injection Drug Users

The investigators hypothesize that a well-designed hepatitis C (HCV) video education curriculum for active drug injectors will lead to measurable improvements in HCV testing rates, HAV and HBV vaccination rates, as well as knowledge and attitudes about this condition. The investigators will use a short 10 minute video designed for active drug users to and assess its impact vs. a usual-care counseling intervention. The investigators will measure and compare its impact at baseli...

The Application of Impulse Oscillometry on the Diagnosis of ACOS,Asthma and COPD.

To Assess the Utility of Impulse Oscillometry on a Differential Diagnosis among the Patients with ACOS,asthma and COPD over Age 40.

Video-based Counseling & Rapid HIV Testing for Teens

This study evaluated the educational effectiveness of a youth-friendly pre-test video (derived from a previous qualitative study) and compared it with in-person HIV pre-test counseling. A convenience sample of 200 medically stable individuals between the ages of 15 and 21 presenting to an urban ED were recruited to participate in this study and randomized into 2 groups. Individuals were eligible if they were English-speaking, sexually active and able to consent. All participant...

Effects of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation in Impulse Control Disorders

The goal of this project is to study the effect of noninvasive brain stimulation on decision-making and on brain activity in impulse control disorders.

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