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Cost-effectiveness Analysis on Remote Monitoring for CIEDs in Japan by Using Systematic Review Methodology

2018 Revision of Health Reimbursement in Japan recognized non face-to-face diagnostics, such as Online Treatment, as the standard of care. There was a significantly additional cost for Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) Management Fee as well. The adaption of Remote Monitoring for CIEDs patients is recommended by the societies based on the clinical evidences. However, how QALYs earned by CIEDs Remote Monitoring are justified in Japanese reimbursement environm...

Care for Late Stage Parkinsonism

The aim of this project is to evaluate the needs and provision of care for patients in the late stages of Parkinsonism and their carers in several European countries, to compare the effectiveness of different health and social care systems, and to lay the foundation for improved outcomes in this population. The investigators will undertake an in-depth assessment of patients and their care arrangements in a population recruited through networks in six European countries. The sys...

A Study to Evaluate Combining Metformin With Muraglitazar or Pioglitazone in Type 2 Diabetics

The purpose of this study is to evaluate if type 2 diabetics who have inadequate glycemic control on metformin alone, have a similar, or not inferior, glycemic response when treated with the combination of muraglitazar and metformin compared to pioglitazone and metformin.

Study Comparing Muraglitazar With Glimepiride in Type 2 Diabetics Who Are Not Controlled With Metformin Alone

The purpose of this clinical research study is to learn whether a muraglitazar-metformin combination is at least as effective as a glimepiride-metformin combination to treat type 2 diabetics who are not sufficiently controlled with metformin alone. The safety of this treatment will also be studied.


Failure Rate of GLyburide And Metformin Among Gestational Diabetics

A pragmatic, comparative effectiveness trial of glyburide versus metformin.

Testing New Formats for the Presentation of Research Evidence to Health Care Managers and Policy Makers

Despite advances in the conduct and reporting of traditional systematic reviews, current evidence suggests that they are used infrequently by health care managers and policy makers in decision making. Managers and policy makers have suggested that concise presentation positively affects the use of systematic reviews. The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to assess the impact of a traditional systematic review format compared with the innovative format on the abilit...

Using a Systematic Review in Clinical Decision Making: a Pilot Parallel, Randomized Controlled Trial

The purpose of this pilot study is to determine the feasibility of running a full-scale trial that compares two formats of a shortened systematic review to a full-length systematic review to be used in clinical decision-making.

Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar and Metformin Combination vs Metformin Alone in Type 2 Diabetics

`This study aims to compare the effect of Metformin alone vs Metformin plus Apple Cider Vinegar in newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Commonly Used Medicines On Neonatal Units in the UK

This retrospective analysis of drug utilisation data aims to study the patterns of use of medicines in neonatal units in the UK from 2010 to 2017. Prescribing drugs in neonates can be complex and the application of pharmacotherapy principles can be challenging due to the lack of licenced formulations and limited evidence-base for indications, dosing and/or adverse events. A systematic review of drug utilisation pattern in neonatal units in different health care settings identif...

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Cereal or Grain Consumption and Gastric Cancer

This project involved a systematic literature review of published trials of cereal or grain in relation to the risk of gastric cancer. Data was extracted from the publications on PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane Library.A traditional meta-analysis, subgroup analysis, and heterogeneity was conducted on the extracted data.

A Comparison of Cost - Effectiveness of Stimulated ICSI and IVM Strategy in PCOS Women

In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) patients, both in vitro maturation (IVM) and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) are indicated as optional treatments. Although recently ICSI techniques have been reported as more successful the IVM in achieving pregnancy, they have also become much more expensive for the couples involved. Whilst most high-income countries offer Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures fully or partially paid by the government, the patients in l...

Development and Pilot-Testing of a Patient Self Management Approach for Hypertension Using Personal Electronic Health Records

The project includes a systematic review to inform refinement of intervention components and a pilot RCT to determine the uptake, feasibility, and potential value of a hypertension self-management strategy using personal health records. The review follows generally acceptable systematic review and/or meta-analytic techniques; with specific attention devoted towards accessing information and effectiveness data from unpublished studies or reports within grey literature and conta...

Fenofibrate and Metformin Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetics Study

Double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study in type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemic patients.Patients will be randomized to one of four treatment arms for 16 weeks: placebo, fenofibrate, metformin, or metformin and fenofibrate combination.

Metformin With Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation to Improve Pathologic Responses in Rectal Cancer

This internal pilot will be the first prospective study to assess the feasibility and efficacy of adding metformin in non‐diabetic rectal patients who undergo standard of care neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy (CRT). The translational aim of the study will inform on predictive factors (such as p53) and mechanism of action (hypoxia, proliferation). Metformin has been used for decades in patients with type 2 diabetes and has an extremely safe toxicity profile. With current int...

Trial for Tobacco Cessation With Intensive Advice in Diabetic Patients: the ITADI Project

This study addresses an important problem in public health, smoking in diabetics. The morbidity and mortality observed in diabetics is linked to macro and microvascular problems. The consumption of tobacco has a multiplying effect on these vascular problems in diabetics. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of an intensive intervention in tobacco addiction in diabetic patients in primary care.

Effect of Systematic Medication Review in Elderly Patients Admitted to an Orthopedic Department

Elderly patients have a higher risk of experiencing adverse drug events due to an age related increase in morbidity and medication use. Inappropriate or wrong medication use among elderly patients acutely admitted to hospitals is assumed to result in earlier contact to general practitioner, emergency departments and re-admissions if not corrected during hospital admission. It is therefore our hypothesis that a systematic medication review conducted by pharmacists and physicians...

Safety and Efficacy of INCB013739 Plus Metformin Compared to Metformin Alone on Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetics

Determine the effect of treatment with INCB013739 administered as an 'add-on' to metformin therapy in type 2 diabetic subjects on safety and tolerability and glycemic control.

Study to Assess the Dietary Carbohydrate Content of Indian Diabetics With Special Therapeutic View on Effectiveness of Acarbose and Metformin Monotherapy

The study is designed as non interventional to collect data on the effectiveness of acarbose and metformin monotherapy, respectively, in terms of change from baseline in post prandial blood glucose level at the end of 16 weeks in drug-naïve type 2 diabetic patients within each carbohydrates consumption subgroup under real-life treatment condition in large sample of type-2 diabetes patients in India. The study will begin after the study approval by ethics committee.All drug na...

Home-Based Intervention to the Diabetics

Why is the research needed? - This study reflects the complexity of the process that patients with diabetes are experiencing when staying at home away from the supervision of health professionals. In this context, there is a gap in the literature on home care of diabetes. - The barriers, facilitators and the other perceptions that affect each diabetic's compliance with the disease-related recommendation are different. Nurses need to be aware of...

Malnutrition in Older Adults: An Intervention Based on Medication Review and Individual Nutritional Plan

The project "Nutrition and Medication management in home-dwelling older adults" consist of two separate studies witch are described in the same study protocol. This is the second study in this Project. The first study (cross sectional) is described separately; Identification: 2017/12883-1 Undernutrition is common in older adults. The causes are many and include drug therapy. Drug side effects, as loss of appetite, nausea, or dry mouth, may contribute to malnutrition, imp...

Development and Dissemination of Oral Health Risk Assessment and Referral Guidelines

Purpose: 1. Revise the existing oral health risk assessment tool (known as the Encounter Form in the IRB-approved project DENT-1527) and develop accompanying guidelines for its use and distribution. 2. Evaluate the education intervention to accompany the distribution of the new risk assessment tool - the Priority Oral Health Risk Assessment and Referral Tool - PORRT and guidelines. 3. Evaluate the extent to which the education interventi...

Cost-Effectiveness Study of Symbicort as Maintenance and Reliever Therapy (SMART)

This study is an economic evaluation of Symbicort (Budesonide/formoterol) as maintenance and reliever therapy (SMART) versus its competitive alternatives. The aims of this study are: - To estimate the relative effectiveness of each one of the alternatives in the management of patients with moderate to severe asthma through a systematic review for the following outcomes: - Cumulative incidence of asthma severe exacerbations symptoms -...

Review of Charts From Amish/Mennonite Variant PA Patients

The natural history of patients with PA-AMV has not been systematically studied before and there is no published data in the literature about this condition since 1980. There is no evidence-based approach to care of these patients, particularly the younger patients who may no come to medical attention until significant cardiac problems develop. Through systematic review of existing medical records on essentially all known patient with this condition, investigators plan to devel...

Promoting Physical Activity Among Older Women Living in Socio-economically Disadvantaged Areas

The aim of the project is pilot an intervention to promote physical activity (PA) among older women. Participants will be women aged ≥50 years attending an identified community centre situated in a socioeconomically deprived area of Belfast. The intervention consists of education, social support and information on local opportunities for physical activity (PA), based on Social Practice Theory. A stepped wedge design shall be used. The intervention was developed using f...

RAPP- Systematic E-assessment of Postoperative Recovery in Patients Undergoing Day Surgery

Introduction Day surgery is a well-established practice in many European countries, but only limited information is available regarding postoperative recovery at home though there is a current lack of a standard procedure regarding postoperative follow-up. Furthermore, there is also a need for improvement of modern technology in assessing patient related outcomes such as native software applications. This article describes the RAPP study protocol, a mixed-methods study to eva...

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