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Lifestyle Medicine for Depression

This study will examine the feasibility and efficacy of lifestyle medicine for the management of depression in Chinese adult population. The main components of lifestyle intervention typically include physical activity, diet, relaxation/mindfulness, and sleep. While lifestyle medicine has been recognized for centuries as a means to improve physical health, the field of lifestyle medicine in the context of mental health is still in its infancy. In the existing literature, there ...

Acute Aerobic Exercise and Neuroplasticity in Depression

Depression is associated with a disruption in the mechanisms that regulate neuroplasticity. Effective treatment and rehabilitation of depression, and other neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, relies on neuroplasticity. Thus, identifying therapies that enhance neuroplasticity (neuroplastic adaptation) are vital in the comprehensive treatment of depression. Aerobic exercise training has been demonstrated to have antidepressant properties and single bouts of aerobic exerc...

Effectiveness of Exercise in the Treatment of Depression

The main objective is to test the non-inferiority of supervised exercise versus antidepressant treatment in reducing depressive symptoms in patients with clinical criteria for depression (according to ICD 10) over a period of 6 months follow-up.

The Effect of Exercise on Preventing PostPartum Depression

The purpose of this study is to examine the feasibility and efficacy of an exercise intervention for the prevention of postpartum depression. If efficacious, our intervention could be disseminated in "real world settings" in an effort to prevent postpartum depression.

Exercise to Treat Depression in Individuals With Coronary Heart Disease

Some individuals with coronary heart disease (CHD) suffer from depression and use antidepressant medications to reduce symptoms. However, preliminary research has shown that exercise may be a more effective way to treat depression in these individuals. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of exercise in reducing depression and improving heart function in individuals with CHD.

The Effect of Exercise on Depressive Symptoms in Unmedicated Patients

This trial investigates the biological effect of exercise training on depression. Participants will randomly be allocated to either a aerobic exercise group performing exercise on stationary bikes or a group performing low-impact exercise such as stretching exercises. Both groups will attend sessions three times per week for 3 months. Before and after the intervention the investigators will measure the severity of depression using the Hamilton depression rating scale (HAM-D17).

Effect of Exercise on Perinatal Depression

Fifteen percent of women experience depression during pregnancy or postpartum (i.e., perinatal depression). Furthermore, 38% of low income women experience postpartum depression. Given few women with perinatal depression seek treatment, there is a need for innovative, low cost interventions that can be integrated within existing community-based programs serving women in need (e.g., low income women). The primary aim of this study is to examine the efficacy of a novel exercise i...

Trial Investigating the Effect of Different Exercise Forms on Depression

During one year, 5-8% of the population will suffer from major depression. Some of the key symptoms are loss of interest in daily activities, loss of energy and sleeping disturbances. The financial consequences of this disease is estimated to be more than 30 million pounds per year in Great Britain and USA alone. There is an increasing interest in the effect exercise has on depression. Smaller studies indicate that exercise is a good treatment for depression. This study will be...

Biological Triggers of Depression in Pregnancy

The goal of the study is to define and measure biological processes that contribute to the underlying pathophysiologic process of peri-partum depression to be used for identifying those at risk for developing it. This knowledge may also generate novel drug targets for peripartum depression that may be applicable to other types of depression.

The Acute Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Sleep in Patients With Depression

The aim of this trial is to investigate the effects of a single bout of aerobic exercise on sleep in patients with depression.

Advanced MRI in Major Depression

Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder. - 3-5% of a given population has major depression. - Less than 50% of the depressed in Denmark are diagnosed with major depression. - 25-50% of the depressed have a relative with major depression-underlying brain pathology? The purpose of this study is to use MRI to evaluate cerebral morphology and function in ambulant patients with major depression

Multimodal Exercise Program on Parkinson's Disease Patients With Depression

Depression symptoms are common in Parkinson's Disease, it affects health-related quality of life. The evidence showed that exercise improved depression and HRQOL in PD patients. However, studies rarely considered the appropriate exercise program for PD patients, we want to find the best exercise program for PD patients.

Depression Outcomes Study of Exercise

This pilot study may yield important research findings on how to adapt exercise treatment for depression among adolescents. Potential public health benefits from this study include a reduction of adolescent depression and problems associated with untreated depression in young adults including suicide, substance abuse, cigarette smoking, teen pregnancy, impaired psychosocial functioning and school failure. In addition, because this study prescribes physical activity as a treatme...

Predictors of Depression Treatment Response to Exercise

50 subjects with Major Depressive Disorder who are not currently receiving treatment will be enrolled in a 12-week exercise program, supervised by a trained exercise interventionist.

Low-dose Ketamine and Postpartum Depression in Parturients With Prenatal Depression

Postpartum depression is common in mothers early after childbirth and produces harmful effects not only on mothers, but also on infants and young children. Parturietns with prenatal depression are at increased of postpartum depression. Low-dose ketamine can be used for antidepressant therapy. We hypothesize that low-dose ketamine has a therapeutic effect on parturients with prenatal depression. This study is designed to investigate wheather low-dose ketamine administered during...

Sleep and Healthy Aging Research for Depression (SHARE-D) Study

Late-life depression is a significant public health concern, and effective interventions for prevention and treatment are needed. Insomnia and inflammation are modifiable targets for depression prevention, and this study is significant in using an experimental approach (i.e., inflammatory challenge) to probe acute inflammatory- and depression responses as a function of insomnia, which will inform identification of molecular targets for pharmacologic interventions, and improveme...

The Clinical Research on the Relationship Between Depression and Gut Microbiota in TBI Patients

Microbiome studies may be highlighted as crucial in the development of depression for TBI patients. The microbiota-gut-brain connection may further provide an opportunity for microbiota manipulation to treat the TBI patients with depression.This study is to investigate whether exist the relationship between depression and circadian rhythm of patients with TBI or not and focus the study on the potential of the host-microbiota interaction in regulating depression.

Physiological and Cognitive Biomarkers for Ketamine's Antidepressant Effects

Anxious depression is a particularly difficult-to-treat subtype of depression. Patients with anxious depression do not respond as well to currently available antidepressant medications. Nevertheless, in previous studies, low dose IV ketamine, which rapidly decreases symptoms of depression within hours in many patients with "treatment-resistant" depression, has been associated with superior efficacy in those individuals with anxious compared with non-anxious depression. In order...

Mechanisms of Anxiety and Depression Study

Eligible participants will come in for three separate visits in which they will be interviewed, perform a variety of tasks, and undergo a non-invasive MRI scan. The investigators anticipate that (1) participants with anxiety and depression will likely perform differently than the healthy controls on cognitive tasks, (2) participants with anxiety and depression will likely show differences in brain functionality compared to the healthy controls, and (3) depression and anxiety li...

Study of Home-Based Exercise to Alleviate Postpartum Depression

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an aerobic home-based exercise program for the treatment of postpartum depression.

Exercise and Wellbeing: The Effect of Group Exercise on Mental Wellbeing Among Pregnant Women

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of supervised group exercise on mental wellbeing and signs of depression among pregnant women at risk of perinatal depression in a randomized controlled clinical trial. The investigators hypothesis is that 70 minutes of supervised group exercise twice a week for 12 weeks by pregnant women at risk of perinatal depression, will improve the participants mental wellbeing and reduce their symptoms of depression.

Diagnosis of Depression Among Adolescents

The objective of the study is to improve general practitioners' diagnoses of adolescent depression. Major depression is ranked fourth in the worldwide disability impact. The proportion of adolescents suffering from depressive disorders also seems to be increasing worldwide. Early interventions are known to reduce this illness. Therefore, the earlier depression can be identified in adolescents, the greater the advantage.

Mifepristone in Refractory Depression

The purpose of the study is to examine the effectiveness of mifepristone treatment in patients with refractory depression. Refractory depression is defined as clinical depression that is unimproved after treatment with at least 2 different antidepressants of adequate dose and time trial. Mifepristone will augment current medications.

Exercise for Depression

A randomized single-blinded prospective study to evaluate the efficacy of an individualized supervised 8-week exercise program in subjects with moderate to severe depressive episodes compared to treatment-as-usual

Evaluation of Depression Symptoms and Brain Activity Associated With Response to Treatment of Depression

This study will use measurements of depression symptoms and brain activity to determine what factors may influence an individual's response to treatment for depression.

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