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Use of TDF in Patients With Inactive Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

Recent evidence suggests that patients with inactive chronic hepatitis B (CHB) may develop the same types of liver complications that patients in the active state of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection experience. Treatment guidelines for patients in the active state of HBV infection indicate that HBsAg clearance is associated with definitive remission of the activity of chronic HBV & improved long-term outcome. Clinical data showed that HBsAg clearance is achievable, in a small ...

Appetite and Adiposity Across a Continuum of Activity

The purpose of this study is to understand what happens when someone either becomes more active or more inactive. This study will measure your energy intake, energy expenditure, and body composition under normal conditions, when you become active, and when you become inactive.

Switch Timely to Oral Medication

The goal of this study compare the effectiveness of an electronic note versus a telephone call to alert the prescriber of a possible IV to oral switch. Secondary endpoints are the time-to-switch and the economic impact of earlier IV to oral switch.

TF, TFPI and Plasmin as Novel Bio-markers in Early Diagnosis of Lupus Nephritis

Urinary levels of plasmin ,TF , and TFPI are all elevated in active LN patients compared to inactive LN patients and healthy controls. All four proteins correlated with systemic disease activity and renal disease activity. Importantly, urine plasmin performed best among the four proteins in discriminating active LN from inactive disease, even better than traditional markers, such as anti ds DNA and complement C3. Furthermore, the combination of urine plasmin and TFPI showed hig...

Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Inactive Takayasu Arteritis

Currently, the traditional disease activity of Takayasu arteritis is mainly based on National Institutes of Health criteria and the inactive cases don't need anti-inflammatory treatment. However, pathologic findings showed that there was still inflammatory activity in the affected vessels, and the follow-up data also found significant lesion progression in some inactive cases. Sixty inactive Takayasu arteritis patients will be recruited to determine whether these individuals ar...

Evaluation of Sleep Pattern and Mood Profile in Hypertensive Patients

Introduction: Sleep disturbances may contribute to impairments in mood, occupational and intellectual performance, and social relationships, as well as being associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as arterial hypertension. Sedentary lifestyle has often been associated with poor sleep quality and hypertension; regular exercise has been studied as a coadjuvant therapy for hypertension and/or for some sleep disorders. Objective: To compare sleep pattern of active and inacti...

Investigation on a Dynamic Cohort of Italian Patients With Active ITP

The objective of the study is to produce a dynamic picture of the adult ITP natural history and management in Italy by collecting standardized information retrospective and prospective data of patients in active management through a nation-wide registry.

Severe Alcohol-use Disorder: a tDCS and Response Inhibition Training Intervention

Most severe forms of alcohol-use disorder are thought to reflect an abnormal interplay between two neural systems: an overly active impulsive one driven by immediate rewards prospects and a weak reflective one, tuned on long-term prospects. The investigators propose that two non-pharmacological interventions, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Inhibitory Control Techniques (ICT) may act on both systems when combined, which might ultimately result is a reduction ...

Eccentric Training Versus Active Release Technique On Quadriceps In Patients With Dynamic Hip Screw

This study will compare the effects of Eccentric training and Strength training with priory applied Active Release Technique on Quadriceps muscle in post operative patients of Dynamic Hip screw. Participants would be equally divided into two groups each receiving specific type of protocol besides standard post operative protocol of Dynamic Hip screw

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Mild Cognitive Impairment

The goal of this study is to test the efficacy of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a treatment for Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Participants will be randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: Group 1: Active Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (DLPFC) rTMS; Group 2: Active Lateral Parietal Cortex (LPC) rTMS; and Group 3: Inactive rTMS (Placebo) control (evenly split between each coil location). Each participant will participate in the study for app...

Effectiveness of Multimodal Imaging for the Evaluation of Retinal Oedema And New vesseLs in Diabetic Retinopathy

Given the high number of people with DMO and PDR, the need for patients to be seen at short follow-up intervals, the need for frequent treatments and the requirement for long-term follow-up, there is a very large workload in Hospital Eye Services related to DMO/PDR which is making it difficult for the NHS to cope with the demand, in particular, due to shortage of ophthalmologists. This is only expected to get worse given the increasing prevalence of DM. Identifying new ways of ...

A Spinal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imagine (fMRI) Study of Resting-State, Motor Task and Acupoint Stimulation

The spinal cord is a very important part of the central nervous system. fMRI can be applied to observe functional status of the human spinal cord. Under different conditions, the investigators will see different types of fMRI signals within the spinal cord. In resting state, the investigators might see active/inactive signals, too.

Effects of Active Video Games in Physically Inactive Children

Inactivity was reported to be high in children and considered to be the fourth common cause of death in all ages. The reason for children is usually the increasing indoor use of sedentary screen time. Active Video Games (AVG) have recently been introduced for decreasing the sedentary time for children and directing them to physical activity (PA) at home.The aim of this study is to show the quantitative effect of games on physical fitness parameters like weight, body mass index ...

Characterization of Bile Acid Pathway in Obesity

It is unknown whether the bile acid pathway is altered in obesity. This study is designed to compare obesity and health to determine if the bile acid pathway differs depending on health state.

Prompt Human Coronary Collateral Vasomotor Function Induced by Dynamic Physical Exercise

The purpose of this study in humans with stable coronary artery disease (CAD) treatable by PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) is to evaluate if dynamic physical exercise leads to an instantaneous improvement of coronary collateral function.

Healthy Futures Project: A Community Based Obesity Prevention Program

The purpose of this research is to increase community awareness about the relationship between physical activity, screen time, and nutrition and how these factors influence healthy weight management. The problem of obesity is at epidemic proportions and has become the most important public health problem confronting the United States today. Of greatest concern is the 300% increase in obesity rates among children and youth over the past twenty years. Childhood obesity is ...

A Web-enabled Integrated Care Pathway (ICP) for Addressing Multiple Modifiable Risk Factors as a Part of Smoking Cessation Treatment in Primary Care Settings.

Compared to non-smokers, smokers are significantly more likely to also engage in other chronic disease-related risk behaviours; which can be a barrier to quitting successfully. Therefore a holistic approach is needed for smoking cessation treatment. The Smoking Treatment for Ontario Patients (STOP) program currently offers an online integrated care pathway (ICP) for addressing alcohol and mood as a part of smoking cessation treatment. Evidence also shows that smokers are also m...

Standard Duodenal Switch vs. Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileostomy Duodenal Switch

The aim of the Torsby I Trial is to identify differences and similarities between a standard duodenal switch (DS) and a single-anastomosis duodeno-ileostomy (SADI) regarding effect on weight, comorbidities and malnutrition.

Switch From Nevirapine-based Regimen to Once a Day Rilpivirine/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir

The study will be an open-label, pilot study in virologically suppressed patients comparing the efficacy, safety and tolerability of two Antiretroviral regimen strategies: Arm A: "Immediate switch" Rilpivirine/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir (single tablet formulation (STF))at randomization Arm B: "Delayed switch" Continue Nevirapine/Lamivudine/other Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI)through 24 weeks then switch to STF of Rilpivirine/emtrictabine/tenofovir and fo...

Effect of Salicylate on Glucose Metabolism in Insulin Resistance States

We believe that diet induced obesity leads to activation of the IKK/NF-kB inflamatory pathway and that chronic inflammation leads to insulin resistance and diabetes. In rodents, salicylates inhibit IKK/NF-kB and may improve insulin sensitivity. We will study if this is true in people.

Personalized Automated Determination of Insulin Pump Setting for Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes Switching From MDI to Pump Therapy and Vice Versa- Safety and Efficacy Feasibility Study

The "MD-Logic Switch Advisor" is a software product that is designed to assist in insulin dosage decision making and has two components: A. MD-Logic Switch Advisor for initiation of pump therapy - this product is designed to assist physicians in decision making when initiating insulin pump therapy. B. MD-Logic Switch Advisor for patients who use insulin pump therapy and need to switch to MDI (Multiple Daily Injections). This feasibility study will be divided to two par...

Changes in Biomarkers of Cigarette Smoke Exposure After Switching Either Exclusively or Partly to JUUL ENDS

A Randomized, Open Label, Parallel Group Study in Adult Smokers to Evaluate Changes in Biomarkers of Cigarette Smoke Exposure After Switching Either Exclusively or Partly to using JUUL Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems With Two Different Nicotine Concentrations

Dynamic Laryngotracheal Separation for Aspiration

People who aspirate after neurologic insults such as stroke often develop fatal pneumonia. This study examines the effects of dynamic vocal cord closure on swallowing. Implants placed over the chest wall are connected to electrodes placed around the nerve that closes the vocal cords. The patient triggers closure by flipping the switch of a coil taped over the skin covering the internal stimulator. Vocal cord motion is verified by videotaping through an endoscope, and the status...

Switch From Combivir to Truvada - Mitochondrial Effects

Study subjects receiving the antiretroviral (anti-HIV) Combivir will be randomized to switch to Truvada-containing HAART or continue on Combivir. Measurements before and after 6 months will include maximal oxygen consumption and exercise tolerance, lactate production and clearance, subcutaneous adipose tissue and limb fat contents, insulin resistance, liver and muscle fat contents, and plasma free fatty acid concentrations. The hypothesis underlying this study is that chronic t...

To Assess the Glycosphingolipid Clearance and Clinical Benefits of Agalsidase Beta in Male Patients With Classic Fabry Disease Switching From Agalsidase Alfa

Primary Objective: To assess reduction of plasma lyso-GL3 level after switch to agalsidase beta from agalsidase alfa Secondary Objectives: - To assess reduction of kidney podocyte GL3 content after switch to agalsidase beta from agalsidase alfa - To assess reduction of GL3 content in endothelial skin cells after switch to agalsidase beta from agalsidase alfa - To assess change in renal function after switch to agalsidase beta from agals...

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