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Improving STEM Outcomes for Young Children With Language Learning Disabilities

The sophisticated language of science can be a barrier to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning, especially for children who have specific language impairment (SLI). The purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to test vocabulary and grammar interventions embedded in a small-group inquiry-based science instruction for their potential to ameliorate language deficits that impede science learning. Participants will be 54 kindergartners with SLI. Proximal...

Next Science Antimicrobial Mouth Rinse Study

To assess the effect of a test antimicrobial oral rinse from Next Science on the prevention of oral biofilm formation and thereby preventing gingivitis by monitoring the oral microbial flora and measuring gingival inflammation and bleeding.

Assessment of the Improvement of Wound Healing Rate and Wound Bioburden With the Combination of Next Science Wound Gel and Wash

This is a 12-week, single-site, open-label prospective study in adult with a chronic wound diagnosis. Subjects will be randomized in equal numbers to either the control treatment arm, antimicrobial control treatment arm, or Next Science treatment arm and will receive this treatment until the wound is completely healed or they are exited from the study. Subjects will have a weekly in-office debridement visit for up to 12 weeks.

Six Months Evaluation of Next Science Acne Creams on Facial Acne in Adult Females.

To assess facial acne vulgaris clinical and psychological outcomes by measuring differences in lesions counts, investigator global assessment, and subjects quality of life scores over 6 months in adult females treated with Next Science™ acne cream 2x or Next Science™ acne cream 1x in a double blind manner.

Using Focus Groups to Assess the Impact of Environmental Health Science Programs for K-12 Educational Community

The MIDAS Project (Models of Implementation and Dissemination of Environmental Health and Science Across Subjects) Assessment Objectives: - Determine whether students are aware of the MIDAS Project. - Identify strengths and weaknesses of MIDAS Project components including: integrated environmental health and science (EHS) curricula, field experiences, seminars and student projects. - Assess career interests and intended courses of study at the colle...

Transforming Robot-mediated Telerehabilitation: Citizen Science for Rehabilitation

The purpose of this study is to advance upper limb RMTR for patients recovering from stroke by empowering them through active science participation. By varying the tasks' features and affordances of a platform that combines a low-cost haptic device on one hand, and an online citizen science platform on the other, investigators will evaluate different strategies for social telerehabilitation. the two fundamental modes of social interaction — competition and cooperation — in ...

D2D Normative Data for Cognitive Assessments: Phase 1

This is a remote observational study in which participants will complete cognitive assessments developed by Posit Science. Participants will be healthy controls aged 18-65 with reliable internet access and a device that they can use to access the assessments, such as a laptop or iPad. Participants will complete up to 6 Posit Science assessments in different domains of cognition, which should last approximately 30 minutes.

Behavioral Science and Hepatitis C Screening Outreach

This project aims to evaluate different approaches to increase Hepatitis C screening among primary care patients at Penn Medicine through a centralized screening outreach program. In a pragmatic trial, we will evaluate different approaches to increase completion of screening among eligible patients, including changing the default from opt-in to opt-out and incorporating behavioral science principles into the outreach communication.

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Safer Care for Older People in (Residential) Environments

The overall aim of the program is to advance knowledge translation science in order to improve clinical and staff related outcomes in long term care facilities (nursing homes) in western Canada. SCOPE will assess the effect of Care Aide led Quality Improvement efforts on staff quality of work life as well as resident quality of care. A key element of SCOPE is a leadership development stream which introduces complexity science and education on quality improvement which aims to s...

The Physical Fitness Cohort Study in the Community-dwelling Elderly in the WanHwa Area

This cohort study will establish the urban elderly cohort, measure both physical and functional parameters, find the risk factors for aging, and validate the role of strength training for those sarcopenic patients. We hope this study will be widely cited in related fields in the future.

Treatment Decision Intervention for Veterans With Prostate Cancer

Newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer patients face difficult decisions about treatment and management; including radiation therapy, radical prostatectomy, brachytherapy, and observation. Previous studies have cited patient preference and physician recommendation for treatment as major roles in treatment decisions.

Citizen Science to Promote Sustained Physical Activity in Low-Income Communities

While low-income midlife and older adults are disproportionately affected by chronic diseases that can be alleviated by regular physical activity, few physical activity programs have been developed specifically with their needs in mind. Those programs that are available typically do not address the recognized local environmental factors that can impact physical activity. This research aims to evaluate the added effects on two-year physical activity levels of a novel citizen sci...

Teaching Parents Reiki for Their Adolescents Receiving Palliative Care

The proposed study addresses National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) priorities of advancing symptom science to "develop [and] test … novel, scalable symptom management interventions, including complementary health approaches (CHAs), in real-world clinical settings to improve health outcomes and quality of life" and the science of compassion to improve palliative and end-of-life care through "developing, testing, and implementing personalized, culturally congruent, and ...

A Prospective Evaluation of the Catheter Science C3 "Umbrella Catheter."

The Catheter Science C3 "Umbrella Catheter" has been developed for management of urinary retention in patients who are either using a Foley or Self Intermittent Catheter. This device is inserted into the bladder in an extended state and once the stylet is removed the device folds into collapsed state. A thread is attached to the device and traverses thru the urethra and is attached to a bobber. With gentle traction on the thread the device engages the bladder neck and the centr...

A Prospective Evaluation of the Catheter Science M3 "Mini Catheter" for Patients With Prostatic

The Catheter Science M3 "Mini Catheter" has been developed for management of urinary retention. This temporary device allows for normal functioning of the external striated sphincter. The design contributes to its atraumatic insertion and removal. It is a short catheter segment which is attached to a monofilament suture which runs thru the lumen of the urethra and is attached to a small plastic "bobber". This study is designed to validate the reduction in these adverse effects:...

The Effectiveness of Cancer Pain Management in Siriraj Outpatient Pain Clinic

-Background: Cancer is one of the most common cause of death. Cancer pain is often cited as one of the most feared in cancer patients. Although, WHO guidelines have been provided to improve pain outcome, the results are still unsatisfied. In order to improve cancer pain management we consider to contribute a new guideline which includes interdisciplinary approach, early doing the pain interventions, breakthrough pain, education, high quality of pain assessment and contribute th...

Cognitive-Existential Group Therapy to Reduce Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A RCT Study

Studies show that cancer survivors have unmet needs, the most frequently cited being fear of recurrence (FCR). Moderate to high levels of FCR have been reported by as much as 49% of cancer patients and are more prevalent among women. FCR is associated with psychological distress, lower quality of life, and increased health care utilization. Little evidence exists that these problems are being addressed by current medical management.

Modifying Diet to Improve Gut Microbiome

The investigators will conduct a 2-arm randomized controlled pilot, feasibility feeding study in which 28 participants will be randomized to receive either a calorie-restricted Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet or a calorie-restricted standard American diet provided by the study for 4 weeks. Participants will be non-Hispanic black or white, generally healthy females (14 black, 14 white). The investigators will collect fecal samples at multiple time points befo...

Bedside Ultrasound of Gastric Contents in Pediatric Populations

Perioperative aspiration of gastric contents is a rare but serious adverse event. The risk of aspiration can be estimated by perioperative evaluation of stomach contents with ultrasound using a validated technique and scoring system. A lack of knowledge or familiarity is frequently cited by anesthesia providers as a rationale for not performing perioperative ultrasound assessments. The purpose of this study is to determine whether novice ultrasonography users (medical students ...

Effectiveness of Naltrexone and Lofexidine in Treating Detoxified Heroin Addicts - 1

Stress is one of the more common reasons cited by addicts for continual drug use and relapse. Treatment approaches that target both drug-induced and stress-induced relapse may prove to be more beneficial than targeting drug-induced relapse alone. Lofexidine is a drug that reduces the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal and may prove to have stress-reducing capabilites in drug addicts. The purpose of this study is to determine the maximal safe dose of lofexidine tolerated ...

OPALS Cardiac Arrest Database (OCAD)

To provide the infrastructure to answer prehospital research questions posed by scientists at academic health science centers and policy makers at multiple levels of government.

The Effect of Night Eye Mask on Post-operative Pain in Cardiac Surgery Patients

Environmental factors such as noise and light have been cited as important causes of sleep deprivation in Intensive care unit (ICU) patients. Previous studies demonstrated a hyperalgesic alteration in pain perception following a controlled sleep deprivation protocol. Another studies indicated that using eye masks can improve REM sleep in healthy subjects in simulated ICU environment, and improve sleep quality in ICU patients. This study aimed to determine the effects of using e...

Cornell Translational Behavioral Science Research Consortium: Asthma Qualitative Study

To explore and illuminate the cultural, social, and psychological factors that either facilitate or serve as barriers to behavioral change in asthma patients.

Modeling Multi-level Dyadic Behavior to Transform the Science and Practice of Psychotherapy Process and Outcome.

This is a short-term longitudinal study of psychotherapy process. Participants will be treated with 8 sessions of psychotherapy over the course of 8 to 12 weeks.

Assessment of Urinary NGAL to Predict AKI in Children Receiving Multiple Nephrotoxic Medications

Nephrotoxic medication (NTMx) exposure is one of the most commonly cited causes of acute kidney injury (AKI) in hospitalized children, and is the primary cause of AKI in 16% of cases. Through initial work at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, NTMx exposure was found to be potentially modifiable and the associated AKI is an avoidable adverse safety event. Currently, only serum Creatinine monitoring is available to monitor for NTMx-associated AKI. The hypotheses of this NINJA ...

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