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Tofacitinib for the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) are inflammatory immune mediated conditions which can cause considerable disability and reduced quality of life. Management can be complex as clinical heterogeneity may lead to different treatment pathways. Tofacitinib is a novel, oral janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor with proven efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis. Areas covered: This review analyses recent studie...

Bathroom Entrapment Leading to Cardiac Arrest From Crush Syndrome.

Crush injuries have the potential to cause life-threatening systemic effects such as hyperkalemia, dysrhythmias, acute kidney injury, and renal failure. Systemic involvement is known as crush syndrome (CS) and results from tissue ischemia and muscle necrosis. This is a report of a 76-year-old female who developed a fatal dysrhythmia following release of her extremity from prolonged entrapment in b...

Differences in impact characteristics, joint kinetics and measurement reliability between forehand and backhand forward badminton lunges.

This study identified the effect of badminton lunging directions on impact characteristics, joint kinetics and measurement reliability. A total of 14 badminton players performed 20 lunges in both forehand and backhand sides. Ground reaction force (GRF) and three-dimensional joint moment variables were determined for further analyses. Paired t-tests and Wilcoxon signed-rank tests were performed to ...

Irritable bowel syndrome subtypes and characteristics in children from Panama, Ecuador,El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Few pediatric studies classify the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) subtypes.

Association of high titers of anti-carbamylated protein antibodies with decreased bone mineral density in early arthritis patients.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has a negative impact on bone that is partly mediated by anti-citrullinated proteins antibodies (ACPA). These antibodies are associated with erosions, and with juxta-articular and systemic bone loss. Other RA autoantibodies, the anti-carbamylated protein antibodies (anti-CarPA), are independently associated with erosions. However, we do not know if they are also associate...

Modified Temporomandibular Joint Disc Repositioning With Miniscrew Anchor: Part II-Stability Evaluation by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the stability of disc position and condylar status by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) after temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc repositioning surgery with a miniscrew anchor technique.

Antiphospholipid syndrome: An update on risk factors for pregnancy outcome.

The optimal treatment of women with primary antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is still debated. About 20-30% of women with APS remain unable to give birth to healthy neonates despite conventional treatment, consisting of prophylactic-dose heparin and low-dose aspirin. These cases are defined "refractory obstetric APS". The early identification of risk factors associated with poor pregnancy outcome c...

Acute skeletal muscle wasting and relation to physical function in patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

Muscle weakness is common in patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), but early identification is challenging. This study aimed to 1) quantify the change in quadriceps size and quality (echogenicity) from baseline to day 10 using ultrasound in patients requiring ECMO, 2) determine the relationship between ultrasound measures, muscle strength and highest mobility level.

Risk Factors on Hospital Arrival for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Following Pediatric Trauma.

To determine risk factors identifiable at hospital arrival associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome development among critically injured children.

Phenotypic Severity Scoring System and Categorization for Prune Belly Syndrome: Application to a Pilot Cohort of 50 Living Patients.

To design a novel system of scoring Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS) phenotypic severity at any presenting age and apply it to a large pilot cohort.

Biallelic deletions of the Waardenburg II syndrome gene, SOX10, cause a recognizable arthrogryposis syndrome.

Random mating in the general population tends to limit the occurrence of homozygous and compound heterozygous forms of dominant hereditary disorders. Certain phenotypes, the most recognized being skeletal dysplasias associated with short stature, lead to cultural interaction and assortative mating. To this well-known example, may be added deafness which brings together individuals with a variety o...

Acute respiratory distress revealing antisynthetase syndrome.

Antisynthetase syndrome is a clinical entity characterized by specific anti-aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase antibodies usually associated with inflammatory myopathy and interstitial lung disease. The classic presentation of the pathology is the pulmonary interstitium involvment, wich commonly determines the global prognosis. The subsequent diagnosis of antisynthetase syndrome in patients with acute resp...

A rare cause of cryptorchidism, the persistence of müllerian ducts syndrome.

The Persistent Müllerian Ducts Syndrome (PMDS) is a rare congenital syndrome. It is one of abnormalities of genito-sexual development that is found on the normally virilized boy (46XY). It is characterized by the development of both Wolf structures and Müller duct. The pathophysiology can be explained by an action deficit of the anti-müllerian hormone (AMH). Its clinical presentations vary depe...

Painful Horner's syndrome revealing carotid artery dissection : about four cases.

We report four cases of painful Horner's syndrome due to carotid artery dissection. A lesion on oculosympathic pathway causes Horner's syndrome. A painful Horner's syndrome needs a prompt exploration by tomodensitometry or magnetic resonance imaging to exclude carotid artery dissection. Actually, carotid artery dissection leads to stroke or cerebral ischemic symptoms, mainly in the first two weeks...

American Joint Replacement Registry Risk Calculator Does Not Predict 90-day Mortality in Veterans Undergoing Total Joint Replacement.

The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) Total Joint Risk Calculator uses demographic and clinical parameters to provide risk estimates for 90-day mortality and 2-year periprosthetic joint infection (PJI). The tool is intended to help surgeons counsel their Medicare-eligible patients about their risk of death and PJI after total joint arthroplasty (TJA). However, for a predictive risk model ...

Pain pathogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis-what have we learned from animal models?

Evaluation of Muscle Injuries in Professional Football Players: Does Coach Replacement Affect the Injury Rate?

To assess the incidence and characteristics of muscle injuries in professional football players and to assess if coach dismissal may be related with muscle injuries within 1-month period from the dismissal.

Spectrum of Type I and Type II syndromes and associated malformations in Chinese patients with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome: A retrospective analysis of 274 cases.

To analyze the spectrum of Type I and Type II malformations in Chinese patients with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

A mitochondrial DNA D loop insertion detected almost exclusively in non-replicating tissues with maternal inheritance across three generations.

Muscle biopsy identified a possibly pathogenic, mitochondrial DNA D-loop insertion, in each of 5 family members from two generations, that was otherwise undetectable in most other tissues. The tissue specific regulation of heteroplasmy is reflected in an age related increase in muscle heteroplasmy level, across the pedigree. This latter finding is in keeping with previous reports (e.g. T408A, C163...

Protective Effects of Paederia scandens Extract on Rheumatoid Arthritis Mouse Model by Modulating Gut Microbiota.

Paederia scandens (Lour.) Merr. (P. scandens) has been traditionally used to treat the pain of rheumatism.

Therapeutic effects of Caesalpinia minax Hance on complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA)-induced arthritis and the anti-inflammatory activity of cassane diterpenes as main active components.

Seeds of Caesalpinia minax Hance called 'Ku-Shi-Lian' (KSL) in China have been used as Zhuang or Dai folk medicines for treatment of common cold, fever, rheumatoid arthritis and dysentery for hundred years.

The role of nitrite in muscle function, susceptibility to contraction injury, and fatigability in sickle cell mice.

Sickle cell disease (SCD) patients can have limited exercise capacity and muscle dysfunction characterized by decreased force, atrophy, microvascular abnormalities, fiber distribution changes, and skeletal muscle energetics abnormalities. Growing evidence suggests that in SCD, there is alteration in nitric oxide (NO) availability/signaling and that nitrate/nitrite can serve as a NO reservoir and e...

Smooth muscle gap-junctions allow propagation of intercellular Ca waves and vasoconstriction due to Ca based action potentials in rat mesenteric resistance arteries.

The role of vascular gap junctions in the conduction of intercellular Ca and vasoconstriction along small resistance arteries is not entirely understood. Some depolarizing agents trigger conducted vasoconstriction while others only evoke a local depolarization. Here we use a novel technique to investigate the temporal and spatial relationship between intercellular Ca signals generated by smooth mu...

A preliminary study on potential association between psychopathological status and rhythmic masticatory muscle activity of young patients with sleep bruxism in Tianjin China.

The aim of this cross-sectional study was to assess the psychological status of patients with bruxism and to explore the potential relationship between psychological status and rhythmic masticatory muscle activity (RMMA), since the basic manifestation of sleep bruxism is RMMA.

Effects of fish oil-based lipid emulsion on inflammation and kidney injury in mice subjected to unilateral hind limb ischemia/reperfusion.

This study investigated the effects of a fish oil-based lipid emulsion (FO) on local skeletal muscle and remote renal damage at 72 h post-reperfusion in a murine model of hind limb ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury. Mice were assigned to 1 sham group and 3 IR groups. The IR groups were treated daily with either saline or FO from 3 days prior to limb ischemia till 3 days after reperfusion. Lim...

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