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10:54 EDT 19th March 2018 | BioPortfolio

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Ketamine and Phencyclidine PCP


Verona’s lead drug, RPL554, is a dual phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3 and 4 inhibitor being developed as a novel treatment for chronic obstructive airways disease as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmon...

Gastrointestinal Effects

Resistance to effects of vitamin D

Adverse drug effects

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Study casts doubt on ketamine nasal sprays for depression

(University of New South Wales) Researchers from UNSW Sydney and the Black Dog Institute have questioned the efficacy and safety of intranasal ketamine for depression, with their pilot trial stopped e...

Only Minor Side Effects Reported With Intranasal Ketamine vs. Fentanyl in Pediatric Patients

Using intranasal ketamine instead of intranasal fentanyl results in similar effectiveness and an increase of only minor adverse events in children with suspected extremity fractures, according to a ne...

Intranasal ketamine has more minor side effects than intranasal fentanyl in children with acute pain

(Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) Minor adverse events (e.g., bad taste in the mouth and dizziness) occur more frequently with intranasal ketamine than with intranasal fentanyl in children wit...

Medical News Today: Are there side effects to masturbation?

Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Learn about the benefits and potential side effects in this article.

Suicidal thoughts rapidly reduced with ketamine, finds study

(Columbia University Medical Center) Ketamine was significantly more effective than a commonly used sedative in reducing suicidal thoughts in depressed patients, according to researchers at Columbia U...

Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles Offers at Home Nasal Spray to Treat Depression

Dr. David Mahjoubi, MD of Ketamine Healing Clinic of Los Angeles prescribes at home Ketamine intranasal spray to effectively treat depression and chronic pain. They are the only clinic in the country ...

Ketamine [Report Updated: 10102017] Prices from USD $3840

The following report studies the Ketamine market in detail and analyzes the market information to come up with trends and attractive segments in this market The following is a snapshot of the complete...

Long rundowns of side effects can make drugs seem less risky, study finds

Paradoxically, exhaustively listing risks in DTC ads can dilute consumer perception of the severity of a drug's side effects, according to new research.

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Factors Influencing the Cardiovascular Response to Subanesthetic Ketamine: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial.

The increasing use of ketamine as a potential rapid-onset antidepressant necessitates a better understanding of its effects on blood pressure and heart rate, well-known side effects at higher doses. F...

Ketamine in the treatment of acute pain.

Ketamine is an old anesthetic agent that relieves pain by reducing central sensitization in the central nervous system. This is advantageous for patients suffering from severe pain prior to surgery or...

Lack of antidepressant effects of (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine in a rat learned helplessness model: comparison with (R)-ketamine.

(R)-Ketamine exhibits rapid and sustained antidepressant effects in animal models of depression. It is stereoselectively metabolized to (R)-norketamine, and subsequently to (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine ...

Acute psychoactive effects of intravenous ketamine during treatment of mood disorders: Analysis of the Clinician Administered Dissociative State Scale.

Ketamine has rapid-acting antidepressant effects. Frequently, ketamine administration also causes acute psychoactive effects - in trials, these effects are commonly measured using the Clinician Admini...

Effects of Ketamine on Pupillary Reflex Dilation: A Case Report.

Ketamine is an important component of multimodal treatment and a commonly used anesthetic drug. However, its analgesic effects have not been fully assessed intraoperatively because of difficulties in ...

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