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03:38 EDT 24th October 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Getting physical in drug discovery: a contemporary perspective on solubility and hydrophobicity

The physical properties of drug molecules are frequently identified as a shortcoming of drugs in development. This article, the most highly-downloaded of Q3 2010, proposes a novel approach to the pred...

Perrigo's generic Mycolog II Cream gets FDA approval

Perrigo's generic version of Bristol-Myers Squibb's Mycolog II Cream, or nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream, was appr -More- 

Poster: Polyvinyl alcohol in hot melt extrusion to improve the solubility of drugs

Discovery of potent 2,4-difluoro-linker poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 inhibitors with enhanced water solubility and in vivo anticancer efficacy

Novel micro-cubes can efficiently deliver hydrophobic anti-tumor drug to cancer cells

Many potent anti-cancer drugs have major drawbacks -- they fail to mix with water, which means they will have a limited solubility in blood, and they lack selectivity to cancer cells.

Polyglycol Dialkyl Ethers Market: By Type PEG, PPG, and Others; By Solubility Oil, Mineral Oil, and Water Soluble; By Application Lubricants, Surface Active Agents, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, and Others By RegionForecast 20162022 [Updated: 27092016]

Globally, development of efficient and advanced technology, rising demand from industrial lubricant, flourishing automotive industry, and advantageous properties of polyglycol dialkyl ethers such as, ...

Polyalkylene Glycol Market: By Type PEG, PPG, and Others, By Solubility Oil, Mineral Oil, and Water Soluble, By Application Lubricants, Surface Active Agents, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, and Others By RegionForecast 20162021 [Updated: 08032016] Prices

Polyalkylene glycol is a hydrofluoro carbon derived by the addition of one or more repeating epoxides. It includes the Eseries and Pseries adducts and block copolymers. Globally, development of effici...

Aluminum 96-Well Micro Plate System for High Throughput

The patented 96-Well Aluminum Micro Plate System is available with a solid or vented aluminum base plate and cover.  This system is ideal for use with volatile solvents, salt screening, high thro...

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Role of oral nystatin prophylaxis in cardiac surgery with prolongedextracorporeal circulation.

Duration >120 minutes of extracorporeal circulation (ECC) during cardiopulmonary bypass procedure was associated to an increased risk of candidemia in the intensive care unit (ICU). To evaluate oral ...

A Functional Approach to Solubility Parameter Computations.

The determination of solubility parameters for solutes represents a challenging mathematical problem of locating the central tendency of solvent affinity based on a limited set of data taken from expe...

Exploring drug solubility in fasted human intestinal fluid aspirates: Impact of inter-individual variability, sampling site and dilution.

One of the main factors defining intestinal drug absorption is the solubility of the compound in the gastrointestinal environment. This study reports the solubility of a series of 27 commonly used aci...

QUESTION 2: Does prophylactic nystatin prevent invasive fungal infections in immunocompetent critically ill children on broad-spectrum antibiotics?

Evaluation of molecular chaperone drug function: Regorafenib and β-cyclodextrins.

Regorafenib (RG) was an oral multi-kinase inhibitor with poor water solubility. In order to enhance the drug's solubility, dissolution and bioavailability, the binary molecular chaperone drug between ...

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