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06:27 EDT 21st October 2017 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: Antibiotic Therapy After Incision and Drainage for Abscess

Background: Skin abscesses are a growing problem in the general pediatric population around the world. While the standard treatment for an abscess/boil is incision and drainage, many physicians also prescribe antibiotics, despite the lack of evidence that antibiotics are necessary to help the wound heal. The purpose of this research study is to determine whether antibiotics are necessary after incision and drainage of a skin abscess in children. This is an important question be...

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Antibiotics increase cure rate from small skin abscesses compared with drainage alone

Researchers assess the use of antibiotics in combination with incision and drainage for the treatment of skin abscesses in comparison with drainage alone.

Antibiotics Improve Short-Term Outcomes for Simple Abscesses

Despite current recommendations to treat simple abscesses only with incision and drainage, adding antibiotics increased cure rate and reduced recurrence rate for S aureus infections. Medscape Medica...

The Surgical Drainage Bulb Holder: The Better Way to Manage Drains After Breast Surgery

By Mary Robinson Prody R. N. “Half my tears after my breast surgery were related to my cancer diagnosis, but […] The post The Surgical Drainage Bulb Holder: The Better Way to Manage Drains Aft...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Protective Accessory for a Drainage Needle (DHM-315)

PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) October 12, 2017 PITTSBURGH...An inventor, from Kenansville, N.C., thought there needed to be a better way to...

Post-Cesarean Antibiotics Lower SSI Risk in Obese Women

A 2-day course of oral antibiotics after caesarean delivery lowers the risk for surgical site infections among obese women, a new trial shows. Medscape Medical News

Is it time to drop “complete the course” message for antibiotics?

The commonly held belief that patients should “complete the course” of antibiotics to avoid antibiotic resistance is not backed by evidence and should be dropped, argue experts in The BMJ (The Br...

Antibiotics Before Low-Risk Operations Do Not Appear to Breed Post-op Antibiotic Resistance

Surgical patients who receive antibiotics before certain types of low-risk operations are not at an increased risk for antibiotic-resistant infections immediately after their procedures, according to ...

Superbug squashed by antibiotics triple-team

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EUS-guided drainage of post-surgical fluid collections using lumen-apposing metal stents: a multicenter study.

Post-surgical fluid collections (PSFCs) are traditionally drained either percutaneously or surgically. Endoscopic drainage offers several advantages compared to either percutaneous or surgical approac...

Lacrimal gland abscesses: Case series and literature review.

Acute dacryoadenitis with abscess formation has been rarely described. We describe four cases that resolved with incision and drainage. This includes a retrospective case series of four patients with ...

Non-drainage versus drainage in tourniquet-free knee arthroplasty: a prospective trial.

It is still unknown whether drainage is necessary and non-drainage is safe and acceptable after tourniquet-free total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We aim to investigate whether non-drainage use is accepte...

Antibiotics in 16-day-old broilers temporarily affect microbial and immune parameters in the gut.

Animal health benefits from a stable intestinal homeostasis, for which proper development and functioning of the intestinal microbiota and immune system are essential. It has been established that cha...

A rare case of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) cerebral abscess secondary to conjunctivitis.

This case report discusses the rare association of cerebral abscess related to conjunctivitis in an otherwise healthy child. A 6 year old boy presented with conjunctivitis was treated with topical ant...

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