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10:55 EDT 19th March 2018 | BioPortfolio

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Attitudes and antibiotics

A recent FB post from Stuff discussed the rising concerns about the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. (This is something that Siouxsie Wiles has often written about: here and here, for e...

Medical News Today: Purulent drainage: Color, types, and treatment

Purulent drainage is a thick and milky discharge from a wound that is often a sign of infection. Learn more about this and other types of drainage.

Inside CARB-X: can this new model for research fix a broken antibiotics market?

As resistance to antibiotics increases, we are at risk of returning to an era before Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. That was...Read More... The post Inside CARB-X: can this new model for re...

InventHelp Inventor Develops Protective Accessory for a Drainage Needle (DHM-315)

PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) October 12, 2017 PITTSBURGH...An inventor, from Kenansville, N.C., thought there needed to be a better way to...

Medical News Today: Top seven safe, effective natural antibiotics

Are natural antibiotics safe? Do they work? Read about the best and worst natural antibiotics. We also discuss when to use prescription antibiotics.

Antibiotics Before Low-Risk Operations Do Not Appear to Breed Post-op Antibiotic Resistance

Surgical patients who receive antibiotics before certain types of low-risk operations are not at an increased risk for antibiotic-resistant infections immediately after their procedures, according to ...

Disposable Urinary Drainage BagEMEA Market Status and Trend Report 20132023 [Report Updated: 23102017] Prices from USD $3480

Report SummaryDisposable Urinary Drainage BagEurope Market Status and Trend Report 20132023 offers a comprehensive analysis on Disposable Urinary Drainage Bag industry, standing on the readers' perspe...

Endoscopic Ultrasound–Guided Biliary Drainage: Slowly Gaining Acceptance

Data from a retrospective study support use of EUS-guided biliary drainage in patients with pancreatic cancer and indwelling duodenal stent.

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EUS-guided drainage of post-surgical fluid collections using lumen-apposing metal stents: a multicenter study.

Post-surgical fluid collections (PSFCs) are traditionally drained either percutaneously or surgically. Endoscopic drainage offers several advantages compared to either percutaneous or surgical approac...

Lacrimal gland abscesses: Case series and literature review.

Acute dacryoadenitis with abscess formation has been rarely described. We describe four cases that resolved with incision and drainage. This includes a retrospective case series of four patients with ...

Non-drainage versus drainage in tourniquet-free knee arthroplasty: a prospective trial.

It is still unknown whether drainage is necessary and non-drainage is safe and acceptable after tourniquet-free total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We aim to investigate whether non-drainage use is accepte...

Peripheral Bacterial Septic Arthritis: Review of Diagnosis and Management.

Septic arthritis refers to an infection in a joint due to a bacterial, mycobacterial, or fungal cause. Joint infections are a serious cause of morbidity and mortality and constitute a true musculoskel...

Antibiotics induce polarization of pleural macrophages to M2-like phenotype in patients with tuberculous pleuritis.

Pleural macrophages play critical roles in pathogenesis of tuberculous pleuritis, but very little is known about their response to anti-tuberculosis antibiotics treatment. Here, we examined whether an...

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