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Dysproteinemias Causing Vascular Purpura

Inborn Metabolic Disorders Causing Hyperbilirubinemia

Infectious Uveitis

Uveitis may be caused by infectious or non-infectious disorders. Although most cases of uveitis are considered to be immune-mediated disorders, certain forms of uveitis are caused by infectious agen...

Tornwaldt's Cyst

Tornwaldt's cyst (Pharyngeal Bursa) is a rare cyst in the midline of the nasopharynx that may become infected. Tornwaldt's cyst is a remnant of the embryonal notochord superficial to the s...

Lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs)

Lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) represent a group of about 50 genetic disorders caused by deficiencies of lysosomal proteins. Most involve genetic mutations causing loss of function of key catabo...

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Brain Zaps May Help Curb Tics of Tourette Syndrome

TUESDAY, Jan. 16, 2018 -- Electric zaps can help rewire the brains of Tourette syndrome patients, effectively reducing their uncontrollable vocal and motor tics, a new study shows. The procedure, call...

Human medicines European public assessment report (EPAR): Intuniv, guanfacine, Revision: 5, Authorised

Tics are common in famous boys choir

(Wiley) 'Tis the season for choirs to raise their voices in holiday song.

DBS Suppresses Tics in Uncontrolled Tourette Syndrome (CME/CE)

(MedPage Today) -- 45% improvement in tic severity, but 35% of patients report side effects

Versatile sensor against tumor initiating cells

(Institute for Basic Science) The IBS researchers developed the first fluorescent sensor to visualize TICs. Functional in lung, central nervous system, melanoma, breast, renal, ovarian, colon, and pro...

FDA okays test for many cancer-causing genes

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a test which can detect cancer-causing mutations in 324 genes...

Smog blankets Pakistan, India, causing accidents, illness

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Smog has enveloped much of Pakistan and neighboring India, causing highway accidents and respiratory problems, and forcing many residents to stay home, officials said Saturday.

Malaria-Causing Parasite Mutating to Resist Multiple Drugs

FRIDAY, Feb. 2, 2018 -- An outbreak of multidrug-resistant malaria in southeast Asia likely stems from two mutations of the malaria-causing parasite that combined a decade ago, according to new resear...

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Premonitory urges and tics in Tourette syndrome: computational mechanisms and neural correlates.

Tourette syndrome is characterized by open motor behaviors - tics - but another crucial aspect of the disorder is the presence of premonitory urges: uncomfortable sensations that typically precede tic...

Botulinum toxin for motor and phonic tics in Tourette's syndrome.

Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, or Tourette's syndrome, is defined as the presence of both motor and vocal (phonic) tics for more than 12 months, that manifest before the age of 18 years, in the absen...

LncAPC drives Wnt/β-catenin activation and liver TIC self-renewal through EZH2 mediated APC transcriptional inhibition.

Liver tumor initiating cells (TICs), a small subset cells in tumor bulk, are responsible for liver tumor initiation, metastasis and relapse. However, the regulatory mechanism of liver TICs remains lar...

Speechlessness in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: Cannabis-Based Medicines Improve Severe Vocal Blocking Tics in Two Patients.

We report the cases of two young German male patients with treatment-resistant Tourette syndrome (TS), who suffer from incapacitating stuttering-like speech disfluencies caused by vocal blocking tics ...

DCEUS-based focal parametric perfusion imaging of microvessel with single-pixel resolution and high contrast.

This study aimed to develop a focal microvascular contrast-enhanced ultrasonic parametric perfusion imaging (PPI) scheme to overcome the tradeoff between the resolution, contrast, and accuracy of foca...

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