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22:40 EDT 22nd October 2017 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: Using Smokeless Tobacco Products With Lower Nicotine Levels to Reduce Negative Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Use

Though spit tobacco is smokeless, it still affects the cardiovascular system and may be associated with heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. This study will assess the effectiveness of limiting smokeless tobacco (ST) nicotine intake in reducing levels of exposure to tobacco and associated toxicity, as well as enhancing motivation to either quit or sustain lower levels of nicotine intake.

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Smoking Cessation

Because of the addictive properties of components of cigarettes, giving up the habit of smoking is often very hard. It is often required however for health reasons. There is a lot of publicity of ...


Smoking tobacco and cigarettes has long been associated with lung cancer and other respiratory conditions such as COPD. Since this link has become common knowledge, there has extensive programs to h...


Covidien is the 9th largest global medical device company with annual sales in 2010 of almost $8 billion. Covidien was originally Tyco Healthcare, until June 2007, and has seen year-on-year growth s...

Tumor Necrosis Factor TNF Products

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) and TNF receptor antagonists and agonists used to treat TNF-mediated inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or to treat cancer. TNF blockers are the commerc...

The Scott Partnership

One of the leading business-to-business PR companies worldwide, The Scott Partnership has grown every year since inception and is continuing its expansion.with a global strategy, allowing interna...

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Big tobacco ‘manipulating cigarette prices’ to thwart taxes on smoking – The Guardian

The GuardianBig tobacco 'manipulating cigarette prices' to thwart taxes on smokingThe GuardianRoll-your-own tobacco has remained relatively cheap over the years. Photograph: Alaa Badarneh/EPA. Smoking...

Many Young Americans Using Snuff, Chewing Tobacco

THURSDAY, June 15, 2017 -- More than 3 percent of Americans age 12 and older said they'd used chewing tobacco or snuff in the past month, according to a recent federal government report. "Smokeless to...

Low-nicotine tobacco could help smokers give up cigarettes

A small biotech firm in New York, 22nd Century Group, developed low-nicotine tobacco plants that could reduce the amount of n -More- 

Tiny biotech firm offers Big Tobacco model to curb its nicotine habit

LONDON (Reuters) - Investors are betting on a little-known biotech company to supply Big Tobacco with low-nicotine cigarettes, but so far its technology is unproven.

FDA Announces Plan to Lower Nicotine in Cigarettes to Non-Addictive Levels

The FDA has announced a new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation designed to serve as a road map to better protect American children and reduce tobacco-related disease and death.

Big Tobacco smoked after FDA takes aim on cigarette nicotine levels

LONDON (Reuters) - Shares of major tobacco companies in the U.S. and UK slumped in heavy volumes on Friday after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that it was seeking to reduce nicotine level...

FDA Plans to Curb Nicotine Levels in Tobacco

The FDA has announced it will pursue lowering the nicotine content in cigarettes to nonaddictive levels as part of an overall plan to protect youth and reduce tobacco-related disease and death. Meds...

New regulation plan for preventing tobacco and nicotine related adverse effects by FDA

A novel comprehensive plan for the regulation of tobacco and nicotine was announced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA, on 28th July 2017. This plan is expected to serve as a roadmap that ...

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