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08:05 EDT 18th October 2018 | BioPortfolio

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Lipid profile measurement

Somatropin Hgh rDNA Pfizer

What is GENOTROPIN? GENOTROPIN (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection) is a growth hormone treatment. It is an exact copy of the natural growth hormone that our bodies make. The main difference i...


Surrounded by the Great Lakes in the north east of the US, Michigan hosts many high profile biotechnology companies and has become an industry hotbed. In 1993 MichBio was formed, as an industry tr...

Phoenix MarCom

Phoenix MarCom is a specialist marketing communications company, working with clients in the clean tech (including renewables, environmental technology, low carbon and sustainability), scientific an...

Zyme Communications

Zyme Communications provides PR and marketing services for the life science sector. We support companies to raise their profile, build corporate value, and generate interest from commercial leads...

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Manta Rays Filter Water in Way Never Previously Seen

NewsA new found mechanism in manta rays could lead to new ways to clean water of microscopic pollutants that pose risks to both people and the environment.

Scripps graduate student discovers world's first known manta ray nursery

(University of California - San Diego) A graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and colleagues from NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuar...

Daily briefing: Why manta rays don't clear their throats

Could Early Birth Hinder Adult Success?

WEDNESDAY, June 6, 2018 -- Babies born prematurely or very small may not fare as well in life as those born full-term, a new research review suggests. Adults who were born tiny or early may be more li...

Image of the Day: Ray of Light

The discovery of the world's first known manta ray nursery will offer a glimpse into the animals' juvenile stage.

Immigrants use less healthcare than people born in U.S.

(Reuters Health) - Immigrants use fewer healthcare services and account for less spending by public and private insurance programs than people born in the U.S., according to a study that suggests the ...

At Least 8 Million IVF Babies Born in 40 Years Since Historic First

(CNN) – The world’s first in-vitro fertilization baby was born in 1978 in the UK. Since then, 8 million babies have been born worldwide as a result of IVF and other advanced fertility trea...

Why Dogs Born in Summer Likelier to Get Heart Disease

MONDAY, June 4, 2018 -- Dogs born in the summer are at higher risk for heart disease than pups born at other times of year, according to new research. Scientists think exposure to outdoor air pollutio...

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Patterns of Infancy Growth and Metabolic Hormonal Profile Are Different in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Preterm Infants Born Small for Gestational Age Compared to Those Born Appropriate for Gestational Age.

An increased preterm birth survival rate is associated with long-term neurological and metabolic risks; thus, our aim was to evaluate whether early patterns of infancy anthropometry and metabolic horm...

A long-term follow-up study of men born with very low birth weight and their reproductive hormone profile.

Environmental factors during the fetal period may adversely affect reproductive functions in men being born with very low birth weight (VLBW,

Examination of tourists' willingness to pay under different conservation scenarios; Evidence from reef manta ray snorkeling in Fiji.

Wildlife-focused tourism is often considered as having the potential to play an integral part of threatened species conservation efforts, particularly through financial support. We focused on the dire...

Asian children living in Australia have a different profile of allergy and anaphylaxis than Australian-born children: a State-wide survey.

Asian children born in Australia have higher rates of eczema and nut allergy than non-Asian children. However, it is not known whether this country of birth differential exists for other allergies or ...

The Influence of Maternal Obesity and Breastfeeding on Infant Appetite- and Growth-Related Hormone Concentrations: The SKOT Cohort Studies.

Exposure to obesity during pregnancy may lead to adverse changes in the offspring's metabolic profile. We compared appetite- and growth-related hormones in a cohort of infants born to obese mothers (S...

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