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How to Supercharge Problem Solving With Simple Pictures

Dan Roam believes we are all capable of using visual thinking to solve complex problems. His first book, The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas With Pictures, helped ignite a movem...

Jerry lewis the total filmmaker pdf

A causa dell’assenza di un attore – cloud Ten Pictures made a deal with Sony Entertainment to release all of its pictures under jerry lewis the total filmmaker pdf Sony banner and has been...

These Before And After Acne Pictures Will Give You Hope That Your Skin Will Recover – LOOK

LOOKThese Before And After Acne Pictures Will Give You Hope That Your Skin Will RecoverLOOKAcne is one of the hardest skin conditions to deal with. It can wreck havoc on your confidence and is notorio...

Researchers measure impact of looking at pictures of skinny women

(Medical Xpress)—A small group of researchers from the U.K. has found that exposing people to just 15 minutes of viewing pictures of women can influence their perception of the ideal female body typ...

The day the music died: Photographer travels the globe taking eerie pictures of abandoned pianos

A photographer has captured the day the music died by snapping pianos in abandoned buildings around the world. Romain Thiery has traveled the globe taking haunting pictures of dust-covered instrument...

Graphic pictures reveal the horror of eczema sufferer ‘skinned alive’ by addiction to steroid cream – The Sun

The SunGraphic pictures reveal the horror of eczema sufferer 'skinned alive' by addiction to steroid creamThe SunAN artist suffered withdrawal symptoms that left her “looking like a burns victim” ...

In Pictures: Huge Earthquake Strikes Off Mexican Coast

The quake was the worst the country has faced for a century.

The Vietnam War: The Pictures That Moved Them Most

TIME asked those who lived the war to select an image from the period that they found particularly significant. Here are their choices.

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Environmental relevant concentrations of a chlorpyrifos commercial formulation affect two neotropical fish species, Cheirodon interruptus and Cnesterodon decemmaculatus.

The increase of cultivated areas together with the intensive use of pesticides have greatly contributed to impair the quality of aquatic systems along different areas of South America. The main goal o...

One look is worth a thousand words: new picture stimuli of interpersonal situations.

This paper introduces a picture system that can be used in functional imaging experiments exploring interpersonal relations. This is important for psychotherapy research to understand the neural basis...

The Exposure Effects of Online Model Pictures and Weight-Related Persuasive Messages on Women's Weight-Loss Planned Behaviors.

This study examined how exposure to pictures of women with different body sizes (thin, obese), physical attractiveness levels (attractive, unattractive), along with exposure to weight-related messages...

Testing the Gräfenberg Ring in Interwar Britain: Norman Haire, Helena Wright, and the Debate over Statistical Evidence, Side Effects, and Intra-uterine Contraception.

This paper examines the introduction to Britain of the Gräfenberg ring, an early version of what later became known as an intrauterine device (IUD). The struggle during the interwar years to establis...

Social contexts modulate neural responses in the processing of others' pain: An event-related potential study.

Two hypotheses have been proposed regarding the response that is triggered by observing others' pain: the "empathizing hypothesis" and the "threat value of pain hypothesis." The former suggests that o...

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