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How George Washington’s teeth — from animals and maybe slaves — became an American legend

Washington’s teeth were crafted from gold leaf, lead plates, hippopotamus ivory, and the teeth of cows, horses, and, likely, Washington’s slaves.

Do wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Should you have a wisdom tooth removed if it is not causing you any pain? Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Hossein Ghaeminia of Radboud university medical center researched the risk of complications whe...

Pinnacle Implants & Periodontics Raises Awareness of Convenient Teeth-in-a-Day® Dental Implants in Longview, TX

Longview, TX (PRWEB) July 27, 2017 Patients with missing teeth now have the option to receive a new set of teeth in a single office ...

Researchers use 3D printing-inspired process to create new blood vessels in teeth

While root canals are effective in saving a tooth that has become infected or decayed, this age-old procedure may cause teeth to become brittle and susceptible to fracture over time. Now researchers a...

Medical News Today: Pictures of cute animals may boost marital satisfaction

Learning to associate spouses with unrelated positive stimuli - such as pictures of puppies - could help to improve marital satisfaction, study suggests.

Baby Teeth Reveal Association Between Autism and Metals

Analyzing fetal and postnatal teeth, researchers have found that levels of specific metal nutrients and toxins during pregnancy and early...

Managing stained teeth

Many people often visit pharmacies to ask for solutions to stained teeth. We write to highlight to pharmacists briefly the different types of staining and treatment options available.

Health Tip: Is Your Baby Teething?

-- Most babies are born with 20 teeth below the gum line, but the process of teething typically doesn't start until about 6 months of age. Most teeth will come in before the child turns one, with the ...

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Survival and Factors Associated with Failure of Pulpectomies Performed in Primary Teeth by Dental Students.

Although endodontic treatment is widely recommended for compromised dental pulp, there is no information regarding the factors associated with failures in primary teeth. The aim of this study was to e...

Measurements of mechanical properties and morphology of root canal in maxillary primary anterior teeth.

Objective This study aimed to measure the taper and diameter of root canal, as well as the elastic modulus and hardness in the root dentin of maxillary primary anterior teeth. Methods Patients under g...

Ceramic Veneers for Esthetic Restoration of Retained Primary Teeth: A 4-year Follow-up Case Report.

Retained primary teeth in the smile zone can cause patient dissatisfaction, especially if associated with malposition of teeth. Orthodontic and prosthetic treatment options to treat the situation may ...

Caries Progression Rate in Primary Teeth: A Retrospective Study.

The rate of caries progression in primary teeth has rarely been studied, with most studies on early childhood caries reporting the percentage of lesions that remain at a certain stage of disease over ...

QuickStats: Prevalence* of Untreated Dental Caries(†) in Primary Teeth(§) Among Children Aged 2-8 Years, by Age Group and Race/Hispanic Origin - National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011-2014.

During 2011-2014, 13.7% of children aged 2-8 years had untreated dental caries in their primary teeth (baby teeth). The proportion of children with untreated dental caries in their primary teeth incre...

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