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15:05 EDT 15th October 2018 | BioPortfolio

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A virus is a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Virus particles (known as virions) consist of two or three parts: the genetic material made from eit...

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SAMBA: Integrated model improves quality of care for hip/knee OA

LIVERPOOL, England — An integrated care model marked by regular communication between general practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists yielded improved patient outcomes in a cohor...

Flexible Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensors Used for Speaker Recognition

NewsAcoustic sensors were spotlighted as one of the most intuitive bilateral communication devices between humans and machines.

Novel Sensors Make Textiles Smarter

NewsEngineers use carbon nanotube composite coatings.Contributed Author: University o

Nano-sensors Hide Under Invisible Cloak

NewsInvisible needles for optics and biomedicine.Contributed Author: NUST MISIS

Improved Sensitivity Could Increase Public Security

NewsLarge supercrystals promise superior sensors.Contributed Author: 

Ancient Instrument Finds New Life as Toxin Sensor

NewsThe sensors are literally 'music to one's ears.'Contributed Author: American

Sensors Printed onto Thin Medical Tape Monitor Health

NewsBuilding a smarter bandage.Contributed Author: Dr. Francis Collins,

Point-of-Care Sensors to Detect Manganese From Single Drop of Blood

NewsResearchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago will develop portable, easy-to-use sensors that can detect toxic metals in a single drop of blood.

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Dye-functionalized Sol-gel Matrix on Carbon Nanotubes for Refreshable and Flexible Gas Sensors.

We report a colorimetric dye-functionalized sol-gel matrix on carbon nanotubes for use as a refreshable and flexible gas sensor with humidity calibration. Here, we fabricated gas sensors by functional...

ZnO-carbon nanofibers for stable, high response and selectivity H2S sensors.

Hydrogen sulfide, as the typical atmospheric pollutant, is neurotoxic and flammable even at a very low concentration. In this study, we design stable H<sub>2</sub>S sensors based on ZnO-ca...

Highly Sensitive Strain Sensors Based on Fragmentized Carbon Nanotube/Polydimethylsiloxane Composites.

Wearable strain sensors based on nanomaterial/elastomer composites have potential applications in flexible electronic skin, human motion detection, human-machine interfaces, etc. In this research, a t...

Investigating the impact of a motion capture system on Microsoft Kinect v2 recordings: A caution for using the technologies together.

Microsoft Kinect sensors are considered to be low-cost popular RGB-D sensors and are widely employed in various applications. Consequently, several studies have been conducted to evaluate the reliabil...

Colorimetric chiral fluorescent sensors for Euand sequential enantioselective sensing of malate anion.

Novel phenanthroline Schiff base fluorescent sensors L1, L2, and D1 were designed and synthesized. The sensing abilities of the compounds in the presence of metal cations (Li, Na, K, Ag, Mg, Ba, Ca, M...

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