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07:16 EST 18th November 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Video capsule endoscopy

Male Reproductive Endocrinology

Male Sexual Dysfunction


Hormones are secreted by the endocrine system into the body and adjust the functioning of all organ systems in the body. Testosterone and Estrogen are male/female specific, while others such as adre...

Vitamin E Toxicity

Research has not found any adverse effects from consuming vitamin E in food. However, high doses of alpha-tocopherol supplements can cause hemorrhage and interrupt blood coagulation in animals, and ...

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Family declines autopsy for U.S. student released by North Korea

An Ohio coroner, abiding by family wishes, has performed an external examination instead of a full autopsy on the body of the U.S. student who was held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months and sent h...

Key regulator of male fertility identifed

When it comes to male reproductive fertility, timing is everything. Now scientists are finding new details on how disruption of this timing may contribute to male infertility or congenital illness. Re...

15 tips for working with women

I work in a male-dominated field. As a cardiac anesthesiologist, I work with mostly male cardiac surgeons in a department where the majority of my fellow anesthesiologists are male. I work with some f...

Tech company video ads still dominated by white males

(Springer) Consumer tech companies that are serious about attracting more women and people from minority groups into their workforce might want to revisit the video advertisements featured on their we...

Delivery rates in IVF are affected by the age of the male partner

(European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) A few studies have found that the chance of natural conception can be affected by the age of the male partner, particularly in the genetic healt...

Do Transfusions from Female Donors Increase Mortality in Male Recipients?

Deaths were more frequent in male patients who received red cells from an ever-pregnant female donor than from a male donor.

Sharing of Science Is Most Likely among Male Scientists

In a recent study, male scientists that were contacted by a male were more than 15 percent more likely to respond positively than males that were contacted by a female

Researchers Debate 'Male Athlete Triad' Syndrome

Why is there a lack of studies examining eating behavior, bone density, and hormonal changes in male athletes? Experts weight in on the male athlete triad. Medscape Orthopedics

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Autopsy rates in the Netherlands: 35 years of decline.

Although the autopsy still is a valuable tool in health statistics, health care quality control, medical education, and biomedical research, autopsy rates have been declining worldwide. The aim of thi...

Intraoperative Video Production With a Head-Mounted Consumer Video Camera.

The use of high-definition video in surgical education is becoming increasingly popular. Because of the availability of relatively inexpensive, consumer-grade video cameras, surgeons with minimal vide...

Autopsy rates in Germany.

In 2015 the German professional Association of Pathologists conducted a survey to establish a baseline for an autopsy rate in Germany and to collect data from 2005-2014, as hospitals must meet a fixed...

Evaluating the relationship between white matter integrity, cognition, and varieties of video game learning.

Many studies are currently researching the effects of video games, particularly in the domain of cognitive training. Great variability exists among video games however, and few studies have attempted ...

Alternatives to Autopsy for Fetal and Early Neonatal (Perinatal) Deaths: Insights from the Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program.

Although autopsy is a key component of the etiologic evaluation following fetal and early neonatal death, and traditionally has been the preferred method to determine the cause of death, an alternativ...

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