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16:59 EDT 23rd October 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Medical News Today: Ulnar nerve entrapment: Symptoms and treatment

Ulnar nerve entrapment is a common injury, but what is the ulnar nerve and what are the causes of ulnar nerve entrapment? How is it diagnosed?

Graham John Campbell, on coming to terms with his diagnosis of Forestier’s disease

I am reasonably fit and healthy but just over five years ago, when I was 49 years old, I began to have severe pins and needles in both hands, which was diagnosed as ulnar nerve compression (at the elb...

Phrenic Nerve Palsy and Anesthesia for Shoulder Surgery

Phrenic nerve palsy is a complication of the most common regional anesthetic technique for shoulder surgery, especially in patients at high-risk of respiratory complications. Can the risk be reduced? ...

Global Minimally Invasive Surgery Video Columns Market Research Report Forecast 2017 to 2022 [Report Updated: 05072017] Prices from USD $2800

Delivery of the Report will take 23 working days once order is placed.The Global Minimally Invasive Surgery Video Columns Market Research Report Forecast 20172022 is a valuable source of insightful da...

AAO-HNS: improvement in OSA with cranial nerve stimulation

(HealthDay)—For patients with moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea, cranial nerve XII (CNXII) stimulation is associated with significant clinical improvements at one and five years, according ...

Researchers develop new nerve-illuminating tool to reduce surgery related injuries

Researchers have developed a new nerve-illuminating tool, which will help surgeons to avoid accidentally injuring nerves and identify nerves requiring repair.

Video: Mitral valve repair surgery

Mitral valve repair surgery can help fix a leaky mitral valve. Watch this video to see how doctors can do the surgery.

Surgery May Help in Diabetic Neuropathy With Squeezed Leg Nerves

Nerve-decompression surgery in diabetic peripheral neuropathy is considered "unproven" and is not reimbursed, but when these stronger data are published, this may change. Medscape Medical...

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Sonoanatomy of sensory branches of the ulnar nerve below the elbow in healthy subjects.

To identify sensory branches of the ulnar nerve - palmar ulnar cutaneous nerve (PUCN), dorsal ulnar cutaneous nerve (DUCN), and superficial sensory branch - using ultrasonography.

Supinator to ulnar nerve transfer via in situ anterior interosseous nerve bridge to restore intrinsic muscle function in combined proximal median and ulnar nerve injury: a novel cadaveric study.

In cases of high ulnar nerve palsy, result of nerve repair in term of intrinsic muscle recovery is unsatisfactory. Distal nerve transfer can diminish the regeneration time and improve the results. But...

The Blocking Flap for Ulnar Nerve Instability After In Situ Release: Technique and a Grading System of Ulnar Nerve Instability to Guide Treatment.

In situ ulnar nerve release has been gaining popularity as a simple, effective, and low-morbidity procedure for the treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome. One concern with the technique is how to manag...

Extensive sonographic ulnar nerve enlargement above the medial epicondyle is a characteristic sign in Hansen's neuropathy.

Earlier studies have shown sonographic enlargement of the ulnar nerve in patients with Hansen's neuropathy. The present study was performed to determine whether sonography or electrophysiological stud...

Fat Grafting for Esthetic Correction of the Muscle Atrophy Secondary to Ulnar Nerve Lesion.

Patients with hand muscular atrophy due to damage of the ulnar nerve could be stigmatized for their appearance. Unsatisfactory results in the attempt to correct the atrophy are reported in the literat...

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