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Endometrial glial polyp and peritoneal gliomatosis: Neuropathological lesions in gynecological biopsy.

The wide scope of neuropathology is also connected to different systemic pathology findings. Neuroectodermal-type female genital tract lesions are not frequent. This article presents a short review of such entities in gynecological pathology and reports on two rare cases. The first described lesion is an endometrial glial polyp in a young woman. The second is a mature cystic teratoma accompanied b...

ulsed-dye laser versus intralesional Candida albicans antigen injection in treatment of genital warts.

Genital warts are a troublesome therapeutic issue. Pulsed-dye laser (PDL) is a non-ablative therapeutic tool for viral warts. Intralesional Candida albicans (C. albicans) immunotherapy has yielded promising results in treatment of various types of warts. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of PDL versus C. albicans immunotherapy for treatment of genital warts.

An Association Between Herpes Zoster Vaccination and Stroke Reduction Among Elderly Individuals.

Herpes zoster (HZ, shingles) affects individuals (60+ years) by reactivation of varicella virus from primary infection. Approximately one-third of the general population will develop HZ and are at increased risk of stroke. Our objective was describing possible associations between self-reported HZ vaccination and stroke with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factors ...

Assessing the Burden of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea for Deployed and Active Duty Personnel Assigned Outside the USA.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have posed a threat to military service members throughout history, but limited evidence describes current sexually transmitted infection burden for personnel in-theater and stationed abroad. This study assessed chlamydia and gonorrhea rates by unit of country assignment and evaluated the demographic profile of affected personnel during deployment. Chlamydia ...

Perceptions of High-Risk Situations for Sexual Assault: Gender Differences in the U.S. Air Force.

This study explored U.S. Air Force service members' perceptions of high-risk situations for sexual assault victimization. Qualitative data were collected from 52 active duty Airmen, including sexual assault survivors and general population officers and enlisted personnel. Participants were recruited through posted flyers, base-wide e-mail messages, and referrals from the Sexual Assault Response Co...

Cyber Behaviors Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Youth: Subgroup Differences and Associations with Health Indicators.

To examine the associations of adolescent sexual orientation with cyber behaviors and health indicators 5 years later during young adulthood and test whether cyber behaviors contribute to sexual orientation health disparities. Data were drawn from Waves 2 and 7 from the NEXT Generational Health Study, a nationally representative cohort of U.S. adolescents (n = 2012). Multiple linear regression...

A major hurdle in the elimination of urogenital schistosomiasis revealed: Identifying key gaps in knowledge and understanding of female genital schistosomiasis within communities and local health workers.

Urogenital schistosomiasis is endemic throughout Ghana with elevated infection levels in certain areas e.g. Lake Volta Region. While the primary focus of the national control program is on mass drug administration of praziquantel to school-aged children, Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS), a disease-specific affliction of girls and women, has been largely overlooked. To better focus future actio...

Efficacy of amenamevir for the treatment of herpes zoster in an immunocompromised patient: Report of a case.

Résumé : Les candidats à une transplantation rénale doivent faire l'objet d'une évaluation complète, y compris urologique. Ce bilan urologique permet, tout d'abord, d'exclure toute pathologie de l'arbre urinaire susceptible de contre-indiquer une greffe r.

Candidates for a kidney transplantation must undergo a complete evaluation, including a urological evaluation. This urological assessment should first of all exclude any pathology of the urinary tract likely to contraindicate a transplantation or to evolve under immunosuppression. Moreover, this assessment should evaluate the lower urinary tract that is to receive a kidney graft. It is therefore n...

Sexual dimorphism in postcranial skeletal shape suggests male-biased specialization for physical competition in anthropoid primates.

Sexual dimorphism often arises as a response to selection on traits that improve a male's ability to physically compete for access to mates. In primates, sexual dimorphism in body mass and canine size is more common in species with intense male-male competition. However, in addition to these traits, other musculoskeletal adaptations may improve male fighting performance. Postcranial traits that in...

The abdomen of a free-living female of Strepsiptera and the evolution of the birth organs.

Mengenillidae is a small, basal family of Strepsiptera, mainly characterized by free-living females in contrast to the endoparasitic females of Stylopidia. Here, we describe external and internal structures of the female abdomen of Eoxenos laboulbenei (Mengenillidae). The external morphology was examined and documented using microphotography. Internal structures were reconstructed three-dimensiona...

A specialized condensin complex participates in somatic nuclear maturation in Tetrahymena thermophila.

Condensins are highly conserved proteins that are important for chromosome maintenance in nearly all forms of life. While many organisms employ two forms of the condensin complex, the condensin genes in Tetrahymena have expanded even further. Here we report a form of condensin that is specifically active during sexual reproduction. This complex, condensin D, is composed of the core condensin prote...

ComingOut Experiences of Irish Gay Fathers Who Have Been Heterosexually Married: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

This study explores how Irish gay fathers, who married heterosexually in a heteronormative culture, assumed a settled gay identity in the Republic of Ireland. A purposive sample of nine men reflected on their experiences of marriage and separation, assuming a gay identity, and social and familial connectivity. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) indicated the suppression of gay sexual d...

Forensic Medical Examinations: Imagining Justice.

Depending on the type of physical contact involved during a sexual assault offense, samples collected from a suspect's body may carry greater probative value than samples collected from a victim's body. However, unlike forensic medical examinations for persons identified as victims of a sexual assault, no professional consensus exists for what constitutes a high-quality forensic medical examinatio...

CD101 Topical Compared With Oral Fluconazole for Acute Vulvovaginal Candidiasis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is an infection of the vagina's mucous membranes, caused by Candida albicans in more than 90% of acute VVC. Several topical and oral azole agents are available in a variety of formulations, and all seem to have similar effectiveness. Azoles are fungistatic, meaning that the fungi are inhibited from growth or replication but are not eradicated. Recurrent infection and...

International Anal Neoplasia Society Guidelines for the Practice of Digital Anal Rectal Examination.

The aim of the study was to develop recommended techniques and quality assurance metrics for the practice of Digital Anal Rectal Examination (DARE).

European-wide monitoring of sexual and gender minority health: a necessary and feasible task for advancing health equity.

Immunotherapy-related genital BCGitis - case report and a scoping review of histology.

Treatment options for superficial bladder cancer and carcinoma in situ include Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) immunotherapy. It frequently produces local and/or systemic side effects. One, however, is the rarely reported genital infection by BCG. We report one such case and a scoping review of all cases published so far, with an emphasis on histological presentation. Immunotherapy-related BCGitis ...

Influence of ingaron on the dynamics of interferon-α and -γ production and on the manifestation of clinical symptoms in patients with chronic virus Eрsthtein-Barr infection.

Patients with chronic herpes virus infection develop impaired IFN-α and IFN-γ products due to secondary immunodeficiency, which leads to impaired elimination of the intracellular virus and the development of chronic recurrent infection. It has been shown that IFN-γ is a potent immunoregulatory cytokine and has an antiviral effect.

Regulation of T-type Ca channel expression by interleukin-6 in sensory-like ND7/23 cells post herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) infection.

Herpes simplex virus-type 1 (HSV-1) infection of sensory neurons may lead to a significant reduction in the expression of voltage-activated Na and Ca channels, which can disrupt the transmission of pain information. Viral infection also results in the secretion of various pro-inflammatory cytokines, including interleukin (IL)-6. In this work, we tested whether IL-6 regulates the expression of Na a...

Radiation and Hyperthermia Combination Therapy for Recalcitrant Verruca Vulgaris.

A 47-year-old white woman presented to our clinic complaining of recalcitrant warts on her trunk and extremities. She had an extensive past medical history including immunodeficiency of unknown origin, pulmonary hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus, for which she was being treated with chronic immunosuppressive therapy with methylprednisolone and belimumab. The pati...

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Correction: The influence of olfactory disgust on (Genital) sexual arousal in men.

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