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Suitability evaluation of new endogenous biomarkers for the identification of nitrite-based urine adulteration in mass spectrometry methods.

Urine adulteration to circumvent positive drug testing is a fundamental challenge for toxicological laboratories all over the world. Untargeted mass spectrometry (MS) methods used in metabolomics had previously revealed uric acid (UA), histidine, methylhistidine and their oxidation products, e.g. 5-hydroxyisourate (HIU) as potential biomarkers for urine adulteration using potassium nitrite (KNO )....

Down-regulation of let-7a and miR-21 in urine exosomes from lupus nephritis patients during disease flare.

The contents of exosomes determine their biological functions and represent a new class of epigenetic modulation of renal cells considering as novel class of biomarker.

Emergency Medical Services Response to Mass Shooting and Active Shooter Incidents, United States, 2014-2015.

The purpose of the current study was to describe the injury patterns, EMS response and interventions to mass shooting (MS) and active shooter (AS) incidents.

Occurrence of deoxynivalenol in an elderly cohort in the UK: a biomonitoring approach.

Deoxynivalenol (DON) is a Fusarium toxin, to which humans are frequently exposed via diet. Although the elderly are speculated to be sensitive to the toxic effects of DON as a result of age-related conditions, disease and altered DON metabolism, there is lack of available data on DON biomarkers in this age group. This study characterised urinary DON concentrations and its metabolites in elderly ag...

Entero-neovesical fistula after radical cystectomy and orthotopic ileal neobladder: A report of two cases requiring surgical management.

Entero-neovesical fistula is a rare complication after radical cystectomy and orthotopic ileal bladder substitution. Typical presenting symptoms are faecaluria, pneumaturia, recurrent urinary tract infections and abdominal pain. Risk factors include history of pelvic radiation, chemotherapy and abdominal surgery, as well as diverticular colonic disease, inflammatory bowel disease and traumatic pel...

Four Communication Skills from Psychiatry Useful in Palliative Care and How to Teach Them.

Palliative care and psychiatry share a number of the same priorities, including careful attention to communication skill development. In this article, we identify 4 communication skills helpful in both fields: (1) attending to countertransference, (2) practicing active listening and active reflection, (3) remaining silent and neutral, and (4) naming the emotion. We then describe strategies for tea...

Assessment of urinary 3-indoxyl sulfate as a marker for gut microbiota diversity and abundance of Clostridiales.

After allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HCT), urinary levels of 3-indoxyl sulfate (3-IS) correlate with the relative abundance of bacteria from the class Clostridia (RAC), and antibiotic treatment is considered the major determinant of this outcome. A high RAC has been associated with favorable outcome after allo-HCT and protection from Clostridium difficile infection (CDI)....

Evaluation of Sexual Dysfunction, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Quality of Life in Men with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and The Efficacy of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy.

To determine the presence of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), nocturia, sexual dysfunction (SD) and the status of quality of life (QOL) in men with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) and after continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment, the changes in the presence of these conditions and the improvements of QOL.

Th1/17 cells, a subset of Th17 cells, are expanded in patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus.

Skewed cytokine production characterizes T cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Among Th17 cells that are expanded in lupus, a subset (Th1/17) retains the ability to produce IFNγ. We aimed to analyze Th17 and Th1/17 cells in patients with SLE. Patients with active disease displayed increased percentages of circulating Τh17 and Th1/17 cells. Stimulated T cells from patients with lupus sec...

Synthesis of 1H-1,2,3-triazole derivatives as new α-glucosidase inhibitors and their molecular docking studies.

Inhibition of α-glucosidase is an effective strategy for controlling the post-prandial hyperglycemia in diabetic patients. For the identification of new inhibitors of this enzyme, a series of new (R)-1-(2-(4-bromo-2-methoxyphenoxy) propyl)-4-(4-(trifluoromethyl) phenyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazole derivatives were synthesized (8a-d and 10a-e). The structures were confirmed by NMR, mass spectrometry and, in...

4-year outcomes from an MP-MRI based active surveillance programme - PSA dynamics and serial MRI scans allow omission of protocol biopsies.

This study aimed to report outcomes from a multi-parametric MRI (MP-MRI) based active surveillance programme that did not perform protocol biopsies after the first confirmatory biopsy.

Bladder emptying method is the primary determinant of urinary tract infections in patients with spinal cord injury: results from a prospective rehabilitation cohort study.

To understand the occurrence of and risk factors for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) undergoing specialized SCI rehabilitation in Switzerland.

Current management of radiation cystitis: A review and practical guide to clinical management.

Haemorrhage is a frequent complication of radiation cystitis leading to emergency presentations in patients with prior pelvic radiation therapy. Standard initial patient management strategies involve resuscitation, bladder washout with clot evacuation and continuous bladder irrigation. Beyond this, definitive surgical treatment is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Alternative le...

Proteomic Analysis of Urine from California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus): a Resource for Urinary Biomarker Discovery.

Urinary markers for the assessment of kidney diseases in wild animals are limited, in part, due to the lack of urinary proteome data, especially for marine mammals. One of the most prevalent kidney diseases in marine mammals is caused by Leptospira interrogans, which is the second most common etiology linked to stranding of California sea lions (Zalophus californianus). Urine proteins from eleven ...

Prostate Volume Segmentation in TRUS using Hybrid Edge-Bhattacharyya Active Surfaces.

We present a new hybrid edge and region-based parametric deformable model, or active surface, for prostate volume segmentation in transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) images.

Influence of age, BMI and parity on the success rate of midurethral slings for stress urinary incontinence.

Our aim was to evaluate, in a second data analysis of the prospective randomized controlled trial conducted by Austrian Urogynaecology Working Group, the effect of age, BMI and parity at the time of surgery on short- and long-term outcomes of women primarily treated for SUI (stress urinary incontinence) with midurethral slings.

Active Iris in Retinopathy of Prematurity and Regression Following Intravitreal Ranibizumab Injection.

Classic active iris vasculature in retinopathy of prematurity is shown, as well as regression within 24 hours of off-label ranibizumab injection (0.25 mg) in both eyes. [Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging Retina. 2018;49:643-644.].

Older Age Predicts Biopsy and Radical Prostatectomy Grade Reclassification to Aggressive Prostate Cancer in Men on Active Surveillance.

Age at prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis has been positively associated with PCa-specific mortality, and for men on active surveillance (AS), a higher risk of biopsy grade reclassification (BGR) to Gleason score ≥3+4 (grade group [GG]≥2); however, the association between age and BGR to an aggressive phenotype (Gleason score ≥4+3 [GG≥3]) has not been explored.

Can urine osteopontin levels, which may be correlated with nutrition intake and body composition, be used as a new biomarker in the diagnosis of nephrolithiasis?

The nephrolithiasis has a multifactorial etiology resulting from the interaction of metabolic, genetic and environmental factors. Parameters such as nutrition and urinary osteopontin (OPN) level may affect kidney stone formation. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the correlation between urinary OPN level and kidney stone formation and effect of nutrition on OPN level in nephrolithiasis.

Bioactivity-guided isolation of β-Carboline alkaloids with potential anti-hepatoma effect from Picrasma quassioides (D. Don) Benn.

β-Carboline alkaloids in Picrasma quassioides (D. Don) Benn. have been proven to possess inhibitory activity against various cancer cells. However, their effect on hepatocellular carcinoma and structure-activity relationships (SAR) have not been systematically reported. In this work, bioactivity-directed fractionation of P. quassioides led to the separation of active fraction A2-2. A total of 39 ...

Ganoderma lucidum: Persuasive biologically active constituents and their health endorsement.

Ganoderma lucidum comprises probably 400 different biologically active constituents principally polysaccharides, triterpenoids, proteins, enzymes, steroids, sterols, nucleotides, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which have been proved to have several therapeutical properties to control various diseases. Broad spectrum of its pharmacological actions have been established which include immunomodul...

Preclinical evaluation of the diuretic and saluretic effects of (-)-epicatechin and the result of its combination with standard diuretics.

Several studies have suggested that (-)-epicatechin-containing foods and plant extracts benefit conditions that affect the cardiovascular system, such as hypertension and endothelial dysfunction. However, no study was conducted so far to evaluate the potential of this flavonoid on diuretic activity assay. For that, female Wistar normotensive (NTR) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) received...

Prognostic Implication of Urothelial Stem Cell Markers Differs According to Primary Tumour Location in Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer.

This study aimed to validate the value of urothelial stem cell (USC) markers ΔNp63, integrin β4, CD47, and CD44v6 in predicting the prognosis of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) located in different anatomic regions of bladder.

Detection of the designer benzodiazepine flunitrazolam in urine and preliminary data on its metabolism.

Designer benzodiazepines emerged as recreational drugs and are available via the Internet without control and are found in the form of falsified (fake) medicines. For some of them, limited information concerning their effects, their toxicity and their detection in bio fluids are available in the literature. For others, nothing has been published, as in the case for flunitrazolam (FNTZ). In order t...

Automated quantification of low amplitude rhythmic contractions (LARC) during real-world urodynamics identifies a potential detrusor overactivity subgroup.

Detrusor overactivity (DO) is characterized by non-voiding detrusor smooth muscle contractions during the bladder filling phase and often contributes to overactive bladder. In some patients DO is observed as isolated or sporadic contractions, while in others DO is manifested as low amplitude rhythmic contractions (LARC). The aim of this study was to develop an objective method to quantify LARC fre...

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