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A Mail Audit Independent Peer Review System for Dosimetry Verification of a Small Animal Irradiator.

Dedicated precision orthovoltage small animal irradiators have become widely available in the past decade and are commonly used for radiation biology research. However, there is a lack of dosimetric standardization among these irradiators, which affects the reproducibility of radiation-based animal studies. The purpose of this study was to develop a mail-based, independent peer review system to ve...

Chasing the Pack: Association between Urology Hospital Rankings and Surgical Outcome.

Editorial Comment.

Editorial Comment.

Clustered Microcysts at Breast US: Outcomes and Updates for Appropriate Management Recommendations.

Background Clustered microcysts are common, especially in perimenopausal women, and are seen in up to 6% of US examinations. However, there are limited published data on appropriate assessment and management recommendations for clustered microcysts on breast US images. Purpose To determine outcomes of lesions identified as clustered microcysts on breast US images to help guide appropriate manageme...

Mortality Outcomes of Vertebral Augmentation (Vertebroplasty and/or Balloon Kyphoplasty) for Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Background Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (OVCFs) are prevalent, with associated morbidity and mortality. Vertebral augmentation (VA), defined as either vertebroplasty and/or balloon kyphoplasty (BKP), is a minimally invasive surgical treatment to reduce pain and further collapse and/or renew vertebral body height by introducing bone cement into fractured vertebrae. Nonsurgical manag...

Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Diffusion-weighted MRI of Infiltrated Marrow for Predicting Overall Survival in Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Background Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) features relatively low overall survival (OS). Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) diffusion-weighted MRI separates tissue microcapillary perfusion and diffusivity and may have potential for helping to assess prognosis in infiltrated marrow disease apart from solid tumor. Thus, a study of overall survival would contribute to clarifying the value of IVIM for ...

Quantitative Dynamic Oxygen 17 MRI at 7.0 T for the Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Glioma.

Background Altered metabolism is a characteristic of cancer. Because of a shift in glucose metabolism from oxidative phosphorylation to lactate production for energy generation, malignant tumors are characterized by increased glycolysis followed by lactic acid fermentation, even in the presence of abundant oxygen (the Warburg effect). Purpose To quantitatively investigate dynamic oxygen 17 (O) MRI...

Multiphase MR Angiography Collateral Map: Functional Outcome after Acute Anterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke.

Background Collateral circulation determines tissue fate and affects treatment result in acute ischemic stroke. A precise method for collateral estimation in an optimal imaging protocol is necessary to make an appropriate treatment decision for acute ischemic stroke. Purpose To verify the value of multiphase collateral imaging data sets (MR angiography collateral map) derived from dynamic contrast...

Preparing Medical Imaging Data for Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to garner substantial interest in medical imaging. The potential applications are vast and include the entirety of the medical imaging life cycle from image creation to diagnosis to outcome prediction. The chief obstacles to development and clinical implementation of AI algorithms include availability of sufficiently large, curated, and representative trainin...

Time to Clarify Common Misconceptions about the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System for Contrast-enhanced US.

Our Experience with an Exciting Addition to Contemporary Radiology Literature.

Evaluation of subcutaneous administration of alfaxalone-midazolam and dexmedetomidine-midazolam for sedation of ball pythons .

To evaluate SC administration of alfaxalone-midazolam and dexmedetomidine-midazolam for sedation of ball pythons

Pathology in Practice.

Characteristics of antebrachial fractures associated with a successful outcome among free-ranging birds of prey that received treatment in a rehabilitation program.

To identify characteristics of antebrachial fractures associated with a successful outcome (ie, bird released back into the wild after regaining normal flight ability, without being returned to the rehabilitation program within 1 month afterward) for free-ranging birds of prey admitted to a rehabilitation program.

Comparison of results for body-mounted inertial sensor assessment with final lameness determination in 1,224 equids.

To compare results for initial body-mounted inertial sensor (BMIS) measurement of lameness in equids trotting in a straight line with definitive findings after full lameness evaluation.

Pathology in Practice.

What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?

ECG of the Month.

Comparison of lateral surgical margins of up to two centimeters with margins of three centimeters for achieving tumor-free histologic margins following excision of grade I or II cutaneous mast cell tumors in dogs.

To determine whether conservative lateral surgical margins (equal to tumor diameter for tumors < 2 cm in diameter or 2 cm for larger tumors) were noninferior to wide (3-cm) lateral surgical margins for achieving tumor-free histologic margins following excision of grade I and II cutaneous mast cell tumors (MCTs) in dogs.

What Is Your Diagnosis?

Member interests drive House of Delegates action.

Diagnostic Imaging in Veterinary Dental Practice.

Letters to the Editor.

sp. nov., sp. nov., and sp. nov., isolated from gastric mucosa of red foxes ().

Six -like isolates were recovered from 15 gastric mucosa samples of red foxes () shot by hunters in the surroundings of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Gram-negative, tightly coiled, intensely motile, 7-15 µm long and ≤1 µm wide bacteria grew on the biphasic blood agar plates. By using a genus-specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR), all isolates were confirmed as sp. and subsequently subjected to ...

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