LVL Kickstarter Pre-Order Campaign Surpasses $1 Million

04:06 EDT 19 Oct 2016 | PR Newswire

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitness technology company BSX Technologies today announced its Kickstarter pre-order campaign for the all-new LVL (pronounced "Level") wearable device surpassed the $1M mark, far exceeding its initial goal of $50,000. Of the 315,000 campaigns created on Kickstarter to-date, only 198 have surpassed $1 million in funding, placing LVL in the top .06 percent of the crowd-funding sites' initiatives. 

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LVL is a wrist-based fitness tracker that uses a smart sensor with patented red light technology to measure the body's real-time hydration levels. It also measures heart rate, sleep quality, activity, calories and mood, all in real-time and more accurately than other wearables.

"It's clear LVL is resonating with athletes and non-athletes alike," said Dustin Freckleton MD, founder and CEO of BSX Technologies. "Dehydration is a pervasive problem among the general population, and the success of our campaign shows LVL is solving an important need in the marketplace among people who want to live a healthier life."

Seventy-five percent of the American population is in a chronic state of dehydration, which Freckleton learned at age 24 when he suffered a stroke caused by dehydration while in medical school. After spending three months recovering from its devastating effects, Freckleton dedicated himself to developing smarter sensing technology for real-time action.

Freckleton founded BSX in 2012, and the company's team of medical doctors, sports scientists and medical device engineers has since developed the LVL technology. Unlike other wearables, which use green light technology, LVL's red light (near-infrared light, traditionally used in hospitals), looks 10x deeper into the body and measures 10x as many physiologic signals simultaneously, all with industry-leading accuracy

LVL is capable of tracking a person's current hydration state, as well as measuring the exact volume needed to achieve optimal hydration. It then integrates these recommendations with sleep and activity tracking to precisely show the immediate benefits for smarter hydration and the trended improvements a person has experienced over time, including: better sleep, clearer thinking, improved exercise ability, healthier skin, weight reduction and much more.

With customizable straps available in a variety of materials, LVL stands out in a sea of sameness amongst other fitness wearables. Its findings are displayed on a full-color touch screen via a complementary smartphone app.

There are seven days left in the Kickstarter pre-order campaign for LVL, which will ship and hit retail shelves early summer 2017 for $199.00.

About BSX

BSX Technologies is a wearable sensor company with an integrated optical sensor that simultaneously measures the body's most critical bio signals - including hydration, heart and respiratory rate, oxygen and more. BSX is dedicated to using self-learning, sensor-driven technology to revolutionize the quantified-self experience and is focused on leveraging cutting-edge science to further our understanding of the human body. BSX is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2012.

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