Container system for enabling commercial production of cryopreserved cell therapy products.

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Summary of "Container system for enabling commercial production of cryopreserved cell therapy products."

Aim: The expansion of cellular therapeutics will require large-scale manufacturing processes to expand and package cell products, which may not be feasible with current blood-banking bag technology. This study investigated the potential for freezing, storing and shipping cell therapy products using novel pharmaceutical-grade Crystal Zenith((R)) (CZ) plastic vials. Materials & methods: CZ vials (0.5, 5 and 30 ml volume) with several closure systems were filled with mesenchymal stem cells and stored at either -85 or -196 degrees C for 6 months. Vials were tested for their ability to maintain cell viability, proliferative and differentiation capacity, as well as durability and integrity utilizing a 1-m drop test. As controls, 2 ml polypropylene vials were investigated under the same conditions. Results: Post-thaw viability utilizing a dye exclusion assay was over 95% in all samples. Stored cells exhibited rapid recovery 2 h post-thaw and cultures were approximately 70% confluent within 5-7 days, consistent with nonfrozen controls and indicative of functional recovery. Doubling times were consistent over all vials. The doubling rate for cells from CZ vials were 2.14 +/- 0.83 days (1 week), 1.84 +/- 0.68 days (1 month) and 1.79 +/- 0.71 days (6 months), which were not significantly different compared with frozen and fresh controls. Cells recovered from the vials exhibited trilineage differentiation consistent with controls. As part of vial integrity via drop testing, no evidence of external damage was found on vial surfaces or on closure systems. Furthermore, the filled vials stored for 6 months were tested for container closure integrity. Vials removed from freezer conditions were transported to the test laboratory on dry ice and tested using pharmaceutical packaging tests, including dye ingress and microbial challenge. The results of all stoppered vials indicated container closure integrity with no failures. Conclusion: Pharmaceutical-grade plastic CZ vials, which are commercially used to package pharmaceutical products, are suitable for low-temperature storage and transport of mesenchymal stem cells, and are a scalable container system for commercial manufacturing and fill-finish operation of cell therapy products.


General BioTechnology, LLC, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

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Name: Regenerative medicine
ISSN: 1746-076X
Pages: 659-67


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Compressed gases or vapors in a container which, upon release of pressure and expansion through a valve, carry another substance from the container. They are used for cosmetics, household cleaners, and so on. Examples are BUTANES; CARBON DIOXIDE; FLUOROCARBONS; NITROGEN; and PROPANE. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)

A process in which peripheral blood is exposed in an extracorporeal flow system to photoactivated 8-methoxypsoralen (METHOXSALEN) and ultraviolet light - a procedure known as PUVA THERAPY. Photopheresis is at present a standard therapy for advanced cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; it shows promise in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Specialized cells of the hematopoietic system that have branch-like extensions. They are found throughout the lymphatic system, and in non-lymphoid tissues such as SKIN and the epithelia of the intestinal, respiratory, and reproductive tracts. They trap and process ANTIGENS, and present them to T-CELLS, thereby stimulating CELL-MEDIATED IMMUNITY. They are different from the non-hematopoietic FOLLICULAR DENDRITIC CELLS, which have a similar morphology and immune system function, but with respect to humoral immunity (ANTIBODY PRODUCTION).

Treatment using irradiation with LASER light of low power intensity so that the effects are not due to heat, as in LASER THERAPY. These non-thermal effects are thought to be mediated by a photochemical reaction that alters CELL MEMBRANE PERMEABILITY, leading to increased mRNA synthesis and CELL PROLIFERATION. Low-level laser therapy has been used for a wide variety of conditions, but most frequently for wound healing and pain control.

A fractionated cell extract that maintains a biological function. A subcellular fraction isolated by ultracentrifugation or other separation techniques must first be isolated so that a process can be studied free from all of the complex side reactions that occur in a cell. The cell-free system is therefore widely used in cell biology. (From Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2d ed, p166)

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