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Organochlorine chemicals and neurodegeneration among elderly subjects in Costa Rica.

We previously screened 400 elderly Costa Ricans for neurodegenerative disease. Those reporting occupational pesticide exposure (18%) had an increased Parkinson׳s disease (PD) risk (OR 2.57, 95% CI 0.91-7.26), and worse cognition (Mini-Mental States Exam (MMSE) 24.5 versus 25.9 points, p=0.01). We subsequently measured long-lasting organochlorine pesticides (β-HCH, DDE, DDT, and dieldrin) in a sub-sample (n=89). Dieldrin and β-HCH have been linked to PD, and DDE to Alzheimer׳s disease.


Exposure to elevated temperatures and risk of preterm birth in Valencia, Spain.

Prematurity is the second-leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 worldwide. It is predicted that the future climate will have more intense, longer lasting and frequent extreme heat episodes, and so the temperature effect on the risk of preterm birth is generating considerable interest in the public health field. Our aim was to explore the potential short-term effects of elevated temperatures on the risk of preterm birth in Valencia (Spain).


A systematic study of the disposition and metabolism of mercury species in mice after exposure to low levels of thimerosal (ethylmercury).

Thimerosal (TM) is an ethylmercury (etHg)-containing preservative used in some vaccines despite very limited knowledge on the kinetics and direct interaction/effects in mammals׳ tissues after exposure. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the kinetics of Hg species in mice in a time course analysis after intramuscular injection of TM, by estimating Hg half-lives in blood and tissues. Mice were exposed to one single intramuscular dose of 20µg of Hg as TM. Blood, brain, heart, kidney and liver were collected ...


Low-level mercury in children: Associations with sleep duration and cytokines TNF-α and IL-6.

There is a sizeable literature suggesting that mercury (Hg) exposure affects cytokine levels in humans. In addition to their signaling role in the immune system, some cytokines are also integrally associated with sleep behavior. In this cross-sectional study of 9-11 year old children (N=100), we measured total blood Hg in whole blood, serum levels of tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) and interleukin 6 (IL-6), and objectively measured sleep and activity using actigraphy. Increasing blood Hg was associated wi...


In utero and peripubertal exposure to phthalates and BPA in relation to female sexual maturation.

The age of pubertal onset for girls has declined over past decades. Research suggests that endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may play a role but exposure at multiple stages of development has not been considered. We examined in utero and peripubertal exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates in relation to serum hormones and sexual maturation among females in a Mexico City birth cohort. We measured phthalate metabolite and BPA concentrations in urine collected from mothers during their third trimeste...


A short-term laboratory and in situ sediment assay based on the postexposure feeding of the estuarine isopod Cyathura carinata.

In situ assays based on feeding depression have been proposed as sublethal assays able to assess immediate contaminant effects on key ecosystem functions, long before effects on life-history traits can be detected. The in situ peculiarities provide more realistic exposure scenarios than laboratory-controlled conditions, which is particularly relevant for estuarine ecosystems where environmental conditions are highly variable. In this context, we developed a short-term cost-effective in situ assay based on t...


Persistent organic pollutants and liver dysfunction biomarkers in a population-based human sample of men and women.

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are stable organic compounds generated through different industrial activities. Liver is involved in the metabolism of POPs, and hence exposure to POPs may interfere with liver function. Although a few studies have shown adverse effects of POPs on liver function, large-scale studies involving humans are lacking. We performed this large population-based cross-sectional study to assess the associations between different POPs and liver dysfunction biomarkers.


Concentrations of phthalates and bisphenol A in Norwegian foods and beverages and estimated dietary exposure in adults.

Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are ubiquitous in our environment. These chemicals have been characterized as endocrine disruptors that can cause functional impairment of development and reproduction. Processed and packaged foods are among the major sources of human exposure to these chemicals. No previous report showing the levels of these chemicals in food items purchased in Norway is available. The aim of the present study was to determine the concentration of ten different phthalates and BPA in foods a...


Evidence for the gastrointestinal discomfort hypothesis of running-based taste aversion.

Voluntary running in an activity wheel establishes aversion to paired taste in rats. A proposed mechanism underlying this taste aversion learning is gastrointestinal discomfort caused by running. We tested this hypothesis by measuring the pica behavior (kaolin clay intake) of rats, because it is known that rats engage in pica behavior after various nausea-inducing treatments including irradiation, motion sickness, and injection of emetic drugs such as lithium chloride (LiCl). Following a demonstration of th...


Infant temperament and feeding history predict infants' responses to novel foods.

The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether infant temperament and previous feeding history were associated with infants' acceptance and rejection of a novel food at 12 months of age. Mother-infant dyads (n = 89) were video-recorded during a novel food (hummus, cottage cheese) feeding task. Infants' reactions (acceptance and rejection behaviors) and maternal responsiveness and affect during the interaction were coded from the recordings by teams of coders. Mothers reported on their infants' ...


Chefs move to schools: a pilot examination of how chef-created dishes can increase school lunch participation and fruit and vegetable intake.

To demonstrate the feasibility of introducing a main dish designed by a professional chef in the National School Lunch Program and to document the impact on child participation, a chef was recruited to design pizza to be served in an upstate New York school district. The pizza was designed to meet both the cost and ingredient requirements of the NSLP. High school students were significantly more likely to select the pizza prepared by the chef. While the chef had no significant impact on main dish consumptio...


Social and individual determinants of adolescents' acceptance of novel healthy and cool snack products.

Four new, healthy snack products, consisting of fruit, vegetables, bread, dip and topping, were tested with 600 Danish adolescents aged 9-16. Participants could view, handle, and test the products in a school setting. Acceptance was measured by overall buying intention, as well as buying intention contingent on specific substitutes and on the social situation. Price consciousness, health consciousness, snack neophobia, peer influence, social activities and word-of-mouth were measured as potential determinan...


Chocolate craving and disordered eating: beyond the gender divide?

Chocolate craving in women has previously been linked to disordered eating behaviors. A relatively higher prevalence of eating disorder pathology may account for the fact that chocolate craving is significantly more common in women in North America, compared to many other countries. While support for a causal role of disordered eating in the etiology of craving in women is growing, little is known about the extent to which food cravings are associated with disordered eating behaviors in men. This study was ...


Modeling of eating style and its effect on intake.

Observational research has indicated that modeling of eating style might occur when eating in the presence of an eating companion. This experiment investigated the effect of bite frequency of a same-sex eating companion on bite frequency, meal size and meal duration. A total of 30 normal weight young adults (m/f=8/22, age:21.2±1.9 yr, BMI: 21.2±1.6 kg/m(2)) had three ad libitum meals together with a same-sex confederate (i.e. instructed eating companion). Confederates were instructed to eat at a slow (3 b...


Suppressing bubble shielding effect in shock wave lithotripsy by low intensity pulsed ultrasound.

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) has been used as an effective modality to fragment kidney calculi. Because of the bubble shielding effect in the pre-focal region, the acoustic energy delivered to the focus is reduced. Low pulse repetition frequency (PRF) will be applied to dissolve these bubbles for better stone comminution efficiency. In this study, low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) beam was aligned perpendicular to the axis of a shock wave (SW) lithotripter at its focus. The light trans...


An analysis of the segmentation threshold used in axial-shear strain elastography.

Axial-shear strain elastography was introduced recently to image the tumor-host tissue boundary bonding characteristics. The image depicting the axial-shear strain distribution in a tissue under axial compression was termed as an axial-shear strain elastogram (ASSE). It has been demonstrated through simulation, tissue-mimicking phantom experiments, and retrospective analysis of in vivo breast lesion data that metrics quantifying the pattern of axial-shear strain distribution on ASSE can be used as features ...


Vitamin D puts the brakes on angiotensin II-induced oxidative stress and vascular smooth muscle cell senescence.

Signaling via both vitamin D (VitD) and the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) plays important roles in physiological processes. Evidence has mounted linking cardiovascular disease to both increased activity of the RAS and VitD deficiency. Although several studies have established functional relationships between the RAS and VitD, many aspects of their complex interaction remain unknown. In this issue of Atherosclerosis, Valcheva and colleagues show that defective VitD signaling can promote vascular damage by i...


Periodontal bacteria in human carotid atherothrombosis as a potential trigger for neutrophil activation.

Epidemiological, biological and clinical links between periodontal and cardiovascular diseases are now well established. Several human studies have detected bacterial DNA corresponding to periodontal pathogens in cardiovascular samples. Intraplaque hemorrhage has been associated with a higher risk of atherosclerotic plaque rupture, potentially mediated by neutrophil activation. In this study, we hypothesized that plaque composition may be related to periodontal pathogens.


Early inflammatory cytokine response: A direct comparison between spontaneous coronary plaque destabilization vs angioplasty induced.

To compare inflammatory response accompanying acute coronary syndrome (ACS) with that following coronary plaque rupture caused by coronary angioplasty (PCI).


Metapragmatic explicitation ability in children with typical language development: Development and validation of a novel clinical assessment.

Speech-language practitioners recognise the importance of metapragmatic (MP) ability (the ability to explicitly reflect on pragmatic rules) in therapy for children with pragmatic and social communication difficulties. There is inconclusive evidence in the literature regarding both the development of metapragmatic ability in children with typical language and the expected levels of explicitation (reflection on pragmatic behaviours) in children's metapragmatic descriptions. The main purposes of this study wer...


Physical activity Correlates with glutamate receptor gene expression in spinally-projecting RVLM Neurons: A laser capture microdissection study.

Physical inactivity is an important risk factor in the development of cardiovascular disease. The rostral ventrolateral portion of the medulla (RVLM) is composed of heterogeneous populations of neurons that are involved in the regulation of the cardiovascular system. Because of functional heterogeneity, studying the changes in the gene expression of this specific population of neurons within the RVLM is challenging. In the present study, a fluorescent retrograde tracer was injected into the spinal cord to s...


Autophagy and ER-stress contribute to photoreceptor degeneration in cultured adult porcine retina.

The aim of this study was to investigate rod and cone photoreceptor degeneration in organotypic cultures of adult porcine retina. Our hypothesis was that the photoreceptors accumulate opsins, which, together with exposure to cyclic dim light illumination, induce autophagy and endoplasmic reticulum stress (ER-stress) to overcome damaging protein overload. For this purpose, retinas were cultured for 48h and 72h during which they were illuminated with dim light for 8h/day; specimens were analyzed by means of i...


Human thalamic and amygdala modulation in emotional scene perception.

Emotional scene perception is associated with enhanced activity in ventral occipitotemporal cortex and amygdala. While a growing body of research supports the perspective that emotional perception is organized via amygdala feedback to rostral ventral visual cortex, the contributions of high-order thalamic structures strongly associated with visual attention, specifically the mediodorsal nucleus and pulvinar, have not been well investigated. Here we sample the activity of amygdala, MDN, pulvinar, and extrast...


Shotgun proteome analysis of honeybee venom using targeted enrichment strategies.

The aim of this study was to explore the honeybee venom proteome applying a shotgun proteomics approach using different enrichment strategies (combinatorial peptide ligand libraries and solid phase extraction). The studies were conducted using nano-LC/MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS system. The MS analysis of peptide profiles (in the range of 900 - 4500 Da) and virtual gel-image of proteins from Lab-on-Chip assay (in the range of 10 - 250 kDa) confirm that use of targeted enrichment strategies increase detection of honeyb...


Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina poisoning: Two syndromes.

A. muscaria contains more excitatory ibotenic acid and less depressant muscimol compared to A. pantherina. In this study A. muscaria poisoned patients were more often confused (26/32, p=0.01) and agitated (20/32, p=0.03) compared to those poisoned with A. pantherina (8/17 and 5/17). Patients poisoned with A. pantherina were more commonly comatose (5/17) compared to those poisoned with A. muscaria (2/32) (p=0.03). In conclusion, the so-called ibotenic or pantherina-muscaria syndrome might be divided into two...

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