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Mechanisms of Nanoglass Ultrastability.

The origin of the astonishing properties of recently discovered ultrastable nanoglasses is presently not well understood. Nanoglasses appear to exhibit density variations not common in bulk glasses and differ significantly in thermal, magnetic, biocompatible and mechanic properties from the bulk materials of the same composition. Here, we investigate a generic model system that permits modeling of both the physical vapor deposition process (PVD) of the nanoparticles and their consolidation into a nanoglass....

Genomic Meningococcal Load in the Nasopharynx of Children with Meningococcal Disease.

This study demonstrates the feasibility of using quantitative real time PCR to measure genomic bacterial load in the nasopharynx of children with invasive meningococcal disease and shows that these loads are exceptionally high (median 6.6 x 10 (Range 1.2 x 10 to 1.1 x 10) genome copies of Neisseria meningitidis per swab).

Prolonged Shedding of Human Parechovirus in Feces of Young Children After Symptomatic Infection.

After symptomatic human parechovirus (HPeV) infection in infants, the duration of (mostly asymptomatic) shedding in feces was 2-24 weeks (median 58 days). HPeV Ct-value could neither differentiate between symptomatic disease and asymptomatic shedding nor between severe and mild disease as high Ct-values (indicating low viral loads) were observed in HPeV3-infected children with severe disease.

Cytomegalovirus Enterocolitis in Immunocompetent Young Children: A Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) causes significant morbidity and mortality in congenitally-infected children and immunocompromised hosts. Among healthy individuals, CMV is generally thought to cause mild, self-limited illness. CMV enterocolitis, in particular, is rarely considered among immunocompetent children presenting with diarrhea. We describe two cases of invasive CMV colitis in immunocompetent infants presenting with diarrhea, and review the literature to date on this topic. Although invasive CMV enterocolitis...

Impact of the Increased Recommended Dosage of Isoniazid on Pyridoxine Levels in Children and Adolescents.

Isoniazid exposure causes dose-dependent pyridoxine deficiency. Recently, the recommended dosage of isoniazid in children was increased from 5(4-6) to 10(10-15) mg/kg/day. We aimed to analyze longitudinally pyridoxine levels in a cohort of previously healthy children and adolescents treated with isoniazid. Mild symptom-free pyridoxine deficiency was observed in 4/75(5.6%) and 3/40(7.5%) at baseline and at 3-month follow-up, respectively. Classical age-related risk factors identified patients at risk of pyri...

Enterovirus infections of the central nervous system in children - an update.

Therapeutic drug monitoring for anti-infective agents in pediatrics: the way forward.

Effects of propylene carbonate content in CsPF6-containing electrolytes on the enhanced performances of graphite electrode for lithium-ion batteries.

The effects of propylene carbonate (PC) content in CsPF6-containing electrolytes on the performances of graphite electrode in lithium half cells and in graphite||LiNi0.80Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA) full cells are investigated. It is found that the performance of graphite electrode is significantly affected by PC content in the CsPF6-containing electrolytes. An optimal PC content of 20% by weight in the solvent mixtures is identified. The enhanced electrochemical performance of graphite electrode can be attributed ...

The Impact of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy on Efficacy and Safety in a Cohort of Type 1 Diabetes Patients: A 3-Year Prospective Study.

Several studies have found improved glycemic control with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion compared with multiple daily insulin injections for patients with type 1 diabetes, albeit for a relatively short-period of follow-up. This prospective study presents for the first time the optimization of glycemic control with insulin pumps in a cohort of Greek patients with type 1 diabetes for a 3-year follow-up period during the socioeconomic crisis in Greece.

Comparative evaluation of features and techniques for identifying activity type and estimating energy cost from accelerometer data.

Wearable accelerometers can be used to objectively assess physical activity. However, the accuracy of this assessment depends on the underlying method used to process the time series data obtained from accelerometers. Several methods have been proposed that use this data to identify the type of physical activity and estimate its energy cost. Most of the newer methods employ some machine learning technique along with suitable features to represent the time series data. This paper experimentally compares seve...

Nonclassical 21-Homododecahedryl Cation Rearrangement Revisited.

The degenerate rearrangement in the 21-homododecahedryl cation (1) has been studied via density functional theory computations and Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics simulations. Compound 1 can be described as a highly fluxional hyperconjugated carbocation. Complete scrambling of 1 can be achieved by the combination of two unveiled barrierless processes. The first one is a "rotation" of one of the six-membered rings via a 0.8 kcal·mol(-1) barrier, and the second one is a slower interconvertion between two...

Exchange coupling inversion in a high-spin organic triradical molecule.

The magnetic properties of a nanoscale system are inextricably linked to its local environment. In ad-atoms on surfaces and inorganic layered structures the exchange interactions result from the relative lattice positions, layer thicknesses and other environmental parameters. Here, we report on a sample-dependent sign inversion of the magnetic exchange coupling between the three unpaired spins of an organic triradical molecule embedded in a three-terminal device. This ferro-to-antiferromagnetic transition i...

A Hospital-Based Advance Care Planning Intervention for Patients with Heart Failure: A Feasibility Study.

Early discussions about advance care planning (ACP) have been associated with improved patient and caregiver outcomes for patients with serious illness. Many patients with heart failure (HF) may benefit from more timely ACP, in part due to the unpredictable trajectory of the disease.

The Application of Aptamers for Immunohistochemistry.

Immunohistochemistry has helped to make surgical pathology the "gold" standard for tumor diagnosis. However, given the numerous problems associated with the use of antibodies for the staining of cellular markers in paraffin-embedded tissues, there is a requirement for novel agents that have the advantages of antibodies, but with few of the disadvantages. Aptamers, which are chemical antibodies, are highly specific and sensitive, like their protein counterparts, but display few of the disadvantages. These mo...

Self-assembly of structures with addressable complexity.

The self-assembly of structures with 'addressable complexity' - where every component is distinct and is programmed to occupy a specific location within a target structure - is a promising route to engineer- ing materials with precisely defined morphologies. Because systems with many components are inherently complicated, one might assume that the chances of successful self-assembly are extraordinarily small. Yet recent advances suggest otherwise: addressable structures with hundreds of distinct building bl...

RN-BSN Students' Perceptions of the Differences in Practice of the ADN- and BSN-Prepared RN.

This study explored RN-BSN students' perceptions of practice differences between nurses prepared with an ADN and BSN. Five themes were identified in 20 students' discussion posts: "a nurse is a nurse" at the bedside, beyond the bedside, BSN wanted, digging deeper, and appraisal. Results illustrate the need for educators to assist nurses in translating the differentiated educational competencies to the practice role of the bedside RN.

Conducting a Multisite Education Research Project: Strategies to Overcome the Barriers to Achieve the Benefits.

Multisite education research projects have many benefits as well as perceived barriers. In this article, we share our experiences with a multisite education research project and the barriers we overcame to reap the benefits. The outcome of our research resulted in increased rigor, role-modeling professional collaboration, and promotion of future multisite education studies. The strategies presented in this article will help alleviate perceived barriers and ameliorate the process of conducting multisite educ...

Palliative Care Education in Nurse Practitioner Programs: A Survey of Academic Deans.

The need for clinicians trained in palliative care will increase as more Americans live with life-limiting illness. Although multiple studies have described the nature of palliative care education in prelicensure programs, there have been no similar studies of nurse practitioner programs. We surveyed 101 nurse practitioner programs. Most programs provide little instruction in palliative care; education is often limited to a few hours of lecture. One-third of programs offer no instruction. Although palliativ...

Use of Standardized Patients to Enhance Simulation of Medication Administration.

Thermodynamic Study on the Protonation Reactions of Glyphosate in Aqueous Solution: Potentiometry, Calorimetry and NMR spectroscopy.

Glyphosate [N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine] has been described as the ideal herbicide because of its unique properties. There is some conflicting information concerning the structures and conformations involved in the protonation process of glyphosate. Protonation may influence the chemical and physical properties of glyphosate, modifying its structure and the chemical processes in which it is involved. To better understand the species in solution associated with changes in pH, thermodynamic study (potentiometr...

Bone regeneration in rat femoral defects after osteotomy with surgical ultrasound.

To evaluate bone healing after osteotomy by surgical drill (D) and piezoelectric ultrasound (U), Wistar rats were submitted to femoral osteotomy and submitted to histological analysis. After 60 h, slight (83.3%) and moderate (3.4%) inflammatory areas were frequent in the U defects whereas D group presented moderate (33.3%) and severe (16.6%) inflammatory infiltrate (P

Comparative CBCT evaluation of the efficacy of Nd:YAG laser and K3 rotary system in non-surgical root canal retreatment.

The aim of the present study was to compare the efficacy of Nd:YAG laser and K3 rotary system in the non-surgical root canal retreatment.

Retrospective review of 78 rehabilitated head and neck postoncological patients: a new classification method.

Numerous studies have been published about the prosthetic rehabilitation of the postoncological maxillo-facial patient, but the guidelines that emerge lack a correlation between the anatomical classification of the treated site, which generally is preparatory upon surgery, and the type of prosthetic rehabilitation appropriate to the new anatomical and functional condition. With this correlation, it would be possible to obtain a multidisciplinary and predictable therapeutic process, able to identify from the...

Prognostic value of lymph node ratio for locoregional failure in patients with advanced head and neck cancers.

In the current study, the utility of lymph node ratio (LNR) was evaluated as an alternative method for predicting locoregional failure in patients with advanced head and neck cancer.

Reliability and efficacy of palifermin in prevention and management of oral mucositis in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a randomized, double-blind controlled clinical trial.

Myeloablative and hematopoietic stem cells transplantation therapy (HSCT) often acts as side-effect to oral mucositis (OM) with no effective treatment. This randomized-controlled trial analyzed the efficacy of palifermin, administered as a dose during HSCT therapy, as primary prophylaxis on pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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