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Yoga Practice Improves Physiological and Biochemical Status at High Altitudes: A Prospective Case-control Study.

Context • High altitude (HA) is a psychophysiological stressor for natives of lower altitudes. Reducing the morbidity and optimizing the performance of individuals deployed in an HA region has been attempted and reported with varied results. Objective • The present study intended to explore the effects of comprehensive yogic practices on the health and performance of Indian soldiers deployed at HAs. Design • The research team designed a prospective, randomized, case-control study.

Young Adult Perceptions of the British American Tobacco New Zealand Agree/Disagree Plain Packaging Counter-Campaign.

In 2012, British American Tobacco New Zealand (BATNZ) launched a mass media campaign branded "Agree/ Disagree" as a response to the New Zealand government's plans to introduce plain packaging. We examined young adult's views about the campaign to assist tobacco control policymakers in planning future interventions.

Yield of computed tomography pulmonary angiogram in the emergency department in cancer patients suspected to have pulmonary embolism.

The use of computed tomography pulmonary angiography (CTPA) in the emergency department (ED) for patients suspected to have pulmonary embolism (PE) has been steadily rising in the last 2decades. However, there are limited studies that specifically address the use of CTPA in the ED for cancer patients suspected to have PE. The objective of this study is to assess the rate of positive PE by CTPA in the ED in cancer patients and the variables that are associated with positive results.

Year's comments for 2015.

Yellow fever vaccination during treatment with infliximab in a patient with ulcerative colitis: A case report.

We report the case of a 59-year-old patient who accidentally underwent live vaccination against yellow fever during continuous treatment with the TNF-α-antibody (AB) infliximab for ulcerative colitis. The clinical course showed fever of short duration and elevation of liver enzymes without further clinical complications. Yellow fever viremia was not detectable and protective antibodies were developed. A primary vaccination against yellow fever under infliximab has not been reported in the literature befor...

Yttrium Doped Sb2Te3: A Promising Material for Phase-Change Memory.

Sb2Te3 exhibits outstanding performance among the candidate materials for phase-change memory, nevertheless, its low electrical resistivity and thermal stability hinder its practical application. Hence, numerous studies have been carried out to search suitable dopants to improve the performance, however, the explored dopants always cause phase separation and thus drastically reduce the reliability of phase-change memory. In this work, on the basis of ab initio calculations, we have identied yttrium (Y) as a...

Yo-Yo Diving and Risk of Decompression Sickness in Trainee Military Divers.

Young children, toddlers and school age children.

Cow´s milk represents a very important source of proteins of high biological value and calcium in the child´s diet. The aim of this article is to review the available evidences of its role in nutrition of young children and school age children. Its main benefits are related with effects in linear growth, bone health and oral health, as protein source in early severe malnutrition, and it does not appears to influence metabolic syndrome risk and autism. High protein content in cow´s milk and increased prot...

You Can't Treat What You Don't Diagnose: An Analysis of the Recognition of Somatic Presentations of Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care.

Research suggests that 13-25% of primary care patients who present with physical complaints have underlying depression or anxiety. The goal of this paper is to quantify and compare the frequency of the diagnosis of depression and anxiety in patients with a somatic reason for visit among primary care physicians across disciplines. Data obtained from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) from 2002 to 2010 was used to quantify primary care patients with somatic presentations who were given a diag...

Young infants view physically possible support events as unexpected: New evidence for rule learning.

It has been suggested that one of the mechanisms by which infants acquire their physical knowledge is rule learning: Infants generate rules about the likely outcomes of events and revise these rules when confronted with discrepant outcomes. This approach predicts that when infants' rules are only partially correct, they will view as unexpected events that are physically possible and even ordinary but happen to contradict their faulty rules. Here we provide evidence for this prediction in young infants' resp...

Yeast inoculation as a strategy to improve the physico-chemical and sensory properties of reduced salt fermented sausages produced with entire male fat.

Yeast inoculation of dry fermented sausages manufactured with entire male fat was evaluated as a strategy to improve sausage quality. Four different formulations with entire male/gilt back fat and inoculated/non-inoculated with Debaryomyces hansenii were manufactured. The use of entire male back fat produced the highest weight losses, hardness and chewiness in dry sausages. Consumers clearly distinguished samples according to drying time and D. hansenii inoculation while the use of entire/gilt back fat was ...

Yellow urticaria: report of two cases and review of the literature.

Urticaria is a common skin disease characterized by transient appearance of itchy smooth and slightly elevated erythematous papules or plaques (wheals). It results from transient extravasation of plasma into the dermis that leads to dermal edema. By definition, individual lesions resolve without scarring in less than 24 hours. The diagnosis is based on detailed patient history and physical examination and skin biopsy is rarely required to confirm the diagnosis. This article is protected by copyright. All ri...

Y90 Radioembolization Significantly Prolongs Time to Progression Compared With Chemoembolization in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

Conventional transarterial chemoembolization (cTACE) is used to treat patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Radioembolization is a minimally invasive procedure that involves implantation of radioactive micron-sized particles loaded with yttrium-90 (Y90) inside the blood vessels that supply a tumor. We performed a randomized, phase 2 study to compare the effects of cTACE and Y90 radioembolization in patients with HCC.

Young patient with complicated multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.

Yes-associated Protein Inhibits Transcription of Myocardin and Attenuates Differentiation of Vascular Smooth Muscle cell from Cardiovascular Progenitor Cell Lineage.

Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) derived from cardiovascular progenitor cell (CVPC) lineage populate the tunica media of the aortic root. Understanding differentiation of VSMCs from CVPC will further our understanding of the molecular mechanisms contributing to aortic root aneurysms, and thus, facilitate the development of novel therapeutic agents to prevent this devastating complication. It is established that the yes-associated protein (YAP) and Hippo pathway is important for VSMC proliferation and ph...

Young Man With Dyspnea.

Young Male With Painful Skin Necrosis.

Youths in the shantytowns (favelas) of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil: from social vulnerability to opportunities for human development.

Based on a review of living conditions in the complex and dynamic reality of the shantytowns ("favelas") of Rio de Janeiro and the main difficulties facing the human development of youths in this context, we analyze the social protection function involved in educational projects that offer new opportunities for life. In this article we analyze the relationship between the variables of social exclusion, poverty and violence, jointly grouped in the social vulnerability category, and the variables related to o...

Yoga for asthma.

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disorder affecting about 300 million people worldwide. As a holistic therapy, yoga has the potential to relieve both the physical and psychological suffering of people with asthma, and its popularity has expanded globally. A number of clinical trials have been carried out to evaluate the effects of yoga practice, with inconsistent results.

Yakushinamides, Polyoxygenated Fatty Acid Amides That Inhibit HDACs and SIRTs, from the Marine Sponge Theonella swinhoei.

Yakushinamides A (1) and B (2), prolyl amides of polyoxygenated fatty acids, have been isolated from the marine sponge Theonella swinhoei as inhibitors of HDACs and SIRTs. Their planar structures were determined by interpretation of the NMR data of the intact molecules and tandem FABMS data of the methanolysis products. For the assignment of the relative configurations of the three contiguous oxymethine carbons in 1 and 2, Kishi's universal NMR database was applied to the methanolysis products. During the a...

Y-box-binding protein 1 as a non-canonical factor of base excision repair.

Base excision repair (BER) is a flagship DNA repair system responsible for maintaining genome integrity. Apart from basal enzymes, this system involves several accessory factors essential for coordination and regulation of DNA processing during substrate channeling. Y-box-binding protein 1 (YB-1), a multifunctional factor that can interact with DNA, RNA, poly(ADP-ribose) and plenty of proteins including DNA repair enzymes, is increasingly considered as a non-canonical protein of BER. Here we provide quantit...

Young drivers' engagement with social interactive technology on their smartphone: Critical beliefs to target in public education messages.

The current study forms part of a larger study based on the Step Approach to Message Design and Testing (SatMDT), a new and innovative framework designed to guide the development and evaluation of health communication messages, including road safety messages. This four step framework is based on several theories, including the Theory of Planned Behaviour. The current study followed steps one and two of the SatMDT framework and utilised a quantitative survey to validate salient beliefs (behavioural, normativ...

Your patient has chronic leukemia: Now what?

Although still in their infancy, biologic therapies for hematologic cancers are making rapid strides, diminishing the role of chemotherapy and offering long-term remission. More patients are surviving cancer and therefore are increasingly being seen by primary care physicians, who must be aware of complications of standard and newer treatments and how to manage them.

You Can Teach an Old Drug New Tricks-Aminophylline for Cardiac Surgery-Associated Acute Kidney Injury.

Yeast Biodiversity in Vineyard Environments Is Increased by Human Intervention.

One hundred and five grape samples were collected during two consecutive years from 33 locations on seven oceanic islands of the Azores Archipelago. Grape samples were obtained from vineyards that were either abandoned or under regular cultivation involving common viticultural interventions, to evaluate the impact of regular human intervention on grape yeast biota diversity in vineyards. A total of 3150 yeast isolates were obtained and 23 yeast species were identified. The predominant species were Hansenias...

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