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Yolk testosterone affects growth and promotes individual-level consistency in behavioral lateralization of yellow-legged gull chicks.

Behavioral lateralization is common in animals and may be expressed at the individual and at the population level. The ontogenetic processes that control lateralization, however, are largely unknown. Well-established sex-dependence in androgen physiology and sex-dependent variation in lateralization have led to the hypothesis that testosterone (T) has organizational effects on lateralization. The effects of T exposure in early life on lateralization can be efficiently investigated by manipulating T levels i...

YiQi ChuTan Recipe Inhibits Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition of A549 Cells under Hypoxia.

This study aims to investigate mechanism of YiQi ChuTan Recipe (YCR) for inhibiting epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) of A549 cells under hypoxia. Flow cytometry was used to optimize YCR dosage by measuring A549 apoptosis, which were subjected to different treatments, including normal condition, hypoxia, hypoxia+YCR. Cell morphology and expression of EMT were measured with differential interference contrast microscopy, real-time PCR and western blot. Optimized condition of 4 mg/ml YCR and 2% O2 for 72...

Youth internalizing symptoms, sleep-related problems, and disordered eating attitudes and behaviors: A moderated mediation analysis.

Internalizing symptoms increase the risk for disordered eating; however, the mechanism through which this relationship occurs remains unclear. Sleep-related problems may be a potential link as they are associated with both emotional functioning and disordered eating. The present study aims to evaluate the mediating roles of two sleep-related problems (sleep disturbance and daytime sleepiness) in the relationship between youth internalizing symptoms and disordered eating, and to explore if age moderates thes...

Years of life lost (Yll) attributable to alcohol consumption in Mexico city.

The aim of this study was to estimate the YLL attributable to alcohol consumption in Mexico City from 2006 - 2012. Vital statistics on mortality attributable to alcohol consumption from the INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía) were used to determine YLL as well as the average age of death in relation to different age ranges by sex. A total estimate of 168,607 YLL was obtained, with an average loss of 18.32 years being observed for men and 17.54 years for women. Men accounted for a higher ...

Yoga and mental health services.

Y1-xScxBaZn3GaO7 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1): Structure Evolution by Sc-Doping and the First Example of Photocatalytic Water Reduction in "114" Oxides.

"114" oxides have shown intriguing physical properties while their performance in photocatalysis has not yet been reported probably due to the instability in aqueous solution. YBaZn3GaO7 is an exception, which is stable and indeed shows observable photocatalytic H2 evolution (∼2 μmol/h/g) in methanol aqueous solution under UV light. This activity was enhanced to 23.6 μmol/h/g by a full replacement of Y(3+) by Sc(3+). Optical absorption spectra and theoretical calculations show no significant difference ...

Young Adults' Access to Fertility Preservation Services at National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program Minority/Underserved Community Sites: A Qualitative Study.

This qualitative study aims to characterize the factors that influence access to fertility preservation (FP) resources and services after cancer diagnosis at NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) minority/underserved community sites, which serve patient populations comprising at least 30% racial/ethnic minorities or rural residents.

Yeast-Based High-Throughput Screens to Identify Novel Compounds Active against Brugia malayi.

Lymphatic filariasis is caused by the parasitic worms Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi or B. timori, which are transmitted via the bites from infected mosquitoes. Once in the human body, the parasites develop into adult worms in the lymphatic vessels, causing severe damage and swelling of the affected tissues. According to the World Health Organization, over 1.2 billion people in 58 countries are at risk of contracting lymphatic filariasis. Very few drugs are available to treat patients infected with the...

Youth friendly health services in a rural community of Lagos, Nigeria: are the youths receptive?

Globally, the youths constitute a major segment of most societies particularly in developing countries. This study was undertaken to assess the perception and practices related to youth friendly health services (YFHS) by in-school adolescents in a rural community of Lagos, Nigeria.

Yersinia spp. Identification Using Copy Diversity in the Chromosomal 16S rRNA Gene Sequence.

API 20E strip test, the standard for Enterobacteriaceae identification, is not sufficient to discriminate some Yersinia species for some unstable biochemical reactions and the same biochemical profile presented in some species, e.g. Yersinia ferderiksenii and Yersinia intermedia, which need a variety of molecular biology methods as auxiliaries for identification. The 16S rRNA gene is considered a valuable tool for assigning bacterial strains to species. However, the resolution of the 16S rRNA gene may be in...

Young people with Type 1 diabetes of non-white ethnicity and lower socio-economic status have poorer glycaemic control in England and Wales.

The impact of ethnicity and socio-economic status (SES) on glycaemic control during childhood Type 1 diabetes is poorly understood in England and Wales.

You're the Flight Surgeon.

Brown MR. You're the flight surgeon: vestibular neuritis. Aerosp Med Hum Perform. 2016; 87(2):150-152.

You're the Flight Surgeon.

Puchta P. You're the flight surgeon: erectile dysfunction. Aerosp Med Hum Perform. 2016; 87(2):152-155.

Yin Yang 1-mediated epigenetic silencing of tumour-suppressive microRNAs activates Nuclear Factor-κB in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 (EZH2) catalyses histone H3 lysine 27 trimethylation (H3K27me3) to silence tumour-suppressor genes in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) but the process of locus-specific recruitment remains elusive. Here we investigated the transcription factors involved and the molecular consequences in HCC development. The genome-wide distribution of H3K27me3 was determined by chromatin immunoprecipitation coupled with high-throughput sequencing or promoter array analyses in HCC cells from hepatit...

Yoga-based Psychotherapy Groups for Boys Exposed to Trauma in Urban Settings.

Background • Children who experience abuse and neglect and are exposed to adverse life events are at risk of developing emotional and behavioral problems. They may display variable internalizing and externalizing symptoms, such as posttraumatic stress, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and aggression. Yoga may be able to regulate body-brain pathways that cause stress following traumatic experiences, thereby reducing adverse mental and physical sequelae. Objective • The objective of this preliminary ...

Yield of emergent neuroimaging in children with new-onset seizure and status epilepticus.

To determine the yield of emergent neuroimaging among children with new-onset seizures presenting with status epilepticus.

Yersinia ruckeri lipopolysaccharide is necessary and sufficient for eliciting a protective immune response in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum).

Enteric redmouth disease (ERM), caused by Yersinia ruckeri, has been controlled successfully using immersion-applied bacterin vaccines for several decades. While the host response to vaccination and the mechanism of protection of this vaccine have been elucidated, the bacterial components eliciting protection have remained unclear. Here we show that highly purified serotype O1 Y. ruckeri lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is sufficient to induce a protective response to experimental challenge in rainbow trout (Oncorh...

Youth violence: What we know and what we need to know.

School shootings tear the fabric of society. In the wake of a school shooting, parents, pediatricians, policymakers, politicians, and the public search for "the" cause of the shooting. But there is no single cause. The causes of school shootings are extremely complex. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School rampage shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, we wrote a report for the National Science Foundation on what is known and not known about youth violence. This article summarizes and updates that report. After ...

Yeast 2.0: a new chapter.

Yellow Nail Syndrome Associated with Pericarditis and Pericardial Effusion: a Case Report.

Yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is an uncommon condition characterized by nail changes, lymphedema, in addition to pulmonary disorders and pleural effusion. Pericarditis and non-cardiac disorders can evolve with pericardial effusions including autoimmune conditions, hypothyroidism, malignancies, tuberculosis, and uremia. A 72-year-old Brazilian woman under treatment for arterial hypertension and hypothyroidism was admitted with pericarditis and pericardial effusion concomitant with yellow nail syndrome. She deni...

Year of Reflection.

Yfiler(®) Plus amplification kit validation and calculation of forensic parameters for two Austrian populations.

With the new 6-dye AmpFISTR(®) Yfiler(®) Plus amplification kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA) a set of 25 Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat loci (Y-STRs), including seven rapidly mutating Y-STRs (RM Y-STRs), is now available for forensic DNA typing. In this study we present our validation data for the AmpFISTR(®) Yfiler(®) Plus amplification kit and show the results of Y-chromosomal typing of 425 unrelated male individuals from two Austrian populations (Salzburg and Upper Austria) with th...

Young patient with arterial stenosis: follow-up, medical treatment, and time for dental implant?

Youth F-ACT: mapping the problems of a special population.

Youth f-act teams have been set up for the purpose of providing the care needed by young people suspected of having complex psychiatric problems. AIM: To obtain insight into the problems of this population at the beginning and at the end of treatment provided by the youth f-act team in South Limburg. METHOD: We based our study on a cohort of 68 patients who met the criteria for f-act during the period from January 2013 up to and including October 2014. We evaluated the effect of f-act treatment of 41 patien...

Young Age Increases Risk of Lymph Node Positivity in Early-Stage Rectal Cancer.

The risk of lymph node positivity (LN+) in rectal cancer is a parameter that impacts therapeutic recommendations. We aimed to quantify the effect of younger age on LN+ in rectal cancer.

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