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Yellow fever in Africa.

YsbA and LytST are essential for pyruvate utilization in Bacillus subtilis.

The genome of Bacillus subtilis encodes homologues of the Cid/Lrg network. In other bacterial species, this network consists of holin- and antiholin-like proteins that regulate cell death by controlling murein hydrolase activity. The YsbA protein of B. subtilis is currently annotated as a putative antiholin-like protein that possibly impedes cell death, whereas YwbH is thought to act as holin-like protein. However, the actual functions of YsbA and YwbH in B. subtilis have never been characterized. Therefore...

Yellow Fever Virus: a easy to ignore potential threat in China.

Yoga: Potential Benefits for Persons Who Stutter.

Yoga has been demonstrated to modulate autonomic nervous system activity, decreasing anxiety and stress, and improving quality of life. This preliminary study sought to examine the use of yogic techniques on persons who stutter given the interaction between physiological arousal/anxiety and stuttering that current multifactorial models of stuttering propose. Four participants (M = 52 yr, SD = 10; 2 female, 2 male), recruited from local stuttering support groups in the greater Philadelphia communit...

Yolk-shell Sn@C Eggette-like Nanostructure: Application in Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion Batteries.

Yolk-shell carbon encapsulated tin (Sn@C) eggette-like compounds (SCE) have been synthesized by a facile method. The SCE structures consist of tin cores covered by carbon membrane networks with extra voids between the carbon shell and tin cores. The novel nanoarchitectures exhibit high electrochemical performance in both lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). As anodes for LIBs, the SCE electrodes exhibit a specific capacity of ~850 mAh g-1 at 0.1 C (100 mA g-1), and high rate capabil...

Yield and Viability of Human Limbal Stem Cells From Fresh and Stored Tissue.

We compared cell number, putative stem cell markers, and clonogenic ability in fresh uncultured human limbal epithelial cells to that obtained from stored organ-cultured tissue.

Young children infer preferences from a single action, but not if it is constrained.

Inferring others' preferences is socially important and useful. We investigated whether children infer preferences from the minimal information provided by an agent's single action, and whether they avoid inferring preference when the action is constrained. In three experiments, children saw vignettes in which an agent took a worse toy instead of a better one. Experiment 1 shows that this single action influences how young children infer preferences. Children aged three and four were more likely to infer th...

Yellow Fever Virus: Cause for Concern or Alarm?

Yellow Fever Remains a Potential Threat to Public Health.

Yellow fever (YF) remains a serious public health threat in endemic countries. The recent re-emergence in Africa, initiating in Angola and spreading to Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, with imported cases in China and Kenya is of concern. There is such a shortage of YF vaccine in the world that the World Health Organization has proposed the use of reduced doses (1/5) during emergencies. In this short communication, we discuss these and other problems including the risk of spread of YF to areas free ...

Young children's preference for unique owned objects.

An important aspect of human thought is the value we place on unique individuals. Adults place higher value on authentic works of art than exact replicas, and young children at times value their original possessions over exact duplicates. What is the scope of this preference in early childhood, and when do children understand its subjective nature? On a series of trials, we asked three-year-olds (N=36) to choose between two toys for either themselves or the researcher: an old (visibly used) toy vs. a new (m...

YASER ADELDOOST, RAMIN HEYDARI & MAJID PEDRAM (2015) Morphological and molecular characterization of Tylencholaimellus persicus sp. n. (Dorylaimida: Tylencholaimellidae) from Iran. Zootaxa, 4040 (1): 074-082.

YCRD: Yeast Combinatorial Regulation Database.

In eukaryotes, the precise transcriptional control of gene expression is typically achieved through combinatorial regulation using cooperative transcription factors (TFs). Therefore, a database which provides regulatory associations between cooperative TFs and their target genes is helpful for biologists to study the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Because there is no such kind of databases in the public domain, this prompts us to construct a database, called Yeast Com...

Youth Energy Expenditure During Common Free-Living Activities and Treadmill Walking.

Energy expenditure (EE) estimates for a broad age range of youth performing a variety of activities are needed.

Year in Review 2015: Pediatric ARDS.

Led by the work of the Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Consensus Conference, much was published on the topic of pediatric ARDS in 2015. Although the availability of definitive data to the pediatric practitioner for the management of infants and children with pediatric ARDS continues to lag behind that for the adult clinician, 2015 augmented the available medical literature with more information than had been seen for years. This article will review key pediatric ARDS publications with a focus on the Pediatric A...

Year in Review 2015: Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a modified form of cardiopulmonary bypass. Although early trials were plagued by severe bleeding and high rates of death, subsequent experience with neonates found good survival, and ECMO became an important tool in the care of critically ill infants with respiratory failure. Since the 1980s, expansion to other groups (children, patients with cardiac disease, etc) followed as experience was obtained. Today, there is a rapid growth of ECMO, especially in the adul...

Yew (Taxus baccata) and foxglove (Digitalis spp.): toxic principles are very different.

Your New President and Value of Teamwork.

Young and early.

Younger Dual-Eligibles Who Use Federally Qualified Health Centers Have More Preventable Emergency Department Visits, but Some Have Fewer Hospitalizations.

To determine whether younger dual-eligibles receiving care at federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) have lower rates of ambulatory care sensitive (ACS) hospitalization and emergency department (ED) visits.

Y-box protein-1/p18 as novel serum marker for ovarian cancer diagnosis: A study by the Tumor Bank Ovarian Cancer (TOC).

The cold shock Y-box binding protein-1 (YB-1) fulfills important roles in regulating cell proliferation and differentiation. Overexpression occurs in various tumor cells. Given the existence of extracellular YB-1 we set out to determine the diagnostic, predictive and prognostic role of serum YB-1/p18 for patients with primary epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC).

Yalongjiang River Has Had an Important Role in the Dispersal and Divergence of Rosa soulieana in the Hengduan Mountains of China.

The Hengduan Mountains are the core of the Sino-Himalayan Floristic Region. Rosa soulieana Crép. is an important wild rose species that is widely distributed in the Hengduan Mountains. To provide better future utilization of this wild rose, and also to add some possible proof of the effect of geomorphological and ecological characteristics of the Hengduan Mountains on the current spatial distribution and genetic diversity of local species, the genetic diversity and genetic structure of 556 individuals from...

Your Loved One Has Migraines.

You Are Not Alone: Ten Strategies for Surviving a Malpractice Lawsuit.

Young adults on the perceived benefits and expected use of personal health records: a qualitative descriptive study.

Personal health records (PHRs) are tools that allow individuals to access, share and manage their health information online. Despite apparent interest, adoption rates remain low. There is a gap in our understanding as to what different populations of users, in particular young adults, might want from such a tool.

Year-Round Monitoring of Contaminants in Neal and Rogers Creeks, Hood River Basin, Oregon, 2011-12, and Assessment of Risks to Salmonids.

Pesticide presence in streams is a potential threat to Endangered Species Act listed salmonids in the Hood River basin, Oregon, a primarily forested and agricultural basin. Two types of passive samplers, polar organic chemical integrative samplers (POCIS) and semipermeable membrane devices (SPMDs), were simultaneously deployed at four sites in the basin during Mar. 2011-Mar. 2012 to measure the presence of pesticides, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The year-rou...

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