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Gait as the Key Symptom: Neurophysiological Analysis supplements Clinical Diagnosis at First Glance.

Symptom Validation in Independent Medical Evaluations.

High prevalence rates of non-authentic complaints identified by experts in the field of insurance medicine draw attention to the risk of services, which are of limited availability and financially compensated, being used in ways that are not goal-oriented. Therefore, symptom validity testing has become a growing issue to prevent non-targeted monetary compensations. This paper outlines the best-evaluated methods and instruments. Based on the data currently available, their validity, in particular in the cont...

Crossed Aphasia.

Crossed aphasia (CA) is a rare acquired language disorder caused by a right-sided brain lesion in dextrals. Based on a case report, relevant aspects for the diagnosis of CA and differential diagnoses will be outlined. Relevant hypotheses concerning etiology, epidemiology, phenomenology and pathophysiology will be discussed with reference to the literature. The phenomenon of CA has contributed for decades to the development of hypotheses concerning lateralization of cognitive abilities.

Internet- and Mobile Based Psychotherapy for Depression.

Guided Internet- and mobile-based interventions (IMIs) are an effective and scientifically sound treatment option for depression. Meta-analyses revealed effect sizes comparable to those found for face-to-face treatment as well as pharmacotherapy. Today, most IMIs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). While IMIs are well established in healthcare systems of many countries worldwide, Germany is still lagging behind. However, there are an increasing number of model projects trying to implement IMIs ...

Side Effects of Occupational Group Therapy.

Background: Occupational therapy is an important co-therapy in psychiatric therapy. It is a common belief that no risks are associated with occupational therapy. Negative effects caused by group therapy, especially occupational therapy, have not been in the focus of research yet. In this study we want to illustrate possible types and intensities of group side effects through occupational therapy. Patients and Methods: Patients of an inpatient rehabilitation facility filled out the Adverse Treatment Reaction...

Integration of Palliative and Hospice Care Structures in the Care of Neurological Patients: Opinion of Chief Consultant Neurologists in Germany.

An online survey of chief neurological consultants was conducted to find out how they judged the demand for and access to palliative and hospice care (PHC) structures for their neurological patients (NP) as well as their collaboration with PHC structures. 110 of 881 chief consultants who were contacted participated in the survey. About 10 % of their NP were considered suitable for PHC. They estimated that 9 % of the deceased had died from their underlying neurological disease. The integration of PHC str...

The Brain-Injured Relationship: Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Counselling and Therapy of Couples and Families.

A brain-injured patient's system of relationships is severely disbalanced, and seeks a new equilibrium very much like a kinetic mobile sculpture responding to an impulse. Thus, it is not only the deficits in the patients and their environment and resources that define the success of participation in the process of rehabilitation. Fundamentally, it relies on stable and adjustable relationships as well as trustful communication in the patients' social systems. Negotiating participation is a concerted, interac...

The Basic-Symptom Concept and its Influence on Current International Research on the Prediction of Psychoses.

The early detection of psychoses has become increasingly relevant in research and clinic. Next to the ultra-high risk (UHR) approach that targets an immediate risk of developing frank psychosis, the basic symptom approach that targets the earliest possible detection of the developing disorder is being increasingly used worldwide. The present review gives an introduction to the development and basic assumptions of the basic symptom concept, summarizes the results of studies on the specificity of basic sympto...

Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy.

Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) is a chronic progressive or relapsing autoimmune neuropathy with heterogeneous clinical presentation. Symptoms typically include symmetrical, proximal and/or distal paresis and sensory loss. Atypical CIDP variants are increasingly recognized, including subtypes with rapid onset as well as variants with pure sensory, focal or marked asymmetrical deficits. Diagnosis is established by compatible symptoms, characteristic electrophysiological features and ...

Psychiatry Between Neurosciences and Social Sciences.

A Short Summary of the Psychopathological Construct by Karl Leonhard.

The so-called psychopathology according to Karl Leonhard is increasingly forgotten - similar to many other historical attempts to conceptualise psychiatric disorder. Therefore, this overview summarises briefly the principles of its construction. This may serve as the basis of future critical analyses in which then also the reasons for the fundamental failure of this approach may be discussed.

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a Therapeutic Tool in Psychiatry - Current State of Application in Germany.

The repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) opens new therapeutic options in neuropsychiatric disorders. The use of rTMS in depressive disorders has been most preferably investigated in clinical trials. In Germany, the application of rTMS outside of clinical trials is already increasingly common, not only for depression. Our nationwide survey in psychiatric hospitals was used to detect the current state of the application of rTMS in clinical practice, and should serve as a basis for the developme...

Treatment and Recidivism of Patients Convicted for Homicide After Release From a Forensic Psychiatry for Addiction Treatment.

The forensic clinic for addiction treatment in Rostock is a forensic institution for patients who committed crimes under the influence of psychotropic substances. Regardless of the severity of the offence, patients receive different kinds of treatment depending on the therapy program. Criminal recidivism can be seen as one of the most important factors to validate success in treatment. Due to this purpose, an extensive recidivism study including all former patients from 2001 to 2012 was conducted at our c...

On Criteria Diversity in Diagnostics of Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The diagnosis of adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) requires evidence for a persistence of core symptoms of the disorder since childhood, the differential diagnostic assessment of other psychiatric or neurologic disorders that might have elicited the current symptoms, an assessment of symptom relevance in terms of clinical impairment, as well as a survey of comorbid psychiatric disorders. Methods used within the diagnostic procedure are clinical questionnaires and interviews, personality ...

Insomnia Between Neuro- and Social Sciences - A Psycho-Socio-Somatic Outview.

Insomnia is one of the most prevalent neuropsychiatric disorders throughout Europe. It is associated with a number of health-relevant problems including an increased risk of psychiatric and organic disorders. A variety of organic, social and psychological risk factors takes part in the genesis of these sleep disturbances. A key component of the pathophysiology is the multifaceted hyperarousal that is expressed in the cognitive, emotional, neuronal, neuroendocrine, the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis, and...

The Role of Circadian Rhythms in Aging and ADHD.

The circadian rhythms coordinates the internal physiology to increase the homeostatic capacity thereby providing both a survival advantage to the system and an optimization of energy budgeting. Because multiple-oscillator circadian mechanisms are likely to play a role in regulating human health, and may contribute to the aging process, we give an overview of the relationship between the central clock in the hypothalamus and peripheral clocks for psychological health and aging.

Unexpected Complications in the Withdrawal Treatment of the Research Chemical AH-7921.

We describe the case of a young male patient who had consumed the morphine-like substance AH-7921 which is available via the internet. He was initially admitted to hospital because of obstipation and presented within a day of inpatient treatment for the first time with a generalized tonic-clonic epileptic seizure with subsequent urinary retention. Within a few hours, the patient then also developed bradycardia, while at the same time describing symptoms of physical opioid withdrawal which gradually deterior...

Autoimmune-Mediated Encephalomyelitis: a Heterogeneous Entity in Between Neurology and Psychiatry.

Within the last decade, autoantibody-associated encephalitis and encephalomyelitis have stepped into the focus of clinical research and practice. Besides the "classic" autoantibodies against intracellular neuronal antigenes, a growing number of antibodies directed against pre- and postsynaptic surface proteins of neurons have been described since the millennium change. Whereas the "classic" are closely linked to paraneoplastic syndromes, this association is loose for most of the yet known surface antigen-a...

Diagnostic Workup and Treatment of Antibody-Related Encephalomyelitis.

The results of laboratory tests for antineuronal antibodies in immune-mediated encephalitis nowadays are not only relevant for diagnostic purposes but are instead closely connected to outcome measures and treatment response. Besides the mere detection of antibodies, investigating the cerebrospinal fluid is indispensible to rule out an infectious etiology of encephalitis prior to the initiation of immunosuppressive treatment, whereas imaging studies are relevant to gain information on the temporal course of ...

Milestones of Child Neuropsychiatry.

The development of child and adolescent psychiatry took different pathways in East and West Germany after World War II. In East Germany, child and adolescent psychiatry put more emphasis on neurology as it was influenced by the foundation of the first chair and care unit in Rostock. Prof. Göllnitz, who held the chair for many years, established child and adolescent neuropsychiatry as a subject in its own right in research and health care and helped promoting it at other universities and medical academies.

Care Provided to Psychopaths in Rostock.

In the first decades of the 20(th) century stations for observing "psychopathological" children and adolescents were established at a number of psychiatric facilities in the German Reich. Often they functioned as the nucleus for future psychiatric clinics for children and adolescents. Using primary sources of the Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin (main land archive in Schwerin), the local development of the neuropsychiatric clinic in Rostock-Gehlsheim is illustrated in this paper, exploring the question to what de...

An Association Between Autonomy and National Ideology: The Founding of the Association for Psychiatry and Neurology in Mecklenburg.

Following the end of World War II, regional associations for psychiatry and neurology were founded in the Soviet Occupation Zone. Using the association in Mecklenburg as an example and considering the way society developed in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), it will be shown whether and to what degree these were increasingly subject to state control.

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