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The Challenges of Demographic Change - Mental Illnesses Today and Tomorrow.


The Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) - Validity und Authorised German Translation of an Intimate Partner Violence Screening Tool.

On average one third of all women are victimised by intimate partner violence at least once in their life. Many women are affected repeatedly. To efficiently reduce the risk of repeated violence a reliable and valid risk assessment is needed. To date several risk assessment tools have been published in the field of intimate partner violence. There is a strong demand for such tools to be applicable by a wider range of practitioners (e. g., police officers, hospital and victim services' staff) to reliably a...


Stroke Occurence in Germany - On the Comparability of Insurance Data and Registry-Based Data.

Purpose: This article presents epidemiological data regarding stroke frequency in Germany based on nationwide statutory health insurance data (Deutsche BKK) and aims to analyse them in the context of current research. The comparability of the most important resources of stroke frequency data - stroke registers, DRG data and insurance data - is initially discussed in order to assess the presented data adequately. Methods: The study cohort comes from a population of about 1 000 000 people insured with BKK...


The New Payment System in Psychiatry - Do Elderly People Belong to the Losers? An Analysis on the Basis of the VIPP1 Data Base.

The development of the lump-sum reimbursement System in psychiatry and psychosomatics (PEPP) (Klimke et al., 2014) is being negatively considered - also in gerontopsychiatry.Thus it is reasonable to make a timely analysis of the effects of PEPP on health-care structures. For this two analyses have been carried out. On the one hand the day mix index of elderly patients (> 64 years) was compared with that of younger ones (> 17 years,  0.1) but also in outpatient (difference > 0.07) setting. The exact ...


DemTect 40- and DemTect 80+: New Scoring Routines for These Age Groups.

The DemTect, a frequently used cognitive screening tool for the German-speaking population, has been proven to be age-, but not education-dependent. To date, scoring routines for persons under and over 60 years of age have been available. In order to describe the age-effect more specifically, the DemTect was administered to persons under 40 (n = 105; median 33 years [18 - 39]) and over 80 years of age [n = 68; median 83 years [80 - 93}). After transformation of the raw scores, which are base...


Pediatric Bipolar Disorder - Case Report of a Bipolar Patient with Disease Onset in Childhood and Adolescence: Implications for Diagnosis and Therapy.

In recent years, intense controversies have evolved about the existence and exact diagnostic criteria of pediatric bipolar affective disorder. The present study aims to discuss pediatric bipolar affective disorder based on the current literature focussing on the diagnostic prospects. Based on a case study, a process of bipolar disorder developed in childhood is depicted exemplarily. Because of the high comorbidity and overlapping symptoms of paediatric bipolar affective disorder and other psychiatric disord...


Diagnosis of Affective Disorders in DSM-5: Changes and Controversies.



Pushing Back Frontiers in Neurology.


The Significance of Depot Medication in the Long-Term-Treatment of Schizophrenia.

Relapse prevention in schizophrenia is a key aim in therapy. However, it is estimated that approximately 75 % of patients with schizophrenia relapse within five years. Each relapse might worsen the disease and increase the risk of psychosocial and work-related disadvantages. A continuous long-term therapy is able to reduce this risk, but medical non-adherence, which is influenced by numerous factors, is a limitation. Naturalistic studies show that depot-antipsychotics compared with oral antipsychotics lea...


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - A New Diagnostic Tool in Psychiatry?

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive, contact-less imaging method which provides an "in vivo" representation of the retina. It allows the quantitative measurement of retinal nerve fibre layer thickness (RNFLT) and macula thickness (MT) and, in addition, is suitable to measure volumes (e. g., macula volume/MV). In the research of neurodegenerative diseases, OCT has been increasingly used and has shown its potential as a possible diagnostic tool over the course of the last few years. In rece...


Stress-Related Risk Factors for Depression in Young Girls.

The prevalence of major depression in adolescents is remarkable. Stress has been hypothesised to contribute to the maintenance of depression in young patients. This study aims to elucidate stress-related predictive variables for the maintenance of depression in young girls. A longitudinal design with a time interval of six months was used to assess stress load and depression in 135 15-year-old girls. Stress was measured by the "Fragebogen zur Erhebung von Stress und Stressbewältigung im Kindes- und Jugenda...


Gender-Specific Differences Relating to Depressiveness in 1st and 2nd Generation Migrants: Results of a Cross-Sectional Study amongst Employees of a University Hospital.

Aims: This study analysed the risk of depression in men and women with a background of immigration by means of a cross-sectional study amongst employees of a German university hospital. In addition we identified gender-specific differences related to risk factors for depressiveness in the subgroups. Methods: 7062 employees with or without a 1st (1G) or 2nd (2G) generation background of migration were questioned with regard to their socio-economic status, to single markers of acculturation, and to existing...


Anti-Stigma Competence for Mental Health Professionals: Results of a Pilot Study of a Further Education Programme for People Working in Psychiatric and Psychosocial Settings.

Background: Mental health professionals are an important target group for anti-stigma interventions, both as subjects to stigmatisation as well as stigmatising actors. Within the framework of the German Research Network on Schizophrenia, a further education training programme on "anti-stigma competence" was developed and evaluated for this target group in a pilot study. Material and Methods: The control-group pilot study included a total of 11 trainings with 123 participants. "Social distance" and "addressi...


Diagnostics and Therapy of "Freezing of Gait" in Patients with Parkinson's Disease.


Delirium and Dementia.


Delirium and Dementia.

Delirium and dementia as organically caused mental disorders exhibit similarities in the clinical and neurological sense and often occur together. The existence of one appears to increase the risk for the development of the other. Although delirium is a very common disorder especially among the elderly, it is often not recognized. For the diagnosis of delirium, an exact family and case history including medication, clinical examination and determination of routine laboratory values are not infrequently nece...


The Relationship between Therapist's Competence and Adherence to Outcome in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy - Results of a Metaanalysis.

By now psychotherapy research has provided sufficient evidence in favour of the efficacy of psychotherapy, especially of the cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Hence one can argue that psychotherapy truly "works". Nevertheless, the rationale for the efficacy and the underlying mechanisms have not yet been explored. Resolving this ambiguity by focusing on the active ingredients in CBT is the aim of our review. More precisely we have explored whether the therapist's competence or his/her adherence to the CBT ...


Electroconvulsive Therapy in Depression: Insights from fMRI, PET and SPECT Studies.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is the most potent and rapidly acting of all antidepressant treatments in major depressive disorder (MDD). Nuclear and functional magnetic (fMRI) brain imaging studies of ECT have substantially contributed to the neurobiological understanding of this treatment modality. Neuroimaging methods may also validate potential mechanisms of antidepressant action. Models of neural dysfunction in MDD suggest impaired modulation of activity within a cortico-limbic circuitry, along with a...


Quality Assurance in Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation: Measuring the Effects of Rehabilitation with the Competency Rating Scale.

Background: So far, there are only few studies concerning the outcome of outpatient neurological rehabilitation in Germany. Considering the statutory obligations of quality assurance there is an urgent need of appropriate instruments to assess the rehabilitation outcome. The aim of this study was to assess the appropriateness of the Competency Rating Scale (CRS), which was used to measure rehabilitation outcome, and to collect data of the effects of outpatient neurological rehabilitation as a measure of reh...


New Psychotropic Drugs - "Legal Highs"

Friday 14th August 1051

Clinical neuropsychology: at the crossroads or beyond?

Thursday 13th August 1051

Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis Optica and Spasticity: Control of Specific Symptoms and Quality of Life.

Spastic movement disorders show a high lifetime prevalence among patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica. Due to the high number of factors interacting with the individual manifestations of spasticity, its symptomatic treatment affords continuous and careful balancing of therapeutic measures. A trend observed over the past few years is to base symptomatic treatment of MS on subjective assessments of functional disorders rather than on specific individual pathological signs and sy...

Wednesday 12th August 1051

Executive Task Performance under Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson's Disease Revisited: The Modulating Influence of Apathy, Depression and Mood.

We investigated the moderating influence of apathy, depression and transient mood changes on executive functions under best medical treatment and under postoperative stimulation-on and -off conditions in a sample of 33 patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) after deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus (STN), 33 PD patients with pharmacological treatment only and 34 healthy controls. In comparison to clinical and healthy control groups, DBS patients showed worse executive task performance and also...

Tuesday 11th August 1051

Indicators of Patient Care in Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Facilities (VIPP Project) - A Database Project.

Introduction: In Germany a new and unique remuneration system for psychiatric and psychosomatic stationary treatments (PEPP system) was introduced in 2013 on an optional basis. From 2015 it will be mandatory for psychiatric and psychosomatic facilities. The introduction of the PEPP system brings up different questions regarding the possible incentives of the new remuneration system and its effects on the supply of psychiatric and psychosomatic treatments. To conduct these necessary analyses a reliable datab...

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