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An Interim Analysis of an Advance Care Planning Intervention in the Nursing Home Setting.

To describe processes and preliminary outcomes from the implementation of a systematic advance care planning (ACP) intervention in the nursing home setting.

A Novel Approach to Proactive Primary Care-Based Case Finding and Multidisciplinary Management of Falls, Syncope, and Dizziness in a One-Stop Service: Preliminary Results.

National and international evidence and guidelines on falls prevention and management in community-dwelling elderly adults recommend that falls services should be multifactorial and their interventions multicomponent. The way that individuals are identified as having had or being at risk of falls in order to take advantage of such services is far less clear. A novel multidisciplinary, multifactorial falls, syncope, and dizziness service model was designed with enhanced case ascertainment through proactive, ...

Unrecognized Cognitive Impairment and Its Effect on Heart Failure Readmissions of Elderly Adults.

To determine whether 30-day readmissions were associated with presence of cognitive impairment more in elderly adults with heart failure (HF) than in those with other diagnoses and whether medical teams recognized cognitive impairment.

Home-Based Exercise Supported by General Practitioner Practices: Ineffective in a Sample of Chronically Ill, Mobility-Limited Older Adults (the HOMEfit Randomized Controlled Trial).

To evaluate the effects a home-based exercise program delivered to ill and mobility-limited elderly individuals on physical function, physical activity, quality of life, fall-related self-efficacy, and exercise self-efficacy.

Effects of Longitudinal Glucose Exposure on Cognitive and Physical Function: Results from the Action for Health in Diabetes Movement and Memory Study.

To test whether average long-term glucose exposure is associated with cognitive and physical function in middle-aged and younger-old adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Exploring Home Care Interventions for Frail Older People in Belgium: A Comparative Effectiveness Study.

To examine the effects of home care interventions for frail older people in delaying permanent institutionalization during 6 months of follow-up.

How Does Aging Affect Presentation and Management of Biliary Stones?

Common bile duct (CBD) stones are common in elderly adults, but the effect of aging on the presentation of CBD stones remains to be evaluated. Recent studies have demonstrated that the clinical presentation of CBD stones may vary with age. Younger adults may present with classical biliary colic symptoms, whereas elderly adults may have no unapparent clinical features. Younger adults with CBD stones were significantly more likely to have abnormal liver function tests than those without. The sensitivity and a...

National Glucose-Lowering Treatment Complexity Is Greater in Nursing Home Residents than Community-Dwelling Adults.

Geriatric Cardiology Mini-Focus Issue: Call for Papers.


Self-Reported Sleep Problems Prospectively Increase Risk of Disability: Findings from the Survey of Midlife Development in the United States.

To determine whether subjective poor sleep prospectively increases functional limitations and incident disability in a national sample of adults living in the United States.

Management Outcome in Elderly Adults with Epilepsy in a Tertiary Care Epilepsy Center.

Missing Warfarin Discharge Communication and Risk of 30-Day Rehospitalization and/or Death: Retrospective Cohort Study.

Effect of Health Qigong Baduanjin on Fall Prevention in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease.

Discussion Strategies That Primary Care Clinicians Use When Stopping Cancer Screening in Older Adults.

Content Validity and Psychometric Characteristics of the "Knowledge about Older Patients Quiz" for Nurses Using Item Response Theory.

To assess the content validity and psychometric characteristics of the Knowledge about Older Patients Quiz (KOP-Q), which measures nurses' knowledge regarding older hospitalized adults and their certainty regarding this knowledge.

Effect of Intensive Chemotherapy on Physical, Cognitive, and Emotional Health of Older Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

To measure short-term changes in physical and cognitive function and emotional well-being of older adults receiving intensive chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Differences Between Men and Women Aged 65 and Older in the Relationship Between Self-Reported Sleep and Cognitive Impairment: A Nationwide Survey in Taiwan.

To examine the prevalence of self-reported sleep disturbances and cognitive impairment in men and women aged 65 and older and to determine sex-specific effects on the relationship between self-reported sleep and cognitive impairment.

Age-Related Sensory Impairments and Risk of Cognitive Impairment.

To evaluate the associations between sensory impairments and 10-year risk of cognitive impairment.

Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in Individuals Aged 80 and Older: A Multicenter Observational Study.

To compare clinical outcomes after decompressive surgery for central lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) in individuals aged 80 and older with those of individuals aged 18-79.

Survival of Elderly Adults Undergoing Incident Home Hemodialysis and Kidney Transplantation.

To compare the mortality of elderly adults with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) treated with home hemodialysis (HD) with that of those receiving a kidney transplant (KTx).

Eliciting Preferences of Multimorbid Elderly Adults in Family Practice Using an Outcome Prioritization Tool.

To explore an outcome prioritization tool (OPT) in eliciting individuals' preferred health outcomes (remaining alive, maintaining independence, reducing pain, reducing other symptoms) in the context of medication review in family practice.

Concordance of Pain Detection Using the Doloplus and Algoplus Behavioral Scales.

Occupational Therapy Predischarge Home Visits in Acute Hospital Care: A Randomized Trial.

To determine whether an enhanced occupational therapy discharge planning intervention that involved pre- and postdischarge home visits, goal setting, and follow-up (the HOME program) would be superior to a usual care intervention in which an occupational therapy in-hospital consultation for planning and supporting discharge to home is provided to individuals receiving acute care.

Dietary Intake and Lifestyle Characteristics of Elderly Chinese Adults.

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