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06:31 EST 9th December 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Antimicrobial growth promoter use in livestock: a requirement to understand their modes of action to develop effective alternatives.

Antimicrobial agents (AMAs) have been used in agricultural since the 1950s as growth-promoting agents [antimicrobial growth promoters (AGPs)]. They have provided benefits to the agricultural industry ...

Immunodetection of some pectic, arabinogalactan proteins and hemicellulose epitopes in the micropylar transmitting tissue of apomictic dandelions (Taraxacum, Asteraceae, Lactuceae).

In apomictic Taraxacum species, the development of both the embryo and the endosperm does not require double fertilisation. However, a structural reduction of ovular transmitting tissue was not observ...

Perceptually Guided Photo Retargeting.

We propose perceptually guided photo retargeting, which shrinks a photo by simulating a human's process of sequentially perceiving visually/semantically important regions in a photo. In particular, we...

Addition of Phenylboronic Acid to Malus domestica Pollen Tubes Alters Calcium Dynamics, Disrupts Actin Filaments and Affects Cell Wall Architecture.

A key role of boron in plants is to cross-link the cell wall pectic polysaccharide rhamnogalacturonan-II (RG-II) through borate diester linkages. Phenylboronic acid (PBA) can form the same reversible ...

Cell wall biochemical alterations during Agrobacterium-mediated expression of hemagglutinin-based influenza virus-like vaccine particles in tobacco.

Influenza virus-like particles (VLPs) have been shown to induce a safe and potent immune response through both humoral and cellular mechanisms. They represent promising novel influenza vaccine. Plant-...

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