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18:08 EST 14th February 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Discovery of Inhibitors for the Ether Lipid-Generating Enzyme AGPS as Anti-Cancer Agents.

Dysregulated ether lipid metabolism is an important hallmark of cancer cells. Previous studies have reported that lowering ether lipid levels by genetic ablation of the ether lipid-generating enzyme a...

Dissecting the polysaccharide-rich grape cell wall changes during winemaking using combined high-throughput and fractionation methods.

Limited information is available on grape wall-derived polymeric structure/composition and how this changes during fermentation. Commercial winemaking operations use enzymes that target the polysaccha...

A C. elegans model for ether lipid biosynthesis and function.

Ether lipids are widespread in nature, and they are structurally and functionally important components of membranes. The roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans synthesizes numerous lipid species containing ...

l-Fucose-containing arabinogalactan-protein in radish leaves.

The carbohydrate moieties of arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs) have β-(1→3)-galactan backbones to which side chains of (1→6)-linked β-Gal residues are attached through O-6. Some of these side chai...

Could the Extended Phenotype Extend to the Cellular and Subcellular Levels in Insect-Induced Galls?

Neo-ontogenesis of plant galls involves redifferentiation of host plant tissues to express new phenotypes, when new cell properties are established via structural-functional remodeling. Herein, Psidiu...

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