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Siemens Healthcare is the second largest medical devices company in the world (based on annual sales), with sales of $17.4 billion. Specializing in the imaging, IT, diagnostics and workflow soluti...

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OTC Benzocaine Needs Label Warning, Indication Change – Public Citizen

In a citizen petition the group asks FDA to remove teething for children 2 years and older as an indication for some benzocaine products and require a label warning for OTC monograph benzocaine produc...

SALVAT Announces Positive Top-line Results from Two Phase III Studies of its Novel Otic Antibiotic/Steroid Combination Solution in the Treatment of AOMT with Tympanostomy Tubes

BARCELONA, Spain, September 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Laboratorios SALVAT S.A. announced today the top-line results from two Phase III studies comparing Ciprofloxacin 0.3% plus Fluocinolone Acetonide ...

Dogs get especially jealous of other dogs, study finds

Dogs show jealousy when their owners spend time with what appears to be another dog, suggesting that the emotion may have survivalist roots, US researchers said Wednesday.

Dogs can be pessimists, too

Dogs generally seem to be cheerful, happy-go-lucky characters, so you might expect that most would have an optimistic outlook on life. In fact some dogs are distinctly more pessimistic than others, ne...

A lot or a little? Wolves discriminate quantities better than dogs

Being able to mentally consider quantities makes sense for any social species. Scientists studied how well dogs can discriminate between different quantities and discovered that wolves perform better ...

New tech aims to improve communication between dogs, humans

A suite of technologies that can be used to enhance communication between dogs and humans has been developed by researchers who say that it has applications in everything from search and rescue to ser...

Best way to train farm dogs has lessons for all dog training

Dogs provided with the best living conditions and kinder training methods are giving the best results in the workplace, according to a new study of farm dogs from the University of Sydney's Faculty of...

New tech aims to improve communication between dogs and humans

(North Carolina State University) Researchers have developed a suite of technologies that can be used to enhance communication between dogs and humans, which has applications in everything from search...

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Methemoglobinemia precipitated by benzocaine used during intubation.

Methemoglobinemia is a rare cause of tissue hypoxia that can quickly become fatal without immediate recognition and prompt treatment. It refers to an increase in methemoglobin in the red blood cells, ...

More Methemoglobin is Produced by Benzocaine Treatment than Lidocaine Treatment in Human In Vitro Systems.

The clinical use of local anesthetic products to anesthetize mucous membranes has been associated with methemoglobinemia (MetHba), a serious condition in which the blood has reduced capacity to carry ...

Fate map of the chicken otic placode.

The inner ear is an intricate three-dimensional sensory organ that arises from a flat, thickened portion of the ectoderm termed the otic placode. There is evidence that the ontogenetic steps involved ...

Hypoadrenocorticism in a kindred of Pomeranian dogs.

Three adult Pomeranian dogs, full siblings from 2 litters, were diagnosed with primary hypoadrenocorticism following onset of hypoadrenal crisis. Review of the family history revealed the dogs' matern...

Junctionally restricted RhoA activity is necessary for apical constriction during phase 2 inner ear placode invagination.

After induction, the inner ear is transformed from a superficially located otic placode into an epithelial vesicle embedded in the mesenchyme of the head. Invagination of this epithelium is biphasic: ...

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