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KIACTA™ (also known as eprodisate) is an orally bioavailable small molecule intended for the treatment of AA amyloidosis, an orphan indication that results from long-standing inflammatory cond...

The Asymptomatic Patient With Abnormal Laboratory Test Results

MatBA - Mature B-cell neoplasm array

Mature B-cell neoplasms arise in B-cells that have entered germinal centers within lymph nodes as part of the immune response. They display great heterogeneity at the clinical, pathologic, and genet...

SureSeq Solid Tumour Panel Sequencing Service

The SureSeq Solid Tumour Panel Sequencing Service utilises an enrichment panel comprising the full coding regions of 58 prioritised cancer genes. The aim of the panel is to improve cancer care by pr...

Tricuspid Regurgitation

Tricuspid regurgitation (tricuspid incompetence, tricuspid insufficiency) is leakage of blood backward through the tricuspid valve each time the right ventricle contracts.Tricuspid regurgitation is ...

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PTV News: Oct 29, 2009

Top stories on October 29th, 2009: Emerging markets and swine flu ramp GSK profits Sanofi's cancer deal with Micromet Vertex Hep C drug boasts impressive trial results Tysabri test for PML risk ...

PTV News: Oct 5, 2009

Top stories on October 5th, 2009: BMS Dapagliflozen aces phase III Potential RVO indication for Lucentis Novel intracellular drug delivery system Healthcare’s ‘perfect storm’ part 2 Na...

PTV News: Oct 22, 2009

Top stories on October 22nd, 2009: Novartis bullish with or without vaccine windfall Mixed results from diabetes trials Self-service Herceptin to save money, time and stress The Middle East's emer...

PTV News: Oct 14, 2009

Top stories on October 14th, 2009: GSK'S move into orphan drugs Merck's Indian bioscience buyout J&J results underwhelm the market Gout chemical "slows Parkinson's progression" GSK nurtures ...

Results announcement for the fourth quarter 2009

See the quarterly results page for more information

Results announcement for the second quarter 2009

See the quarterly results page for more information

Results announcement for the third quarter 2009

See the quarterly results page for more information.

PTV News: Oct 30, 2009

Top stories on October 30th, 2009: Biotech IPO - can Aldagen float despite losses? Richter/Forest antipsychotic posts good results Statins: new evidence they can help you survive flu Transcept to ...

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A method and software framework for enriching private biomedical sources with data from public online repositories.

Modern biomedical research relies on the semantic integration of heterogeneous data sources to find data correlations. Researchers access multiple datasets of disparate origin, and identify elements -...

Reputation Effects in Public and Private Interactions.

We study the evolution of cooperation in a model of indirect reciprocity where people interact in public and private situations. Public interactions have a high chance to be observed by others and alw...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Cross-Sectional Study of Practices among Paediatricians in Private Sector, Mumbai.

Majority of children with tuberculosis are treated in private sector in India with no available data on management practices. The study assessed diagnostic and treatment practices related to childhood...

Hospitals and the Public-Private Combination in the Portuguese Health System.

The Portuguese health system has been characterized by the existence of a constant relationship between public and private sector, both in providing and financing health care. In recent decades, the p...

Bayesian estimation of the dynamics of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza transmission in Queensland: A space-time SIR-based model.

A pandemic strain of influenza A spread rapidly around the world in 2009, now referred to as pandemic (H1N1) 2009. This study aimed to examine the spatiotemporal variation in the transmission rate of ...

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