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12:53 EDT 25th May 2016 | BioPortfolio

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How Sienna Cancer Diagnostics are translating telomerase into a cancer biomarker.

Cliff Holloway, CEO to Sienna Cancer Diagnostics, discusses the development and commercialisation of SCE-A7, the first telomerase detection product.

Laying the Foundation for Next-Gen Cancer Diagnostics

Bio-IT World | This summer, Foundation Medicine will launch what could be described as the next generation of cancer diagnostics. The Cambridge, Mass.-based company, founded by a premier group of can...

Best of INVEST: Breath Diagnostics detects cancer with breath tests

Louisville startup Breath Diagnostics has developed technology to pick up cancer-related compounds that are exhaled in one’s breath.

Drug Sensitivity Testing for Gastric Cancer Diagnostics

Recent advances have made diagnostic drug sensitivity testing for cancer a reality. What methods are currently available for drug sensitivity testing in gastric cancer diagnostics? Journal of Clinic...

Molecular imaging technologies for cancer diagnostics Hangout: Cancer Immunotherapy Growing

by John Bennett MD We hosted a hangout with Shahriar Yaghoubi, Ph.D., MBA. Dr Yaghoubi has been doing pre-clinical and clinical research for over 20 years, now holding a position as CSO/Director of C...

What about PDL-1 in oncotherapy diagnostics for NSCLC?

What about PDL-1 in oncotherapy diagnostics for NSCLC? Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator LPBI   Questions on PD-L1 Diagnostics for Immunotherapy in NSCLC Alexander M. Castellino, PhD http://w...

Quest Diagnostics to offer Biocept's lung cancer test in Mexico

Quest Diagnostics has agreed to make available Biocept's Target Selector mutation detection test for lung cancer in Mexico fo -More- 

A step forward in diagnostics

A step forward in diagnostics Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator LPBI   3D Imaging of Cancer Cells Could Lead to Improved Ability of Pathologists and Radiologists to Plan Cancer Treatments and...

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Single-cell proteomics: potential implications for cancer diagnostics.

Single-cell proteomics in cancer is evolving and promises to provide more accurate diagnoses based on detailed molecular features of cells within tumors. This review focuses on technologies that allow...

Drug sensitivity testing platforms for gastric cancer diagnostics.

Gastric cancer diagnostics has traditionally been histomorphological and primarily the domain of surgical pathologists. Although there is an increasing usage of molecular and genomic techniques for cl...

Molecular Pathology and Personalized Medicine: The Dawn of a New Era in Companion Diagnostics-Practical Considerations about Companion Diagnostics for Non-Small-Cell-Lung-Cancer.

Companion diagnostics (CDx) have become a major tool in molecular pathology and assist in therapy decisions in an increasing number of various cancers. Particularly, the developments in lung cancer ha...

Companion diagnostics for the targeted therapy of gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer and represents a major cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. With recent biomedical advances in our understanding of the molecular character...

Activin A as a novel biomarker for colorectal adenocarcinoma in humans.

Early diagnostics of colorectal cancer is complicated by the lack of reliable serum biomarkers. This study aimed to investigate if the serum level of activin A can be used for diagnostics of this dise...

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