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20:42 EST 17th January 2017 | BioPortfolio

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Cannabinoids/Marijuana Test Volume and Sales Forecasts: US, Europe, JapanHospitals, Commercial Labs, POC Locations Prices from USD $750

This new report from VPG Market Research provides analysis of Cannabinoids/Marijuana testing, including clinical significance, current and emerging diagnostic procedures, as well as test volume and sa...

Acute Poisonings From Synthetic Cannabinoids, U.S. 2010-2015

How common is acute intoxication by synthetic cannabinoids? This report examines the demographics and the trends in the use of these potentially life-threatening drugs. Morbidity & Mortality Weekly ...

Adverse Reactions Associated With Synthetic Cannabinoids

An outbreak of adverse reactions associated with use of synthetic cannabinoids occurred in Anchorage in 2015, resulting in over 1300 ED visits, and putting considerable strain on emergency systems. ...

Adverse Reactions to Synthetic Cannabinoids Put a Strain on Emergency Services

During a recent outbreak in Anchorage, Alaska, synthetic cannabinoid use accounted for 10% of ambulance transports and one third of emergency department visits.

Nightclub Goers More Likely to Use New Designer Drugs

Novel Psychoactive Substances are synthetic or “designer” drugs which have increased in popularity in recent years. Such drugs include Foxy, Smiles, “bath salts” such as Flakka and Meow ...

Cannabinoids control memory through mitochondria

(Medical Xpress)—Few classes of drugs have galvanized the pharmaceutical industry in recent times like the cannabinoids. This class of molecules includes not only the natural forms, but also a vast ...

Cheap and Available: The Growing Threat of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Going by names like 'K2' and 'spice,' the drug is much more dangerous than the public believes. CDC Expert Commentary

Nearly half of nightclub attendees reported use of at least one of 58 new designer drugs

Novel Psychoactive Substances are synthetic or "designer" drugs which have increased in popularity in recent years. Such drugs include Foxy, Smiles, "bath salts" such as Flakka and Meow Meow, psychede...

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Synthetic Cannabinoid Use and Descriptive Norms among Collegiate Student-Athletes.

Synthetic cannabinoids have gained popularity over the past decade, especially among young adults, due to sharing similar psychoactive properties with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). A limited number of s...

Abnormal white matter integrity in synthetic cannabinoid users.

Synthetic cannabinoids have become increasingly popular in the last few years especially among adolescents and young adults. However, no previous studies have assessed the effects of synthetic cannabi...

Thermolytic degradation of synthetic cannabinoids: chemical exposures and pharmacological consequences.

Synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured clandestinely with little quality control and are distributed as herbal "Spice" for smoking or as bulk compound for mixing with a solvent and inhalation via ele...

Synthetic Cannabinoids-Further Evidence Supporting the Relationship Between Cannabinoids and Psychosis.

Consumption of synthetic mind-altering compounds, also known as "new psychoactive substances," is increasing globally at an alarming rate. Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) are among the most commonly used...

Identification and analytical characterization of six synthetic cannabinoids NNL-3, 5 F-NPB-22-7 N, 5 F-AKB-48-7 N, 5 F-EDMB-PINACA, EMB-FUBINACA, and EG-018.

Clinical and forensic toxicology laboratories are continuously confronted by analytical challenges when dealing with the new psychoactive substances phenomenon. The number of synthetic cannabinoids, t...

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