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05:32 EDT 25th May 2015 | BioPortfolio

Original Source: Nonlinear resonance-enhanced excitation of surface plasmon polaritons.

We theoretically investigate nonlinear resonance-enhanced excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a metal coated by a one-dimensional photonic crystal. Tunneling modes above the air-light line can be directly excited in this structure. Then, with suitable parameters, photon energy and momentum conservation between the tunneling mode and the surface plasmon polaritons can be realized by means of nonlinear four-wave mixing. Compared with the nonlinear excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a bulk met...

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Predicting nonlinear properties of metamaterials from the linear response

Nonlinear scattering theory, contrary to Miller’s rule, is shown to be able to establish the nonlinear optical response of metamaterials, a tool that can be used towards the efficient design of stro...

Fractal patterns may uncover new line of attack on cancer

(Institute of Physics) Studying the intricate fractal patterns on the surface of cells could give researchers a new insight into the physical nature of cancer, and provide new ways of preventing the d...

Finding the simple patterns in a complex world: ANU media release

An Australian National University (ANU) mathematician has developed a new way to uncover simple patterns that might underlie apparently complex systems, such as clouds, cracks in materials or the move...

Multi-scale Fractal-based Methods for Useful Characterizations of Surface Topographies

Controllable spatiotemporal nonlinear effects in multimode fibres

Highly nonlinear effects are observed in graded-index multimode optical fibres.

Controlling light with metamaterial-based nonlinear photonic crystals

Nonlinearity engineering is demonstrated by the construction of metamaterial-based photonic crystals. Nonlinear emission and diffraction are controlled and intense focusing is reported.

Breakthrough in nonlinear optics research

A method to selectively enhance or inhibit optical nonlinearities in a chip-scale device has been developed by scientists, led by the Univ. of Sydney. The researchers from the Centre for Ultrahigh ban...

Pharmaceutical Research: In Silico Predictions of Human Skin Permeability using Nonlinear Quantitative Structure–Property Relationship Models

Type: Original PaperPurposePredicting human skin permeability of chemical compounds accurately and efficiently is useful for developing dermatological medicines and cosmetics. However, previous work h...

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Self-avoiding walk on fractal complex networks: Exactly solvable cases.

We study the self-avoiding walk on complex fractal networks called the (u,v)-flower by mapping it to the N-vector model in a generating function formalism. First, we analytically calculate the critica...

Anomalous diffusion in a quenched-trap model on fractal lattices.

Models with mixed origins of anomalous subdiffusion have been considered important for understanding transport in biological systems. Here one such mixed model, the quenched-trap model (QTM) on fracta...

Anomalous Diffusion in Fractal Globules.

The fractal globule state is a popular model for describing chromatin packing in eukaryotic nuclei. Here we provide a scaling theory and dissipative particle dynamics computer simulation for the therm...

Fractal Gait Patterns Are Retained after Entrainment to a Fractal Stimulus.

Previous work has shown that fractal patterns in gait can be altered by entraining to a fractal stimulus. However, little is understood about how long those patterns are retained or which factors may ...

Radiofrequency pulse design using nonlinear gradient magnetic fields.

An iterative k-space trajectory and radiofrequency (RF) pulse design method is proposed for excitation using nonlinear gradient magnetic fields.

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