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Original Source: Nonlinear resonance-enhanced excitation of surface plasmon polaritons.

We theoretically investigate nonlinear resonance-enhanced excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a metal coated by a one-dimensional photonic crystal. Tunneling modes above the air-light line can be directly excited in this structure. Then, with suitable parameters, photon energy and momentum conservation between the tunneling mode and the surface plasmon polaritons can be realized by means of nonlinear four-wave mixing. Compared with the nonlinear excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in a bulk met...

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Quantum nonlinear optics — photon by photon

This review article summarizes the emerging field of quantum nonlinear optics. Three major approaches to generate optical nonlinearities based on cavity quantum electrodynamics, atomic ensembles with ...

Finding the simple patterns in a complex world: ANU media release

An Australian National University (ANU) mathematician has developed a new way to uncover simple patterns that might underlie apparently complex systems, such as clouds, cracks in materials or the move...

Giant nonlinear response from plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to intersubband transitions

Intersubband transitions in n-doped multi-quantum-well semiconductor heterostructures make it possible to engineer one of the largest known nonlinear optical responses in condensed matter systems—bu...

All-clear for nonlinear optical imaging

High power femto-second laser pulses used for in vivo nonlinear optical imaging can form DNA products, which may lead to carcinogenesis. A modified cancer risk model now shows that the cancer risk is ...

Accounting for biological aggregation in heating and imaging of magnetic nanoparticles

(World Scientific) We systematically characterize the effects of aggregation on both radiofrequency heating and magnetic resonance image (MRI) contrast of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, including ...

Nonlinear π phase shift for single fibre-guided photons interacting with a single resonator-enhanced atom

A nonlinear π phase shift is induced by the interaction between a 85Rb atom and a fibre-coupled bottle resonator.

Extremely High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), well-known from its use in hospitals, can typically resolve details of up to one tenth of a millimeter, for example in cross-sectional images of the hum...

New nonlinear metamaterial is a million times better than traditional options

Read more about New nonlinear metamaterial is a million times better than traditional options

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Self-avoiding walk on fractal complex networks: Exactly solvable cases.

We study the self-avoiding walk on complex fractal networks called the (u,v)-flower by mapping it to the N-vector model in a generating function formalism. First, we analytically calculate the critica...

Fractal Gait Patterns Are Retained after Entrainment to a Fractal Stimulus.

Previous work has shown that fractal patterns in gait can be altered by entraining to a fractal stimulus. However, little is understood about how long those patterns are retained or which factors may ...

Radiofrequency pulse design using nonlinear gradient magnetic fields.

An iterative k-space trajectory and radiofrequency (RF) pulse design method is proposed for excitation using nonlinear gradient magnetic fields.

Integrable approximation of regular regions with a nonlinear resonance chain.

Generic Hamiltonian systems have a mixed phase space where regions of regular and chaotic motion coexist. We present a method for constructing an integrable approximation to such regular phase-space r...

Entrainment to a real time fractal visual stimulus modulates fractal gait dynamics.

Fractal patterns characterize healthy biological systems and are considered to reflect the ability of the system to adapt to varying environmental conditions. Previous research has shown that fractal ...

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