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Functional cysts

Exon Skipping in development for DMD

The dystrophin gene is the largest gene in the body, consisting of 79 exons. Exons are small sequences of genetic code which, via an intermediate step involving RNA, lead to the assembly of sections...

Anthrax Vaccines and Therapeutics

Anthrax is a zoonotic disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis. The disease most commonly occurs in mammals (e.g., cattle, sheep, goats, camels, antelope. Anthrax occurs in hu...

Tissue Growth Factors BMP 2

The classical tissue factors typically are proteins used for tissue repair and growth stimulation. Among the approved products are the growth factors PDGF, IGF, EGF, BMP and FGF. One of the commercial...

Neurotrophic Growth Factors NGF BDNF CNTF

Early clinical trials with classical neurotrophic growth factor proteins such as NGF, BDNF, CNTF have failed for various reasons including safety, efficacy and convenience of administration as well as...

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Improved GP retainer scheme with increased funding is launched

NHS England has announced a range of improvements to its GP retainer scheme, including increased funding for GPs and practices. The scheme provides financial incentives and development support to... ...

European priority medicines scheme attracts 18 applications in first month

A new scheme which aims to accelerate the development and approval of new medicines in areas of unmet…

Trust trials ‘baby box’ scheme to reduce infant death

A London hospital has this week become the first in the UK to trial a new “baby box” scheme that it believes has the potential to prevent infant deaths.

Five boosts to GP funding

1.Retainer schemeIncreased funding for the GP retainer scheme means that from 1 July general practices that employ a GP taking part in the scheme now receive £76.92 per session worked by the GP each....

Dementia plan for England is unveiled

People as young as 40 will be given information about dementia at their NHS Health Check, as part of a pilot scheme announced by the government.The scheme is contained in the implementation plan for.....

Family overnight scheme success at Morecambe Bay

Families have praised a scheme at University Hospitals Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust which allows fathers or other loved ones to stay overnight with new mothers after they have given birth.

Experiments demonstrate how memristors work

In experiments at two Department of Energy national labs – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – scientists at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have expe...

Trust trials ‘baby box’ scheme to reduce baby deaths

A London hospital has this week become the first in the UK to trial a new “baby box” scheme that it believes has the potential to prevent infant deaths.

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Existence and global exponential stability of periodic solution of memristor-based BAM neural networks with time-varying delays.

In this paper, we investigate a class of memristor-based BAM neural networks with time-varying delays. Under the framework of Filippov solutions, boundedness and ultimate boundedness of solutions of m...

Linearized Programming of Memristors for Artificial Neuro-Sensor Signal Processing.

A linearized programming method of memristor-based neural weights is proposed. Memristor is known as an ideal element to implement a neural synapse due to its embedded functions of analog memory and a...

Passivity of memristor-based BAM neural networks with different memductance and uncertain delays.

This paper addresses the passivity problem for a class of memristor-based bidirectional associate memory (BAM) neural networks with uncertain time-varying delays. In particular, the proposed memristiv...

Improving Rydberg Excitations within Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory with Generalized Gradient Approximations: The Exchange-Enhancement-for-Large-Gradient Scheme.

Time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) with conventional local and hybrid functionals such as the local and hybrid generalized gradient approximations (GGA) seriously underestimates the exci...

Extended Lagrangian Density Functional Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics for Molecules and Solids.

A computationally fast quantum mechanical molecular dynamics scheme using an extended Lagrangian density functional tight-binding formulation has been developed and implemented in the DFTB+ electronic...

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