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Age at Menarche and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Does age at menarche impact the risk of developing gestational diabetes? American Journal of Epidemiology

Outdoor air temperature linked to risk of developing gestational diabetes

The prevalence of gestational diabetes was 4.6 per cent among women exposed to extremely cold average temperatures (equal to or below -10 C) in the 30-day period prior to being screened for gestationa...

New Test May Predict Gestational Diabetes Better

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during a woman's pregnancy, increasing the mother's risk of delivering a...

New blood test may better predict gestational diabetes

(Brigham and Women's Hospital) Researchers have found that a single measurement of GCD59, a novel biomarker for diabetes, at weeks 24-28 of gestation identified, with high sensitivity and specificity,...

Probiotics may reduce risk of gestational diabetes

Research led by the University of Otago, Wellington has found that a 'home-grown' naturally occurring probiotic reduces the risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) and lowe...

Medical News Today: Can outdoor temperatures influence gestational diabetes?

A new, large-scale study from Canada suggests that the risk of developing gestational diabetes increases as outdoor temperature rises.

Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity, study suggests

Children born to women who had gestational diabetes and drank at least one artificially sweetened beverage per day during pregnancy were more likely to be overweight or obese at age 7, compared to chi...

Association of Gestational Weight Gain With Maternal and Infant Outcomes

This meta-analysis evaluates associations between gestational weight gain above or below the Institute of Medicine guidelines and maternal and infant outcomes including size for gestational age, prete...

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Patterns of gestational weight gain in early pregnancy and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus.

Despite a call to study the effect of weight gain pattern on development of gestational diabetes mellitus, few studies have correctly adjusted for independent effects of gain after the first trimester...

Validation of Self-Reported Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes at Six Weeks Postpartum.

Self-report is often used in identifying gestational diabetes events in epidemiologic studies; however, validity data are limited, with little to no data on self-reported severity or treatment.

Gestational Diabetes: Your Survival Guide to Diabetes in Pregnancy Grant Paul Gestational Diabetes: Your Survival Guide to Diabetes in Pregnancy 128pp £9.99 Sheldon Press 9781847094414 1847094414 Formula: see text.

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common pregnancy complications, and this book is aimed at women who have developed the condition.

Unfavorable cytokine and adhesion molecule profiles during and after pregnancy, in women with gestational diabetes mellitus.

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a significant risk factor for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

The Impact of Health Education Intervention for Prevention and Early Detection of Type 2 Diabetes in Women with Gestational Diabetes.

This study aims to investigate the impact of a health belief model (HBM)-based educational intervention on knowledge, beliefs, self-reported practices, gestational and postpartum weight in women with ...

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