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16:43 EST 6th December 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Dutch Biotech takes RSV vaccine nasal spray vaccine into Ph I trial

Mucosis B.V. has started a volunteer study of SynGEM, a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine formulated for nasal delivery.

Nasal Decolonization. No Iodine. No Antibiotics.

Research shows nasal decolonization is critical to reduce HAI. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic provides clinically proven, fast nasal decolonization. Learn more and request samples.

Denervation of nasal mucosa induced by posterior nasal neurectomy suppresses nasal secretion, not hypersensitivity, in an allergic rhinitis rat model

Review article compared over-the-counter nasal dilators

The narrowest area of the nose is the internal nasal valve and obstruction can cause airflow trouble. A review article published online by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery compares over-the-counter mechani...

Nasal Dilator Strips or Clips an Alternative to Surgery for Some Patients

External nasal dilators and nasal clips effectively relieve obstruction of the internal nasal valve and may be an alternative to surgery for some patients, researchers report. Reuters Health Informa...

Review finds nasal dilators might be alternative to surgery

Researchers found limited evidence showing that nasal dilator strips and nasal clips relieve obstruction in the nasal valve and could be potential alternatives to surgical intervention, according to a...

OptiNose Presents Data from Phase 3 Trials with Investigational Product Using Exhalation Delivery System Technology for Treatment in Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) with and without Nasal Polyps

Friday, September 16th 2016 at 1:00pm UTC Data from two Phase 3 trials were presented for the first time today at the American Rhinologic Society’s Annual Meeting Data show significant improvement i...

New Research Highlights Efficient in Vitro Strategies for Demonstrating Bioequivalence in Generic Nasal Sprays

Experts from Nanopharm, supported by Malvern instruments and with funding from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have carried out experimental studies to identify analytical strategies that can ...

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Cell-Penetrating Peptide Penetratin as a Potential Tool for Developing Effective Nasal Vaccination Systems.

Nasal vaccination is considered an attractive strategy to prevent the infection and spread of viruses. However, the vaccine formulations available on the market remain imperfect on account of their li...

Primary Air Liquid Interface Culture of Nasal Epithelium for Nasal Drug Delivery.

Nasal drug administration is a promising alternative to oral and parenteral administration for both local and systemic delivery of drugs. The benefits include its non-invasive nature, rapid absorption...

Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery.

Over the past few years, nasal drug delivery has attracted more and more attentions, and been recognized as the most promising alternative route for the systemic medication of drugs limited to intrave...

Mitek Suspension of the Lateral Nasal Wall.

The nasal valve has long been described as the anatomical boundary most likely to inhibit nasal airflow and lead to subsequent nasal obstruction. Although many procedures can address this area to impr...

Nasal Reconstruction and Repair of Secondary Nasal Deformities Following Treatment of Nasal Hemangiomas.

Secondary nasal deformities and retardation of development due to treatment of nasal hemangioma during infancy are a challenge when it comes to nasal reconstruction. In order to evaluate nasal repair ...

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