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14:18 EDT 27th March 2017 | BioPortfolio

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FDA Approves Supplemental New Drug Application for Veltassa Removing Boxed Warning Regarding Drug-Drug Interactions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 27, 2016 – Relypsa, Inc., a Vifor Pharma company, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a supplemental New Drug Application (sN...

Statin Drug-Drug Interactions in CV Patients Underappreciated

The two most common drug-drug interactions involving statins are the ones mediated by the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system and permeability glycoprotein, the researchers write. Heartwire from Medscape

The Challenge of High Drug Prices in U.S.; Physicians' Use of Generics

I have posted a number of previous notes about our high drug prices and possible remedies to better align them with other healthcare costs (see: Researching the Cost of Stellara, a Drug Used to Treat ...

Will the next FDA commissioner speed up drug approvals?

[I]t’s gratifying that all of the people whose names have been floated for FDA Commissioner…[understands] that there is fundamental tradeoff – longer and larger clinical trials mean

New capsule achieves long-term drug delivery

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a drug capsule that remains in the stomach for up to two weeks after being swallowed, gradual...

Low-Fat Meal May Boost Costly Cancer Drug

FRIDAY, Feb. 17, 2017 -- Eating a low-fat meal when taking an expensive prostate cancer drug can cut the cost of the drug by three-quarters, a new study indicates. "We know this drug [Zytiga] is absor...

Here's Why Trump Will Struggle To Control 'Murderous' Drug Prices

Trump says drug companies are "getting away with murder" on drug prices. But most of the ideas batted around for controlling drug pricing have serious flaws.

Infographic: The Cost of Drug Development

Expensive clinical trials and few drug approvals can drive up drug prices for consumers.

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Identifying Drug-Drug Interactions by Data Mining: A Pilot Study of Warfarin-Associated Drug Interactions.

Knowledge about drug-drug interactions commonly arises from preclinical trials, from adverse drug reports, or based on knowledge of mechanisms of action. Our aim was to investigate whether drug-drug i...

Identification of drug- and drug-metabolite immune responses originating from both naïve and memory T-cells.

Both naïve and memory T-cells from drug-naive donors can be stimulated by parent drug and drug haptens. Thus, drug-derived antigens can stimulate naïve T-cells alongside pre-existing memory T-cells ...

Poly drug use, chemsex drug use, and associations with sexual risk behaviour in HIV-negative men who have sex with men attending sexual health clinics.

Recreational drug use and associated harms continue to be of significant concern in men who have sex with men (MSM) particularly in the context of HIV and STI transmission.

Measuring Drug Metabolism Kinetics and Drug-Drug Interactions with SAMDI Mass Spectrometry.

The competition of two drugs for the same metabolizing enzyme is a common mechanism for drug-drug interactions that can lead to altered kinetics in drug metabolism and altered elimination rates in viv...

Calcium silicate-based drug delivery systems.

Compared with other inorganic materials such as silica, metal oxides, noble metals and carbon, calcium silicate-based materials, especially nanostructured calcium silicate materials, have high biocomp...

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