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11:54 EDT 29th July 2016 | BioPortfolio

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Getting physical in drug discovery: a contemporary perspective on solubility and hydrophobicity

The physical properties of drug molecules are frequently identified as a shortcoming of drugs in development. This article, the most highly-downloaded of Q3 2010, proposes a novel approach to the pred...

New spray-dryer to handle 20kg batches, as Juniper responds to solubility demand

Juniper Pharma Services will up its solubility enhancement capabilities through the addition of a new spray-dryer at its site in Nottingham, UK.

Spray Drying Capabilities Overcome Solubility Issues

Read more about Spray Drying Capabilities Overcome Solubility IssuesComments

Pharmaceutical Research: Characterization of Supersaturated Danazol Solutions – Impact of Polymers on Solution Properties and Phase Transitions

Type: Original PaperPurposeExcipients are essential for solubility enhancing formulations. Hence it is important to understand how additives impact key solution properties, particularly when supersatu...

Solving Solubility Woes

Capsugel’s customized solutions advance challenging compounds

Pharmaceutical Research: Estimating Maximal In Vitro Skin Permeation Flux from Studies Using Non-sink Receptor Phase Conditions

Type: Original PaperPurposeThis study explored the impact of non-sink receptor conditions on the in vitro skin permeation test (IVPT) and sought to estimate equivalent sink condition IVPT data.Methods...

Product attributes made to measure

Fluid bed technology offers many possibilities for optimising products: from better solubility and tableting properties, to taste-masking and microencapsulation of APIs. Frank Hellerung, SternMaid, lo...

The AAPS Journal: Use of Modeling and Simulation Tools for Understanding the Impact of Formulation on the Absorption of a Low Solubility Compound: Ciprofloxacin

Type: Original PaperThis study explored the utility of mechanistic absorption models to describe the in vivo performance of a low solubility/low permeability compound in normal healthy subjects. Sixte...

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Preparation and in vitro evaluation of Nystatin micro emulsion based gel.

Nystatin is a polyene antimycotic obtained from Streptomyces noursei used in the treatment of topical and transdermal fungal infection. Nystatin is nearly insoluble in water (

Intramolecular transformation of an antifungal antibiotic nystatin A1 into its isomer, iso-nystatin A1 . Structural and molecular modeling studies.

Nystatin A1 , a polyene macrolide antifungal antibiotic, in a slightly basic or acidic solution undergoes an intramolecular transformation, yielding a structural isomer, the translactonisation product...

The solubility parameter for biomedical polymers-Application of inverse gas chromatography.

The solubility parameter seems to be a useful tool for thermodynamic characterisation of different materials. The solubility parameter concept can be used to predict sufficient miscibility or solubili...

Determination of Solubility Parameters of Ibuprofen and Ibuprofen Lysinate.

In recent years there has been a growing interest in formulating solid dispersions, which purposes mainly include solubility enhancement, sustained drug release and taste masking. The most notable pro...

PON-Sol: prediction of effects of amino acid substitutions on protein solubility.

Solubility is one of the fundamental protein properties. It is of great interest because of its relevance to protein expression. Reduced solubility and protein aggregation are also associated with man...

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